December 27th, 1995

In a college house, talking on the phone with a girl I’m interested in. The connection cuts out a few times. I then talk to a tech re some net problem. Some guy is making out with his SO next door. Some plane crashes and a piece goes into a close building. We run and an engine crashes into a wall next to us. I talk to some tech about our equipment and the new net technology.

December 23rd, 1995

At J&J-some old PIC client. I’m back to do some work as a freelancer. they need someone to check open accounts. They had a fire and are rebuilding. I look at a few and leave. I wander around US or some park. I go back with a helper and lots of bags. They’re a mess but I go in. I wander around trying to find the files I need. I finally do and it’s time to leave. I change and leave. It’s raining and I need to go back. Someone brings candy and cards to everyone. We talk about it and look at the other burnt businesses.

December 23rd, 1995

At J&J wandering around. Their computer crashes and they’re frantically looking at it. I wander around and go outside to look at the grounds. There are abandoned factories that are being torn down. I watch one fall down and walk around the other one. I go past a lake and into a graveyard. I look at 3 graves as I hear a voice moan one of the names. I turn around and there’s a ghost. I hug her and we become close. I explain to her where and when she is. More people gather. She tells them to desecrate the grave. I go back inside to help with computers. I attempt to rewrite a schedule and find Paloma Picasso is to be here. She arrives and goes to sleep. I need to leave but have to wait. Sudenly the compound is attacked and sealed off. Techs gather and I have to kill one soldier. We’re on an alien planet and the outside is deadly. I go out for a minute and avoid all but one. The soldiers kill everything on the surface including an alien friend. We discuss if they can start the craft. Yes, but not build another.

In a pool with Seinfeld cast. We’re playing basketball. I sink and go to the surface several times.

Driving down Jackson. Car crashes and I walk to a house where the NHL champs are partying. I play mini hockey.

December 24th, 1995

In some game, have to fight several monsters, wander around trying to find weapons, go to penthouse, get stuck in elevator.

Sitting there in some class, guy keeps dropping animals & people are falling down the shaft trying to save them.

December 20th, 1995

On a motorcycle, going around London. Having the usual trouble getting it going. Almost get hit by a car flying through an intersection. Some guys come up to ask if I have old copies of the times. I say to go to the libe on microfilm.

On the freeway on a motorcycle. Get off to go to tennis courts. Drive past them and turn around. Have trouble getting the bike going again.

December 17th, 1995

In West L.A. An earthquake-the big one. Everything is rubble. I search for my girl. Find her and we leave-go * to a hotel parking lot and wander around trying to find some old woman. I find her and then leave. We go to a beach house and I worry about earthquakes-go inside to listen to the damage reports. Go to some store and fiddle with the food.

December 16th, 1995

In France, walking around. Take the train out. Go around some building/house. Watch TV. Talk to Yedid and other people. Take a train and a cab back and forth. The train returning is old and I have trouble staying in my seat. The woman across from me is showing her panties. I get off and the train is down by the waterfront in some square.