Daily posting-12/31/2008

3:26 pm-Leaving early-drove mom to airport too early, to work, *$, tired. Kitties are cute-to the Bomber last night, to bed early.

Listening to: DN!David Byrne, Gordon Hempton, Akashic Crow’s Nest, EBN, Starship, X, Eno, Puccini, Santo Domingo Monks, Aaron Lewis, Brand X, Eno, Glass, King Crimson, (ESZV), Bauhaus, Schubert, Echoes of Nature, Puccini, DN, R.E.M., Century of Aeroplanes, Genesis, TMBG, Pink Floyd

Daily posting-12/29/2008

5:05 pm-Time to go home-not much happening. Trying to rev up after Christmas. Weekend was pretty quiet-hang out Sat., church Sun., that’s about it. it’s been rainy-most of the snow is gone.

Listening to: Bardo Thodol

Daily posting-12/26/2008

2:23 pm-At work-again, I’m the only one here. I worked from home Christmas Eve after seeing the 2 hour delay on the freeways as they cleared off the bumps and ridges. Better to work from home. Today was smooth sailing-except for getting in the parking lot here. OK. Tues PM-looong drive home over the ruts-theere was a foot-high ridge coming off the bridge at the Tualatin river-everyone was crawling over it. Home, kids to bed, made a bike. Weds., home, work, play with kids, last minute Xmas shopping, Erika got mom, I made the 2nd bike. Matt saw mom but was OK with it. Up at 7 Thurs.-not bad. Opened presents, sledded, ate, hung out, super, super tired, to bed. Up, ate, to work, work.

Listening to: Bardo Thodol

Daily posting-12/23/2008

12:06 pm-At work-it’s snowing a little. Worked from home yesterday. I took me awhile to dig out my car and clear a path to the street. The power went out once. Sledded with the boys some. Another snowy weekend. Went out Sunday-started out as freezing rain, ended up as heavy snow. We had 8 inches of snow, 1/4 inch of ice, 6 inches of snow on top of that. They’re saying it’s a 40 year storm. Power has only been out twice, which isn’t bad. The streets are quite bad-ice with chain ridges, ice bumps. Sometimes the path is over the edge, which I don’t like. I can manage, but it’s slow going.

Listening to: nothing-the roads are so bad I really need to concentrate.

Daily posting-12/19/2008

10:52 am-At work-it’s starting to snow, again. Kids to school, snow last night, a bit slippery on the way up the hill. Once I was on the main streets, it was an easy drive here. Finished up yesterday-cold here, gas, storage, home. The usual. I’m glad it’s Friday. It is SO tough to go to bed at 1 and get up at 7.

Listening to: DN!, Bjork, Deben Bhattacharya, Drepung Kehor Khangtsen, Peter Gabriel, Marsudi Raras, DN!

Daily posting-12/18/2008

10:43 am-At work-it’s starting to snow. Kids to school, easy drive here. Worked from home yesterday. It wasn’t as bad as they predicted.

Listening to: Glass, Firehose, radiohead, Residents, Harold Budd, Diamanda Galas, DN!

Daily posting-12/16/2008

3:27 pm-Time to go home-early because of the nasty conditions. Busy this weekend-snowstorm, no church, day off Monday. Fun in the snow, cleared a frozen outside faucet. Time to go before it gets worse.

Listening to: KBOO-Interview with Bruce Bickford!

Daily posting-12/11/2008

5:01 pm-Thursday work is over-finishing up another bit of the cron->oracle bit. Not much else-chili for lunch, hard to stay asleep last night. Back is still sore. Connected with someone from college.

Listening to: Dreams of Gaia, Cage, Dennis Brown, Debussy, Deftones, Gentle Giant

Daily posting-12/10/2008

5:21 pm-Another day-not much happening. Finished up 2 CR’s. Time to go home and have chili. Keeping the kitchen clean, trying for the rest, too. The boys are cooperating. Work, school, home.

Listening to: gamelan, mystified, gamelan, Nick Cave, Zappa, Mickey Hart, King Crimson, Schubert, Can, TMBG, Gordon Hempton, Vangelis, Eno, Cream, Dreams of Gaia