Back at it…

Maybe I will get to this every day! Anyways, another work day-sort of a Friday-no work the rest of the week. The kids are off until next Tuesday, so I can sleep in a bit and not rush. They had a hard time getting to sleep last night and Erika went to a meeting. So I was up late, and didn’t get any exercise in. No worries, maybe tonight. Friday night is a family New Year’s party.

So it’s a bit wintry out, but nice in here. I’m working through bug fixes and making pretty good progress. I also updated my Senior Page to use AJAX. It’s nice, but the footer doesn’t foot perfectly.

Not much else-I keep thinking about Beth Feeley and what would’ve happened between me and her. I also want to find out what happened to Jennifer Greene and Starr Agle and Ann Rickard.

Politics seems quiet, though there’s this: 2011: A Brave New Dystopia. Pretty devastating. This is pretty good too, though I haven’t gone through it much. Wikileaks-the gift that keeps on giving. Tom Tomorrow has a good set of “year in review“, and the chick subbing on Randi Rhodes is doing them too. Christine O’Donnell is probably going down-she used her campaign as a slush fund. Smart, that… New York is still buried under snow. Messy in the Ivory Coast. A few earthquakes.

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A Passing Year, and passing time.

So it’s another month. Whoopee. Looks like I’m on hiatus. Here’s the recap since forever (something like October?): Erika went on a daylong retreat with the women, cleaned the house. Went to church, checked out L&C sound system, went to New Seasons for stuff, painted pumpkins. Trick or treating nearby with school folk. It was our 12th anniversary, had lunch with the wife. The Friends of Rain concert went very well-only a few glitches, and no trainwrecks. Erika had a long meeting Sat., cleaned, church, shop, did t’ai chi with a mom at school, but only once. Had a Dr’s appt.-he says I have labyrinthitis, gave me dizzy meds. We practiced way too much, I went skating before the show, the concert was a rousing success-a full house, standing ovation. Slept late. Erika’s mom has cancer. We had a big cold snap, worked from home. Matt’s surgery went well, but he barfed a lot afterwards so Erika took him back to the hospital. More skating, Thanksgiving laziness, church, rake leaves, clean garage. More raking, trim raspberries & blackberries, grass plants. Rainy, houseguest. Matt to skating party, no church. Cleaning. Dr’s appt. Colin’s having bad dreams, cured by a mirror under his bed. Went to watch the boat parade at a gamelan friend’s. Christmas, cleaning, no church.

Here are a lot of links: Missing: a Vision of Economic Possibility, Our Imperial Vote, Money Fights Hard and It Fights Dirty, A Recipe for Fascism, Outrage Misguided, Corporate Socialism, Living in an Age of Imposed Amnesia, Power and the Tiny Acts of Rebellion, Eternal Thanks for a Nonviolent Future, Global Plans to Replace the Dollar, Hope in the 21st Century, revisiting-politics-social-change, The Decline and Fall of the American Empire, Redistribution of America’s Wealth to the Few, 15 Charts About Wealth and Inequality in America, Untellable Truths, Middle Class Strife. One last one I got today: Journalism of Appeasement. (I’m trying to go back to where these were originally posted, and I don’t know when they’ll die…) People are talking about the stuff that matters. The problem is that the stuff that matters needs action behind it, not talk. There is some good news-the tax stuff passed, and it was in the middle somewhere as far as good goes-Obama was forced to compromise, and the tax breaks for the wealthy and the payroll tax relief were troubling, and dadt repeal and start got passed, but the real stuff didn’t get done. And the next session isn’t going to be happy.
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Page 23, Sentence 5: “That I am myself the agent in the conceptual process may be an illusion, but to immediate observation it certainly appears to be so.” The Philosophy of Freedom


Lying in a hospital bed-the person next to me broke out and wants me to come too. I’m worried that they’ll catch me, so I don’t. They convince me and I slip off but the nurse is there and sees me. We run through a door into a room with only one exit. We go through it, race down a hall to the exit. I see the parents and sister in my car driving out of the parking lot and I hide behind a tree. I move around and they turn the corner. I run over to a line of bushes and go towards the parking lot then towards the street. A brown station wagon full of people comes to pick me up-I’m in with the “mud people”. We drive off.
At work, some girls are talking about someone who’s lazy. I say not at Microsoft. They ask about my work and I show them the bug I’m working on.


In a bookstore/paper store-a big warehouse too. Looking at all the paper. There’s a bunch of people from school there too. I run into Todd O. who’s running from 3 bullies. He hides behind the stacks as the 3 walk through. They go around a corner and leave and Todd leaves too. I walk to the front and go by the cashier.


In London, at a bar, walk to the side, chat with the bartender, order something, leave. Walk up the street and down Edgeware (missed this the last time). Looking for a train to work. Decide on a circle line one. Fly up and land on the top, materialize there. There are a few others up here. We see the cops coming, so we get back down. They come over, but the guy doesn’t recognize us. We get off and I start looking for the next train. Go to get a ticket, but I have no pounds. I go from counter to counter, find a almost topless girl and confuse her into giving me someone’s lost and found and taking a munged up fiver and stretching it until it’s good. Walk up the stairs and they’re filming some folies bergere thing. Go back down to another counter and try to get a rail pass. Walk over and start to do it with a naked girl-she tells me all these odd things to do. Finally she tells me to fart on her foot and smells it and is mad when I can’t.


Walking around a lagoon, looking at the fish. Come to a bar, go up the stairs, talk to some people and wait.
Going to the beach, the gate is closed so have to go around the fancy bit. Go down the stairs, the shore break looks nice and the regular break is nice too. Come up to the bike path.


In a guitar shop-talk about my guitar, play the one they have. Bring my guitar in-they whine about the heavy strings. I say I was playing jazz on them. I talk about the dead fret. They agree.


Watching some kids try to do fake wrestling-they’re lame. I think about it, but they start a boxing tournament and I do that instead. I look at the crowd and there’s only one guy I’m worried about. They do it by age and there’s only one guy in my age range. Easy. I look over the brackets and it looks like 4 rounds.


Watching Al drive his spendy car into a ditch and flip it.
In a studio with Zappa. We’re making movies and I’m trying to take care of all the reels. They’re scattered all over the place. I talk with him about Bruce Bickford.