Changes afoot, and over.

So, here it is, a month later. A lot has happened in the past month-busy at work ended with all of us in Portland getting laid off. Now I’m looking for work. I’ve had a number of interviews and nothing yet-onward, always onward. I’ll get something-I hope soon, because the severance is good, and I would like to double up if possible. Having said that, it’s nice to not have to grind out the 9 to 5 for a bit.

Not much else-played drums for the first time a few weeks ago, sucked at first, but got better by the 3rd song, Back to gamelan too. And practicing my guitar a bit-the Pod is super awesome-tons of great tone and effects, and it plugs into the computer and acts as an audio device-I can listen to videos and play along.

More job stuff, and I got a job at Zoom+care. 6 month contract to hire. Now we go to L.A> and I get severance. The pressure is off, and nothing to do until Jan 4th.

Kids are fine-C has his wisdom teeth coming in, his back hurts, he is struggling at school, M is doing great at school, S is very energetic, E is getting into church stuff.

Thanksgiving was quiet-went to church for dinner. Busy doing the job search thing.

So, so much violence everywhere. I’m sick and sad about it, and despairing for everything.

I’ve had some interesting experiences lately, stuff is happening slowly. I need to work more on that. I’m not worried-it’ll be fine.

Late summer is ending.

I may be on a more frequent posting cycle. woo-hoo! uh, didn’t happen.

Having said that, I don’t have much to say.

Weds.–a health thing-got my results today-my cholesterol is down, but ldl & triglycerides are high-no exercise, basically. My bp is a bit up, too. Same thing. Late home, dinner, S to bed, play a little guitar. To bed late, but I slept all the way to 6:50.
Thurs.-not much.
Fri.-not much. I like leaving a bit early.
Not much over the weekend-we looked for a rolling backpack for C, lunch, home. Church, Sun., libe, the house is relatively clean. Rice cooked oatmeal. To bed early, but woke up with restlessness. Up at the regular time-a little tired. Moving into fall-a little wet out and cool. Easy home-the usual. Left my phone cable at work. Earlyish to bed, more restlessness, up at the usual. Odd not having my phone. Another work day. Ovah-home to do more work on a presentation tomorrow. To bed lateish, woke up. Tired. There was a car crash close by early Tuesday morning-heard the sirens.
Presentation, more stuff to do. Usual-work, home, sleep, rinse, lather, repeat.
Friday-work, home, beer.
Sat.-tidy, drive around, Asian market, shop, home. Sun, church, pastor’s last service, Asian market with C, back to church for party, brought gear, didn’t use it, played drums instead. Destroyed a tooth. Dentist’s at 10 tomorrow. S to bed, listening to gamelan.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow?

Friday, on a meeting. Got things done. Not much else. Home, tired, pizza, S to bed.
Sat.-forgot my charger, off to work to get it-rainy, Back home-shop-got a bag for my qy & pod.
Sun.-church, home & rearrange & clean the boys’ bedroom-water heater inspection this week.
Mon.-very tired, an issue magically fixed itself, fixed another one. Home, dinner, S to bed, hard to get to sleep.
Tues.-tired again. French pressed coffee with creme brulee creamer helps, plus dozing on the bus/train/bus. Working through accomplishments form. Dem debate tonight. So don’t care, other than to see how it plays out-Alternet has a drinking game…Everyone was very nice. C had a debate bingo from 4chan.
Weds.-cat woke me up at 5:30. Bleh.

Not much else these past several days. $$$ is always a problem. We’ll see.

Fall mood is here.

Back to monthly…a lot longer this time. Just snot caring enough to update and post. This happens from time to time.

