At work-moving things around my desk, get called by the HR chick to write an app to search for people. I ask her if she wants it to look like Google. She wavers, I persist, I go back to my desk and pour perfume everywhere. Some VIP comes in and sits down. I go to the bathroom and wash my hands.
In a parking lot, move my car to another spot. Miss it and go to a spot that someone is waiting for-they fight for another spot.


At some house on Sterncrest, packing to leave for school. Al B asks why I’m still in school-I tell him I had a degree and am just going. A storm comes in-lightning in a line from SW to NE over US, try to run but don’t.

Daily posting-11/12/2005

Doing this on Saturday-no time during the week. Kids are napping, there’s a church pledge thing tonight, and my shoulder aches. I went to the Dr.’s Monday, he sent me to a physical therapist Friday. Ouch. Dude totally dug into painful parts of my left shoulder. Says I have tendonitis. Got some painkillers, which helps…

Weekly recap (easily the best part of your week, right?) Erika went to the Dr.’s Sunday-they took x-rays at the hospital-she doesn’t have a broken nose-messed up cartilage, though. New office on Monday-set up everything, dead hub, docking station. Got to put up more of my toys and stuff. Got a blood sample taken Tues., more move ins, Erika & kids visited twice. We had some rain. We got new cellphone service Thurs., canceled my old one. Physical therapy Fri., ouch. Went on a lantern walk at school for Michaelmas-made a lantern. Dinner at Chili’s afterwards. Dorothy Nolte died. Lazy today. Erika visited an aging church member today and is shopping now.

Not much happening this week that I want to talk about-a bombing in Jordan, French riots are subsiding, gas prices are going down, Quest had good earnings, Schwartzenegger lost all the ballot measures, an 18 year old is mayor of a small Michigan town, Dems did well, Paris Hilton was in a car crash-Lohan was in one a few weeks ago, Lost is huge and we’re not watching it, but we are watching the “category 7” thing-horrible, it is. Yesterday was Veterans Day.

Chimpy trotted out the old “questioning anything about what the administration does hurts the troops and helps the terrorists” line. What BS that is. They used the same line during Vietnam-it’s just a feeble attempt to deflect attention away from the serious problems that exist in the runup to war and how the war and its aftermath was handled. Questioning things is patriotic, doesn’t tell the troops anything but that we’re in a functioning Democracy-the opposite is the real problem-either stifling dissent or there being none at all.

I only picked 2 things-xPlorer2-a Windows explorer replacement and Liferay-app server portal. Check out Tribenet-it’s pretty cool, sort of like mySpace…

Daily posting-11/6/2005

It’s Saturday, no Sunday, and I started this a few minutes before we take the kids to a pajama party and we go to the Melting Pot. So we had a nice fondue dinner with friends. Erika fell on her face when we picked up the kids & prolly has a broken nose.

Busy week. Helped with the Harvest Festival at school, birthday party for our minister’s son, wash, church, wash. Halloween Monday, dinner at a church friend, trick or treating, visit 2 other church friends. Flew indoor kites every lunchtime-lotsa space at work. Church meeting, a few beers after work Thursday, packed up and moved Friday. Went to San Juan Capistrano. It was our anniversary Tuesday, Erika’s birthday Friday. Dinner, church today. Erika went to the Dr’s. Tomorrow is the first day at the new place, parent/teacher meetings at school. I’m prolly going to the Dr’s after to look at my painful hips and shoulders.

Libby got indicted, is gone. Long live Libby. He pled not guilty. Couldn’t get him on the leak, just on perjury and obstruction. You really shouldn’t lie to a grand jury…Rove is next, and everyone says he should resign, or get his clearance pulled.

Samuel Alito is the new Supremes nominee. 15 years on the bench, lotsa rulings. He’s good for the base. Don’t like what I’ve seen so far.

Congress is desperate to keep on message-bills with cuts to food stamps, medicare, child welfare, drilling in the Arctic reserve. Typical. Alan Alda on West Wing was parroting this line tonight. <sigh> Gotta roll back everything enacted since the New Deal.

The riots in France are spreading. Shades of ’68. It’s poor African/Muslim immigrants, though. This rage has been simmering for years. No idea how this will play out. IM and cell phones are helping people to coordinate things.

Chimpy’s trip to S. America was a failure. No big surprise here-most people there dislike him. And he’s weak, and people smell blood in the water.

IBM researchers have been able to slow light down to 1/300th of its regular speed. This is an advance for optical switches and computing.

Downloads: Xara Xtreme, Open Office and gnuStep.


Driving through a small town. Watch a big plane try to land on a small strip-crashes. Charlie Brown is driving, looking for a place to turn. I yell at him to just stop and turn and he does-we get to the site=the plane is in pieces, everyone is out but the pilot is trapped. I check his legs for a pulse-OK.

Daily posting-10/27/2005

Thursday again. Tomorrow is Harvest Festival at school, Monday is Halloween, and next Friday I leave this office for the last time. Cyclical events and transitions. Not much else happening.

Pretty quiet week-Erika got an ultrasound Friday, worked on a fraudulent debit card charge-B of A gave me instant credit for it! Worked at school Saturday-cutting sod for a digging area. Sunday-left church to do sound for the concert band-Erika had to go to a funeral in San Diego-our sitter bailed so I had to leave the gig before the band played-I was pissed…Ate at IHOP on Tues pm, lunch for a departing co-worker Weds, Colin’s carseat got stolen.

AOL & Novell lay off a bunch of people-well, AOL at least. Novell is denying it. But the source is “close to the company”…so more likely than not. This is prolly more evidence that the industry is contracting and consolidating-AOL has been having a hard time competing and Novell is seeing declines in old lines of business.

Bush picked a new Fed chief-Ben Bernanke-well known and respected by insiders. For once Bush has made not a bad choice. The guy is mainstream, middle of the road, good on the things Fed chiefs need to be good at-inflation, basically. He’s also super smart, plain spoken and a fan of transparency. And he said “stay the course”, and the markets liked that.

Rosa Parks died. She was old. She gets mad props for kicking off the Civil Rights era.

NY Times says that Cheney was the one who leaked Plame’s identity. No one else seemed to pick it up, though. And indictments may come down tomorrow, so who knows? This will end up I don’t know how. It’s a fine distraction for the White House, though.

Harriet Meiers withdrew her nomination. This isn’t a big surprise, given the pressure cooker she’s been under… Now the big question is who will replace her… This might be a case of better the devil you don’t know than the devil you don’t know. Hee.

The count is 2000 dead in Iraq. Lotsa vigils. Lotsa press, on both sides. Chimpy is standing his ground, even while it shifts underneath him. He’ll suddenly decide that it’s not worth it. His approval rating is abysmal. Only his base remains. Some interesting stuff on Democracy Now. You need to listen to this show.

The only software I got was Petals-a service bus platform. Here’s three websites to look at: askTam-my sister in-law’s blog, totse-alterna-stuff, and Cliche Site. That’s it!


In a school-people are sick from some food thing. Walk around helping-try to find some food that’s bad.
In a bank, mall, Go up a huge escalator. People and odd things are on the railing. Get to the top and walk around.