January 12th, 2021

Turning onto Lander from Sterncrest. There’s a car coming but I have room. Turn, and the car comes flying past me on the right. He loses control and goes into a wall on the left. I pass him, and there are several more cars that are crashed in the road. We get out and start walking. Mom is walking in the middle of the street as we pass Emery-I tell her to stop looking at her tables and get to the side of the road. She ignores me. I tell her again.

January 11th, 2021

Going into an airport. Look through an envelope to see if I can skip the line. I’m going to see Jo K who’s in the hospital and not liking it. (a note on the boarding pass tells me this) It’s confusing, but I just go through the gate. It’s a tiny airport-see my gate, then go to the bathroom. There’s only a unisex one. One of the stalls has a guy reclining with a pile of bottles next to him. Go in and fume about the guy.

At a kite thing.

In a bathroom. A really fat guy comes into the next stall and he’s not sitting down-just going to aim. I wipe quick and get out before he does it. There’s poop everywhere, he’s tracking it out.

Walking around the hill on Harrison.

January 9th, 2020

In the shower, there are lots of blankets and stuff here. Leslie B. comes in and takes them from me. I have a lot of wet fiber on me too, and I pick it off. Finish up and Leslie wants to get in.

Lying in bed, face down. Want to go to the spirit world. Look between the pillows and see the lens. Focus it down to one and drop down. Go through the earth, then to a dark place. Look around and see an orange structure. Get scared and go back up.

Quiet, not so quiet.

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All right-time to call this. Been one of those cycles-not unusual over Christmas. So tired of politics and crazy people. That includes the orange menace. At least the major part will be over in a few weeks. And legislation will get moved forward.

Friday evening (12/4). Time for bed. Sat. noon. Sat night, Sun. night. Monday morning. Monday evening. Tuesday morning-maybe I’ll write something today. Tuesday afternoon-no time yet. Wednesday evening. Thursday morning-so tired. Thursday evening-one of these days I’ll do this.

Ok, later Thursday. Doing a long-term photo cull, so time for a break. Same ‘ol-work, not work. My Gecho got shipped. Shopping, taking S to school. Not much else. Been chilly, not working out. Christmas is coming-E is shopping. Got a tree and a blow-up Santa for the back. Keeping the house tidy-vacuumed, bagging the budget. Doing my laundry and towels only.

Late Friday night-stayed up watching robot fighting and film clips. Pizza for dinner. Got all the work stuff done. Picked up M and got coffee. So, so exciting.

Next Friday. Pretty quiet week-running up to Christmas. Boat racing is back. Got my Gecho-it’s tiny and adorable-going to treat it as a Christmas gift to myself. Really need a case for my Kronos, but only when we move or I gig with it… Not much over last weekend-lazy, shop. Some stuff to do this weekend. Had a full night on the mask-kept waking up and going back to sleep. Not easy, this. Got some Ouzo, M got peppermint schnapps. And the electoral college confirmed Biden-no surprise there, but a lot of hoopla over an utterly boring and predictable thing. Next is the Congress approval. Again, utterly boring and predictable, except for this time. That and the cv-19 vaccine is out-I need to get a flu shot first.

Sunday evening. Time for closing up shop. Another typical weekend-tidied, cleaned on Sat. (with music and landscape videos), shop Sun.-got some nice wine. Running up to Christmas. Put up a huge chime E got. Talked to Mom. Binged some Rick & Morty last night. Slept in.

And now it’s New Year’s Day. Sat and shifted pictures. Mom called this morning. Short on the mask-half asleep and didn’t get the time right-3 days to go until the 10th. Christmas was fine-we did the binz thing with M, off Thursday and Friday, work is fine-got a free day. Not much else-it’s been wet and cold. We didn’t do menus and I haven’t done budget. Next 2 weeks are super short. Got a new phone, gave S mine. Failed to get a good backup, had to reinstall everything.

Nothing changes on New Year’s Day.

Saturday afternoon. Time to call this. Lazy day-still in pj’s, made rice late, slept in. Swept the kitchen, put away dishes. Bathrooms, then vacuum? Or laundry. E’s been bingeing Yellowstone-basically Dallasty with cows.