Late, not able to sleep. Up as usual, got things done, but problems have arisen. One thing left over, but it’s almost done. Didn’t do much-C had a dance Fri and stayed over, E shopped, went to a thing at on of S’s classmates. It was hot. Church Sun., libe, farmer’s market, E was working for the school, drop off pern, S, go to weird art store, Goodwill, shop, pizza place, home., fold laundry, S to bed. So tired-went to bed early. Awoke suddenly to a scream, but nothing more. Late bus, late train b/c of bridge lifts, late bus, late in. And I have to leave early b/c of C’s graduation thing at school. And I missed the bus-had to hoof it fast to the train, super sweaty and my knee wasn’t up for it. Caught the right bus, though, and made it on time. It was sweet, everyone did very well. Dinner and dancing at Cha cha cha after-C stayed and went home with a friend. So, so tired. Went to bed early. Odd dream about being at a kite thing, and some odd earthquake thing where the ground just dropped, and there’s a storm coming. Late bus, train, bus, get to work late. Work, home, S to bed, up. Kids to school, work, school thing, lunch, home, work, dinner. S to bed late, dinner, bed. Odd dream about singing one a show, with weird lyrics on paper and hard to get to. I make the most of it then barf stringy stuff at the end. A church shooting in SC. Home, E got new furniture. Had to take out the old and put the new in, clean up. Pizza for dinner. Lots of traffic in today. Early out, tired. Drive E & M to Pride, home, clean drop off S at friends’, libe, drop off cello in Beaverton, clean up, pick up E & M from Pride, pick up S, go to Pride with S, watch the parade, fountain, home, try to find remote, pick up E, shop, home, tired, to bed early. And now it’s Thursday-so tired Mon., out Tues., but a no go, not much else.

It’s Friday-the Supremes did the right thing and upheld ACA and marriage equality-cue Christian conservatives heads exploding… Black churches are burning again, and people are kicking the rebel flag to the curb-I had one for a looong time, but no more. Busy weekend-had to clean up the house for guests, blah. Very hot-errands Sat, church Sun., E to PWS for a kid’s thing, hung out there with S after church. Very tired-our bedroom is a mess, but the rest of the house is clean-trying to keep it that way. Missed the bus this morning, took another one and was only a little bit late. And now, Thurs. of a short week. Not much happening-the house is staying pretty clean, but we need to clean the bedroom. Tomorrow. And tomorrow turned into next Tuesday. Anyways-helped a friend pull out an ac blower, libe Friday. Cleaned the bedroom Sat., friends visited, fireworks up the hill. Church Sun, very tired at work Mon. Listened to the new Veruca Salt album and some weird goth-y thing from ’97. S is being a pain, and laughing evilly about it. Our cats are now outdoor cats. (and one has left for good)

The week is gone, another one started-not much-shopping, church. It’s cooler. The boys are staying up late and sleeping in late.

And now it’s October. Fall is here, the tempo of my life is largely unchanged. C is in high school and disliking the workload-he’s a 4chan maven now, S is in 2nd grade, everyone is much the same. E got a big new tattoo and promptly got a skin infection. M is struggling with teenagerdom. I got a neat new guitar toy and am playing more. Haven’t been to gamelan, and missed a whole recording cycle. I have a bunch of links and listening to’s, but it makes my posts very long. Mass shootings and Trump make me tired. My parents bailed on a visit. My uncle died. Got a new phone and a coffee press. We went to the Sanders rally at the Rose Garden. The new Max line opened, and I’m sitting on an exercise ball at work. Interesting dreams and a falling asleep thing. We quit the UU church and are going to the local UCC church. E’s getting a ministry thing going. I’m a Christian, but a Steiner one. C wants to play bass-I need to get him one of the toys I got or we’ll deafen the neighbors.


Capitalism Has Failed UsWe are in a revolutionary momentLook What Austerity Does to a Child’s BrainExile on Main StreetMagical Mystery Tour of American AusterityWhy Are Americans So Easy to Manipulate and Control?Flipping the ScriptThou Shalt Not KillThe Geopolitics of American Global DeclinePowerful Forces Behind Rampant Intellectual DishonestyReclaiming SocialismTrickle-down’s middle-class massacreWho Is Next to Lead America’s Enemies List?Orwell, Huxley and the Scourge of the Surveillance StateRebels, Visionaries and ‘Wages of Rebellion’Enjoying the Low Life?When slavery won’t diePrivacy Is Freedom“Why Grow Up?”Reaganomics killed America’s middle classTen Numbers the Rich Would Like FudgedWhy Are Americans So Easy to Manipulate and Control?

And here we go again.

OK, this time I’ll actually get to posting more than twice a month. I say that every time. And of course, it didn’t happen. Not that it makes any difference-I use this primarily as a memory aid and a link farm.

