July 20th, 2020

At work, walking and talking with some guy about how UI design can be done by anyone. Give home the example of Leon C and Jeri E were going over a form and Jeri grabbed the mouse and started moving things around. We stop and Leon is there and I ask him if he remembers that time with Jeri. He says yes and describes it. Some other people arrive, and I note that Leon is super frail and has a gravelly voice-he says he had cancer. I walk away, and some friends are going to dress in drag for Halloween. The girls are getting sausages for them, and I tell the guys they need bras and stuff to pad their butts. They start dressing, and I bail. Walk back to my area, and some men come up to me, worried about their sons because they’re dressing like women. They leave, and I tell the guy next to me “It’s Halloween” and he agrees. Walk over to another area, and hurry to set up my guitar. Get it partway, then someone helps to plug in the Pod. I start playing rock, and they mock me. I start playing an original, and a girl sings the words.

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