Thursday, late morning. Noon. Didn’t call it. Sort of busy working. Been pretty quiet here, not so much elsewhere. This is the odd part-most of the country/world is pretty quiet, but there are places that aren’t. At least one more ceremonial task is done. Again, a normally boring, utterly routine part of the transfer of power has been made exciting by morons and troublemakers. I’ll be glad when this is over. At least Georgia came through, so there’s a chance legislation will get a chance.

Tidied and vacuumed, cleaned up some over the weekend. Watched some of Up In Smoke last night. Earache My Eye is still a classic bit. I only heard the coda, called “Turn That Thing Down“, a few years ago-pretty decent, if you like that style-it’s all Hendrix-y, phased and dive-bombs.

“Watch me burn!”

And I didn’t mention that Eddie Van Halen died when it happened. Yeah, sad, but not a surprise-it’s been quite a year for rock stars dying. I loved the music of the DLR era-saw them open for Black Sabbath in Cleveland, but never got into learning the guitar style-he was a master of the fill, overshadowed by all the flashy stuff.

Links/viddys-brighter side:

Not so bright: don’t even want to go there (especially now).

Page 23, sentence 5: no books read this cycle…

January 6th, 2021

Walking past PWS, come across Olivia? from Matt’s class. Go back to her place-they’re living in a tiny room in a vacant lot. Say hi to her parents, string her hammock across their bed. They get in, there’s a baby in the corner. Leave, walk up the street.

In a big room at school, sitting at a table. On my phone, show some of the girls the HP-15 calculator app I use. They ooh and aah and I tap their phone with mine to transfer it. I tell them about the app Matt uses. One of them takes my phone to look at it. Gives it back and it’s shrunken. Walk around to the head of the table, try to get it back into the case, finally do.

At school, go into the bathroom to poop. Get it done, but people start coming in for lunch. Quickly wipe, then flush, but the drain is open and the poop is huge and stuck and have to flush again. Someone says something about how that’s the way it is.

December 20th, 2020

At a party, walk out to the back yard. People are hanging out in the porch and in the yard. I look at the neighbors’ and realize that I’m at a house 2 doors down from the Harrell’s! Wave at them. Walk back inside, talk to the host, and clean up some. I need to get a ride back to the city but no one is going. I ask for a ride to the train. No one-start walking.

December 19th, 2020

In Long Beach? Walk up to the market with M to get almond croissants. It’s afternoon, so we don’t find any and they’ve left. Go up further-no joy. M goes back and I walk around to the cafe. Delynda calls to me from the 2nd floor and tells me to tell mom to wait a day. I see Uncle Ivor sitting there. Walk down the street and run into Mike K-say hi and continue. Climb up a wall to a parking lot as a shortcut home. Some girl in a car calls to me. The car is filled with marinade I kiss her-very salty and lick her nipples. She says to go up to her place. I go into the lobby and look at the notices and people on the wall. Go up and we want to get started, but people come in A witch gives her a drink and says she may look different. I go to leave and she tells some guy to try to hit me. He tosses something at me and evade it. He does it again and take it and put it in a library table’s drawer. It breaks and I go underneath and fix it. Smell smoke and pull up the carpet, look through the floorboards and see a furnace and smoke.

December 17th, 2020

In an arcade. Playing a game where you push on levers and stuff as balls roll towards you on a ramp. Play a bit, then start just pushing the balls back up the ramp. They don’t like it, and I stop. Some boss guy comes over and tells me to leave. I ignore him, do the last balls and leave. Some worker follows me and tells me that boss is a dick. I say yeah and leave.

December 14th, 2020

In my bedroom, moving things around. Push the tv and stereo back close to the wall. I hear a jet outside and a bird flies in. I know this is the sign for a visitation. I grab the bird and it dissolves into feathers. I turn to go to bed and someone picks me up and carries me. I say I love you and they take me up. (see animation of the chakras)

In a shop, talking with friends about why I decided not to take initiation. Look into the initiates’ room-can’t go in. Look at some books and think about my experiences.

At a friends’ house, writing a note about some girl they’re interested in. Look through a big magazine of stuff. Accidentally call a girl I want to see and she says they’re going to a club-=it’s 1 AM. I write it down and call my friend, but they’re asleep.

At school, walk through the campus and into a dorm. Go downstairs.

December 10th, 2020

Looking at a small house, drive up, some car is chasing us. Pull over and follow it. Go on the street and look at the house-it’s nice. Walk around, someone says there’s a pig waste processing place close by. Look and see it down the hill.