Summer is here, and a comet!

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My birthday’s coming up-inching closer to 60. Odd, just odd. Def. don’t feel 60 most of the time. Much of everything else is the same-people are still in the streets-will this effect lasting change? Not certain yet. Didn’t the last time. It may cause the Orange Menace to be a one-term president, though, if the polling holds. It doesn’t look narrow this time, but it’s still just July-nothing matters except what happens in Nov… Seeing as we’re facing an ongoing pandemic, an economy reflecting that, and an administration with massive voids all the way through, prospects aren’t rosy, but it wouldn’t matter which party was in the White House. Anyways, my little life is OK-got work extended until after Thanksgiving… We’re in a safe place, and it’s OK!

Monday afternoon-time to stop work. Got a little done, but more to come. Pretty quiet weekend, no meal planning/shop, but vacuum/tidy and laundry, so not a waste. Good w/o’s, but no t’ai chi Fri. M worked Sat., he’s still sore. C is totally on a reverse schedule.

Tuesday afternoon, lunchtime! Got stuff done. Car is getting regular maintenance, they gave us a loaner. Trying to stay on top of keeping the house clean. S is eating our pie at random and all the ice cream as well. rrrrr. Not sure if I’ll get a run in today-been rainy. I’m definitely progressing-need to chart it.

Wednesday noon. Now 2. Now 5. Need to get this stuff finished by 5:30. Didn’t. Took ’til 7:30. Had to call the shop about the car too. I did get the run in-I’ve been using Strava to track them-pretty cool.

Friday afternoon. Hot. Time to be done with work. Ran, got almost done and strained my right adductor. Rrrrr. We get Friday dinner from a local place, and we were going to go to Mike’s, but it was slammed, so went to Roake’s. Just as yummy. The whole fam went. Having a delicious peanut butter cookie from Bob’s Red Mill.

Thursday night, bedtime. Quiet week, no meal planning. Still sore adductor. Have to redo something at work. Got ripped off for a Switch. Have a sleepy time tincture, so done.

Totally been slacking on this…and now July 13th. Maybe I’ll call this. Been same old. Couldn’t finish my run on Fri., slacked this weekend. Hopefully getting contract renewed for 4 more months. Been easing up on workouts. Still running decent pace-between 5 & 5 1/2 mph for a half hour. E’s back to going out every day. M is driving more, C is using our car from time to time. S has gone to 2 protests downtown. I’ve at least been keeping things tidy, doing laundry and dishes. Need to do taxes… There’s a comet out there. Played my guitar a few times.

Weds evening. Short of ca$h. Taxes are done-getting a refund! Woo-hoo! And M needs his wisdom teeth out. There goes the refund…plus I think they’ll probably take it for back taxes… Hot today-have the a/c on. Went up Mt. Scott with S to see the comet-no go. Have to go to the office tomorrow to return my old laptop-thing? (nothing)

Now next Tuesday. Been hot. Delivered the laptop, visited S’s teacher. Was sick Thurs-Sat. No workouts because of the heat and being sick. Went out to Beaverton to see the comet with M & S on Sat. night-it was pretty cool. Made horchata. E went to the protests-I took her and picked her up-thing! She went last night too. Had a hard time falling asleep too. I’m going to call this-a month tempo…

Links/viddys-brighter side:


Not so bright: don’t even want to go there (especially now).

Page 23, sentence 5: “He was bracingly clear-eyed about the New World project, and he seemed to understand better than any of his proto-American contemporaries the distorting power of wishful belief, how fantasy can trump fact.” Fantasyland.

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