Walking through UCLA to gamelan, a building is on fire. Go into a room, sit around, come out and the fire is out. Walk back to a house, go inside, a big earthquake hits. The house is shifting back and forth.
In a big meeting/lunch room. Go to one table, then move to a circle. Steve Pope walks by, and I see Ed Sourial looking over.


Set up a drum kit, but flat, like a wall. I start to get it set up regular, and someone starts coming to do it instead. The hi-hat is odd. I get upset and leave.
Onstage playing a little drum.


Watching a bright light come from my right towards me. It passes in front of me stops, and static snow comes out of it. I’m watching some creature in a small room going through things.


Driving through an area by the freeway and the 224-single lanes and twisty turns. I see the exit and there are kids there. I stop and they want a ride to the store. They pile in and we get on the road. I go through a plant and stop at the store. We go in and I look around. The kids leave and I go too. My car has moved and is on. I freak out and try to reproduce the problem. A bunch of zealots, Marybelle too, come to talk to someone. I go into the house,then go into the backyard.


Flying with someone, we go past a school and an abandoned factory. Then past a bunch of abandoned houses. We see an airstrip, but the pilot has trouble staying up and we miss the landing. Fly around a city and land by a garage. The pilot sits on a animal game and won’t move. I sit on another one and the owner comes over.

Again, again.

Well, another fall gamelan concert over-we played wonderfully. It was a small audience, though, but that’s not really why we play. Not much else is going on-work is stressful, and S is sick. I got a new work phone.

Recap: church, computer help didn’t, work, gamelan, S is sick, WFH Thursday, rehearsal Friday, new phone, concert in Beaverton.

Links: America Has Never Faced The Threat Posed by the Koch Brothers and Their Owned RepublicansNoam Chomsky | De-Americanizing the WorldBeware: Huge Media Companies Are Selling Corporate Ideology as the ‘New American Center’ | AlternetPoverty in America Is Mainstream – NYTimes.comChomsky: Why the Rest of the World No Longer Wants to be Like U.S. | AlternetThere Once Was a Time When the Super-Rich Needed a Middle Class to Be Successful — Not Any More | Alternet, this one is strong: Bam. Bam. Bam. The Lostness of Man.

This post brought to you by…

Nothing at all. I need sponsorship, though. Again out of ca$h, but OK. Having interesting experiences and a cool dream last night. Hopefully something will come of it-I need to start writing. Maybe I’ll fire up the essays by hand rather than by computer. If we all followed this stuff, and worked at it, the world would be a much better place. Left my kindle at church. Need to work out more.

Recap: M to MS dance, overnight, daylong retreat, t’ai chi, church-had to usher, S got a crown & we’re tapped-OK with help from angels, gamelan, help a church member with computer stuff, Erika to Maple Grove, t’ai chi, more computer work & fail, church.

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I had one for the on the brighter side, but I changed my password & I’m locked out of my work computer.

Odd not having rain in the fall

It’s been a week-not much to say. Tennis, t’ai chi, no church, S just had a cold, gamelan. M and I got the cold. Hopefully we’ll have more cash these 2 weeks, but I’m not counting on it. I just don’t think there’s the discipline to do it.
Really the same old-keeping the house clean, kids, work, gamelan. Don’t know what else to say. I work through stuff when I can, spotty exercise except for walking/riding to/from work, occasional t’ai chi, progress is being made, but slowly.
Links: Forward Progressives — I’ve Had It With the Radical “Religious” Right, Inside the Conservative Brain: Why Tea Partiers Are Desperately Afraid | Alternet, America’s New Employment Reality, A Nation of Wimps | Psychology Today, A Short Shutdown History: Billy Graham Broke Our Brains and (Inadvertently) Sold America to the Koch Brothers Who Folded the USA into a Moronic Religious/Political Delusion Called the Tea Party

crass or inappropriate?

I’m like a goddamn broken record about my posting frequency, or lack thereof. It’s been a bit over a week, so I think I’ll post, if only to get my post count up and prove that I’m a real blogger, rather than a poser or wannabe. Not a bad week, as weeks go-I like walking to work, I’m hitting the tennis ball better, gamelan is super awesome, and t’ai chi is great. Church was church, the work week has been fine. Salem has a cough.
The gamelan gig was at a warehouse in NW. Open bar, weird. We played OK, but the drinking did odd things to our mood. No matter. It was a busy day-church for t’ai chi, school, then the gig. We have a gig the 29th-Threnody, which gives me fits, because we play it rarely and my part is non-trivial. I was happier when I was playing slenthem…
Not really a whole lot else, I try to sleep on the train to work, and work on the train home. Not much time for reading, and I need to get more consistent at cleaning at home. Kids are great-I love them so much.
The train is fun-great people watching, and the occasional excitement. Not bad messwise-only been a few times I’ve had disastrous results. And the chance of meeting random people I know. There’s also a cricket ground next to the tracks in Beaverton, so it’s fun to see a slice of cricket on nice days. And it’s been nice-not much rain, and warmish.
Still trying to move ahead with ID-my pace of reading is slower, but I’m so deep into it that the knowledge is almost innate, and I’m making progress, I guess. One of the things Dr. Steiner says is that you really don’t want to discuss your work or your progress, so that’s that.

The recap: tennis & run to work afterwards, t’ai chi-one person, Harvest Festival, gamelan gig-“crass or inappropriate? How about both!”, church, fixed bike, but not riding (too dark in the morning without lights), church photos, gov’t shutdown is ovah, no ca$h, S is sick.

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