C’s birthday Mon.-didn’t do much. I like my family a lot. Obama is visiting today and tomorrow-the forecast is for really, really bad traffic. I’m leaving early today. Worked from home Fri. Our car is on its last legs-we looked at new ones Sat., got a decent interest rate. New church Sun, E & M to Avengers, shop, failed with Mother’s Day gift. Miserable Mon., dentist’s Tues., got my new crown. Bought a car Thurs., Fri, Sat., E went out with friends’, church Sun., contentious meeting.
And the week has gone by, again. Letterman retired, watching the last show. Early Fri., hanging out. Cleaning, Sat., shop for C’s trip, church Sun., E drove C to trip Mon., pretty quiet. House is pretty clean, put up a screen on the front door, neighbors are getting evicted, woke up to something going on outside-police loudspeaker, didn’t go out to investigate… and it’s Thurs., busy, C at Outward Bound, E going away this weekend, busy Sat coming up. And it went pretty well-ran errands with S, took C to a friends’, took S and friend to playtime, picked them up, church Sun, picked up C then E’s friends’ son, back home. So, so, so tired Mon., worked from home Tues., picked up E from church. Quiet Weds., got dog poop on my shoe.


The Nightmarish Future for American Jobs and Incomes Is HereHow to revive the American DreamWhite America’s Greatest DelusionThe Real Divide in AmericaThe Big Picture: 10 Ideas to Save the EconomyYou Cannot Be a Republican and a ChristianRise of the GOP’s Culture-War ZombiesA Nation of SnitchesThe Secret History of American ReligionWatch Robert Reich Completely Lay To Rest, Once And For All, A Key Gop Talking Point, How We Can Stop the Oligarchs’ Onslaught to Take Control of EverythingThe GOP’s Food Stamp HypocrisyDebunking the “Nation of Takers” MythRobert Scheer and Chris Hedges on the Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex, US Democracy in Serious DeclineThe U.S. On The Edge of RebellionThe Pathology of the Rich White Family7 Things People Who Say They’re ‘Fiscally Conservative But Socially Liberal’ Don’t UnderstandLiberalism Fails Against Racism, Inequality and State TerrorismThe Happiness IndustryOur Mania for Hope Is a CurseJesus Is a Political PrisonerScience Proves the Government Doesn’t Give a Shit About YouThe Corporate Assault on Public EducationWhy Millions of Americans Feel Like They Have No Power Over Their LivesNeoliberalism Has Created New System of Dual Citizenship for the Poor and the 1%You’ve Been ScammedAre Americans Too Stupid For Democracy?Why Americans Know So Much About Sports But So Little About World AffairsThe Pathology of the Rich White FamilyAmerica’s Mania for Positive Thinking and Denial of Reality Will Be Our Downfall, The Worst of All Possible WorldsDelusionary Thinking in WashingtonThe 6 Economic Facts of Life in America That Allow the Rich to Run off with Our WealthWhatever Happened to Antitrust?Karl Marx Was RightThe Fascinating Differences Between the Conservative and Liberal Personality

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Spring, and a spring cold.

Late in-late bus=late train=missed bus=walk to work. NP-got my taxes done, short a bit.  Same on the way home. Dinner, to bed. Lather, rinse, repeat. At least it’s Friday.
Sat.-tidy, libe, visit a friend’s, shop, dinner. Watching the Towering Inferno. Sun-church, shop, watched Poseidon Adventure. Dinner, S to bed. Up Mon., same ol’…, and it’s Friday. Not much-lunch & go-kart Tues., church potluck Weds. And now Mon. Church yesterday-chose a new minister. Dentist today, running around with the wife-got a new hat. Baltimore is in flames. Surprised we haven’t seen much more of this across the country.
And now Thurs. broke my temp crown last night, had a phone interview that was good, but messed up circumstances. Got the new temp crown in. Lazy Sat., May Faire at PWS, dr’s, shop, froyo. Church Sun., bus home, with a stop at the farmer’s market and the like. E went to WA to get desks. Car trouble. Easy in, feeling sick, sore throat. Same thing Tues. A bit better today-I seem to have a cold. Missing a gamelan gig for the first time in 5 1/2 years. The pres. is in town tomorrow and Fri.
Bernie Sanders is running for Pres. This is a good thing. OK. Time to wrap this up-nothing else to say.

