December 29th, 2016

On a bus, a robot gets on and I think it’s going to blow up. It comes to the back and I start to leave. The real bomber is the driver and I get off the bus. It leaves.

December 27th, 2016

Walking down the street, some guys with fighter kites are coming the other way-I have to step into a shop to avoid them. Go into a small performance space, a girl is singing, and a guy with a really high voice is accompanying her. They finish, and everyone leaves. They start moving tables around and people arrive-it looks like a sleep-over. Leave, walk back and the same kite guys come by. I go into a kite shop and Steve K is there. Walk to the back and there’s a long line for ice cream-I walk past, looking for spices-none. I leave, step over someone in the doorway. She yells at me and I look back at her a few times.

December 26th, 2016

Driving down the 405 in LB, there are a bunch of stages being put up. Talk to the members of Yes about evaluating a roadie. Look around, stand in a corner with a tiny bass. Sit in a circle and play duck duck goose. Tell the leader I’ll talk to him after sound check.

In an office, walk around with Christian and someone else, go downstairs to get mail-very busy room. Walk back with a huge one, not hiding it.

At home, drive over to get the mail, there’s a bunch of cash and checks.

In a big parking lot, very snowy and icy. Walk around, there are cars everywhere. Try to figure out how to get out.

Solstice, Christmas, New Years’. Ugh.

Monday at work-so, so tired. Maybe coffee will help. Not enough.

OK, so to recap: Fri., finished work, easy home, no gamelan party. Sat., lazy, cleaned a little, don’t remember anything else. Sun., church, sold the TX, libe, Fry’s, Sonic, shop. It’s still snowy and icy, mostly because the temps have stayed low. Rainy today and warmer. Easy in-changed my route a bit-only one switch, same time. I might have to work part of next week-this is not a bad thing. New route home-missed the bus, so major pain. Dinner, M to thing, S to bed. Wash, rinse, repeat. Tue., same thing-the route home was a mess-everything running oddly. Dinner, S to bed, bed. Weds., see Tues. Took my regular route home, much less lateness. Dinner, S to bed, bed. Working through my past dream journal-currently in ’96-have to go to ’90-long slog.

Dreamed about alien visitation last night-contact, no communication-all I said was my name, didn’t hear anything. There was a little gray alien in a column of light that I assume was a transport device. I used to have these “plane crashing, aliens visit” dreams about once a month-now they’re sporadic. I think it’s more to do with higher worlds trying to connect with my waking consciousness rather than straight alien visitations, but who knows with dreams?

So, home, dinner, S to bed, bed. Woke up early, left early, to work early. Finally got the official work reorg and…nothing really changes except my boss’ boss. Left early after a nice chat with a co-worker. Home, dinner at Izzy’s, drive around, ice cream, home, S to bed. Tired, then not. Up, hang out drinking coffee, tidy, laundry, church, fondue, S to bed. Up late, S got us up at 7, opened presents, clothes for me, church, beignets, tidy, nap, dinner, S to bed. Moved my pi wordpress to the x10 site.  Watched the last Harry Potter and the extras. Up late, sleep in, hang out, tidy a little, line, shop, Whole Bowl, got some guitar references and a uke book for S. More last Harry Potter extras. Tue., fam visited Sally Showman, I cleaned, plus a little of my stuff. Dinner, movie. S to bed.

December 24th, 2016

In an ER, walking around with two docs. One is new, and the other is showing him how to drink on the job- put it in a coffee cup. He has orange juice in his.

Playing a nice bass, the owner is trying to get my attention because I’m playing too hard.

December 21st, 2016

In a building, maybe a house. Planes start flying overhead, coming closer and closer. A huge one crashes just past us, and I know it’s aliens visiting. Another one comes right at us, and we go outside. I grab the wingtip and it takes me with it. A column of blue light comes out of the house, and all the rescuers are staring at it. It comes to me and I say my name. There’s a little gray inside.

December 20th, 2016

Out with some kite folks. Talk about flying a rock-like thing. It has a pouch, so I think it’ll fly. Put a line on it and it stays up-let some more line out and it’s staying up.

Walking through some cavern-like place-don’t want people to follow, so we start putting together a complicated spell. I’m on one side, and it’s not working-I check the label on one of the potion bottles and it’s misspelled-which will make the spell fail. I start to rewrite it, but a bunch of people start coming through the tunnel.

On the boardwalk at Santa Monica-go up to the mall to talk to someone about problems with teens and how to solve them. One guy starts talking about cell phone stuff, and I start to leave.