This is pretty cool: Your life on earth, What is the Monkeysphere?


If Inequality Worries Republicans, Why Do They Keep Making It Worse?How the Federal Reserve Is Destroying Your Economic FuturePaul Krugman Dismantles Crazy Conservative EconomicsUS Workplaces Are Hostile to FamiliesNew Data Says 49.7 Million Are Now PoorState Terrorism and Racist Violence in the Age of DisposabilityThe Continuing Depopulation of DetroitMore Nails in the Coffin of the Middle ClassEntitlements are Bankrupting America. But the Rich Keep Taking Them.The Crimes of OthersWhy Millions of Americans Feel Like They Have No Power Over Their LivesThe Rich Are Not Entitled to Bankrupt the United StatesExperts Warn of “Cataclysmic” Changes as Planetary Temperatures RiseRise of the New Black RadicalsWhy the GOP Hasn’t (Yet) Paid For Its March to the RightPaul Krugman Blasts Right-Wing ‘Truthers’ Who Refuse to Admit They Were Wrong . . . About AnythingThe Real Reason So Many Americans Feel So PowerlessEconomist says U.S. inequality reaching “spectacular” heightsIs Democracy As We Know It Unraveling?My Country Is a Horror ShowWhy America’s Economy Is an Utter DisasterGlobal Temperature Records Just Got Crushed AgainUS Tops for Income Inequality and Incarceration, but Near Bottom for National HealthMake the Rich PanicThe Real Reason Inequality Is Widening and Average Working Americans Can’t Gain GroundOur Ayn Randian DystopiaThe One Percent’s Greed Is Literally Killing Our ChildrenDisposable Futures: Critique of ViolenceThe New Corrupt Elite That Is Running Our EconomyThe Serious Steps We’re Going to Have to Take to Share the WealthLiberalism’s Failures in a Time of Increasing Violence, Racism, Inequality and State TerrorismThe Laffer Swerve


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Spring and Easter, renewal and…Hillary?

Hillary Clinton threw her hat in the ring, as well as a few GOP asshats. Hillary will make a fine president, but Bill as First Lady??? I hope he has a nice cocktail dress.

Spring has been nice-some sun, some rain. A good kite friend died suddenly. Tax day-need to finish up.

A nice lazy Saturday. Dropped off C at a friends’, Burgerville, shopping, home. New church Sun., picked up C, more shopping after a nap. M is back at school, S & C are off. S has new skates. Easy in Mon., not much else. Work, easy home, E & S saw Cinderella with S’s teacher, S went home with her, E loved it. Not much else, laundry, cat box. In Tues., work, home, dinner, laundry, S to bed, messing with the QY on the way home. Weds., much the same so far. Same with Thurs. and Fri. Went to church on Thurs. night. Now it’s Sat. Clean up, get E glasses, shop. Home, dinner, stuff, bed. Sun.-Easter. Keeping the house clean.

Now Mon. up and the usual. In a meeting. Home, dinner, S to bed. Dreamed about being in the front row at a U2 show. Easy in, payday. And now Weds., S had a spacer fitted. My new doc is only in Scappoose-back to the drawing board. The house is staying clean!

And now it’s Thurs. whoopee. And now Sat. I actually don’t have much cleaning to do. And now Mon. Church yesterday, shopping for bible covers Sat., the house is still mostly clean.
Again, things are repetetetetive…dreamed about a guy tossing around a RC bomb, trying to get rid of it. Missed my bus Tues. pm, had to wait, and go, and just missed another, and go, and hang out at the library, and go.


How Our Vengeful Society Destroys Vulnerable PeopleRepublicans Are Running A Con Game On AmericaYou Owe Us, CorporationsFear Is the Biggest Threat to Our Democracy9 Things Many Americans Just Don’t GraspLong Dead Economist’s Theories Proven RightNo One Is Free Until All Are FreeWhy the 99 Percent Keeps Losing7 of the Biggest Reasons America Is ScrewedHelp Make a Political RevolutionCriminalizing PovertyIt’s Time to Talk About the Next SystemThe Rich Don’t Work AnymoreTerrorism, Violence, and the Culture of MadnessThe Scourge of Dependency and Globalization in the CaribbeanThe American people are cluelessMaking a Mockery of the American DreamHow the 1 Percent Always WinsYou Cannot Be a Republican and a ChristianWhy I left the GOPPlutocracy the First Time AroundJesus’ radical politicsHow The 1 Percent Stays On TopHow America Became an Oligarchy‘Christian’ Hypocrisy at Its FinestReport finds 44 percent of U.S. children live in low-income families‘Christian America’: Corporate invention or founding fathers’ vision?The hidden tricks of powerful persuasion, Following Jesus Means Being Political and Advocating for “The Least of These”As the Country Falls Apart, It’s Time for Our RevolutionJust How ‘Socially Advanced’ Is the U.S.?Scapegoat Economics 2015Where the White People LiveOur coming theocratic hellWelcome to the Tipping PointThe War on Terrorism Targets Democracy Itself“Exceptional” Slowdown of the Gulf Stream From Greenland MeltA Nation’s ShameI Give America 75 Years… 100 at Most


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Spring is here, right on time.

And the big question is: will I post more than once a month? Maybe.
So the weekend was: late Fri., shop with S Sat-libe, got my QY, a case, food, rechargables, bound the manual, dropped off  C at a classmates’, walked the mall & the Evil Empire with E. Sun: church, picked up C, food shop with M, S to bed. Day off tomorrow-dentist’s, school reenrollment.
So, busy Mon.-take kids to school, dentist, shop, pick up S, quick lunch, reenrollment, puck up C & classmate, home, shop, cook dinner, S to bed, to bed.
Up today, on time. Got stuff done but not completed. Easy home, dinner, E made ravioli lasagna, S to bed, she drew poop on our comforter. To bed, up, to work early. Work, home, lather, rinse, repeat.


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Brakhage, Philip Glass, Thomas Dolby, Anonymous 4, Allan Holdsworth, bill bruford, Eno-Byrne, Beck, Jeff Beck, Supercharger, Harry Partch, Jonn Serrie, The Residents, ZZ Top, Touch 33, Hole, Bhagavad Gita, Godspell, Yes, Tori Amos, Robert Fripp and Brian Eno, Alastair Galbraith, Aphex Twin, Babe The Blue Ox, Rage Against The Machine, Pink Floyd, Steve Roach, Dead Can Dance, Peter Gabriel, Giles Reaves, Rush, Giray Gürkal, Peter Gabriel, Alexei Borisov, Steve Roach, The Residents, Gamelan, Residents, The Orb, Allan Holdsworth, Herb Ernst, steve bradley, spoonPhase, Melvins, Japan, Nina Gordon, Century of Aeroplanes, resfilter, Brenda Hutchinson, Philip Glass, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Gamelan Orchestra of the Yogyakarta Royal Palace

Gems from the Equinox.

Today is the equinox-one of the balance points of the year. I should do something for it-need to figure out what that is. Same for the solstices.
Been slacking on frequent postings. Not that it matters, I don’t think anyone’s following me. I have lots for twitter, where I post from the electronic poet every work day. As an overview, nothing earthshaking going on-some work pluses, like extra $$$, E is in a bad place, the kids are much the same. Not doing anything with anything, but I bought a music thing that might change this. I’m taking a break from Steiner, but my brain keeps chugging along, even if I’m not doing the exercises. Once E gets back on an even keel, I want to do a spring clean.
Another day-on time. A big thing, no resolution. Home, cook dinner, S to bed, TV until bed. Sleep, more of the same. Yeah, whatever. And now SQL tuning. Whoopee, no $, no gas, no gamelan. The usual, again. And again. 2 meetings, and destruction of bank balance. $500 over what we had. I now have no money for any extras.
And of course, several days have elapsed. Memorial service, different church, new to me clothes. Payday, extra, bonus today, and it’s still a struggle. Watched C’s 8th grade play-he played Proteus in Two Gentlemen of Verona. He did very well.
Another day, Weds., E is struggling. And now Thurs. And now Fri. And now Mon. Shopped Sat-picked up my amp, bought some shoes and stuff. E had a diverticulitis attack early Sun AM, so we went to the ER at 6 and came home about 2. So, so tired, even now. Train mess downtown. Easy home, tired, dinner, S to bed, house is pretty clean. Trying to maintain, S to bed, E to bed early. C is getting new glasses. Venezuela is falling apart. Work, school meeting, shopping, dinner, bed. Up again, a guy barfed on the bus. Busy, meeting, home, C is struggling with creative writing. Archer. Easy in, made the early bus, S got up early. My QY came, but no one was home. M is on spring break. And so it goes.


Here’s How the World as We Know It Will Probably End, Christian fundamentalists are driving our country into the Dark AgesHigher Education and the Promise of Insurgent Public MemoryAmerican democracy is doomedWhat Trickle-Down Economics Has Done to the USWe Need to Relearn That We’re a Part of NatureHow Globalization Is Making Human Life MiserableThe Intellectual as Servant of the StateDomestic Military Expansion Spreads Through the US, Ignites DissentWhy Obama’s attack on privacy is so historicAlarm Bells Toll For Human CivilizationA Sea of People Fighting for Water in Sao PauloThe Myth Destroying AmericaLiberation and Enslavement in the Same ToolWelcome To the New Corporate FeudalismHand-Wringing Over BacteriaWhere You Live Says A Lot More About You Than You’d ThinkWe Have a Bunch of Debauched Intellectuals Managing the American EmpireRationalizing LunacyHow Big Corporations Are Systematically Screwing Us OverWhy Aren’t Americans Feeling the U.S. Economy’s Improvements?How to Die of DumbLibertarians Are Clueless About the ‘Free Market’ That They WorshipHas America Become a PTSD Nation?The Whoredom of the LeftWatch the 4 Minute Video that Breaks Down How Reagan Destroyed AmericaOur Plunder of Nature Will End Up Killing Capitalism and Our Obscene Lifestyles3 Biggest Myths Blinding Us to Economic TruthIs This Country [the U.S.] Crazy?The Cost of Paying AttentionHow Low Will They Go?The terrible loneliness of growing up poor in Robert Putnam’s America8 Reasons Young Americans Don’t Fight Back, Why Ayn Rand’s Economic Disciples Are Dead Wrong About the DollarThe Most Brazen Rip-Off Ever? 3 Ways Humans Create PovertyBig Business And Christianity9 Industries That Scare You Into Buying Things You Don’t NeedThe Erasure of US History Starts in TexasThe ‘Long Peace’ Is Not Upon UsA Blueprint for Ending WarYour Lack Of Insight And Compassion Make You UglyAmericans are enslaved by the economic system of a dependent wealthy, America’s Eternal and Insane Meltdowns Over MusicThe One Comic That Explains Just How Screwed America IsWhy Americans Are Screwed and Europeans Are NotBecause I’m a Conservative4 Numbers That Prove America Is a Deeply Messed-Up PlaceThe 3 Biggest Myths Blinding Us to the Economic TruthIn Our Horrifying Future, Very Few People Will Have Work or Make MoneyHigher Education and the Politics of DisruptionIgnorant AmericaEuropean Allies Are Declaring Their Independence from Irresponsible U.S.Religion, Racism & the Consequences of Republican PolicyWe Need a New Economic Model Because the Current Model Is Falling ApartHow Americans Are Brainwashed to Fear Exactly the Wrong ThingsThe New American OrderThe Increasing Concentration of Capital Precludes DemocracyThe Return to MedievalismDrugs, Kiddie P*rn, Murder For Hire, And The Death Of The ‘Free Market’ FantasyCan American Democracy Survive Against Rising Political Corruption and Privatization?


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A quick turnaround…

I guess I’m working this weekend-something needs fixing. Easy home, to school for C’s project presentation-he did very well. Another girl melted down-felt sorry for her. Home, up late. Found where things changed, now to find out what. Lazy, worked, cleaned, M and I shopped.Dinner, S to bed, worked late. To church, lunch, home, a bit more work. Tired, want to nap. Didn’t, dinner, S to bed, more work, to bed, S spilled a cup in her sleep, up on time, late bus, late train=walking to work.