December 28th, 2017

Walking around at work with the iPad. Some guy tries to take my phone and look at it. I tell him it’s not a work device. Go into the other room and start frantically erasing the browser history on the iPad.

December 27th, 2017

In an empty lot. Set down my portable tv to pick up a package of long tubes. I’m nervous because there are a bunch of people around. I try to set it elsewhere, but fail, and they start yelling at me. I pick it up and the tv is gone. I go across the street to go to storage, but my combination doesn’t work.

In a pool at CVRC? just at the middle section. Kids are coming up to the line and I tell them that it’s deep, then start swimming to the other side.

December 26th, 2017

Trying to get into a prison/fortress. We hide behind a car as it goes in, walk down a hall and into a room. A big guard comes in but doesn’t see us. They spot us and we leave and go through a large warehouse, and leave through a small door.

December 22nd, 2017

Back stage with Metallica, they leave and James forgets his backpack with the stash. I want to get it to him, but the crew says it’s ok to leave it. I go to find security, but he’s getting his head bashed in by someone in the crowd. I go onstage, and it’s almost cleared up-a kid is hitting the last drum. Mom comes up and asks me a question about who the band was.

“It’s the most horrible time of the year”

As my blog is more like a recitation of my life as it happens than it is a “blog”, it starts out as tbd. Then life happens, and the tbd gets filled in. I’m feeling very tbd right now. I always start with a comment, then the recap, then links, p23s5 and listening. It works, but kinda boring. I suppose I could comment at length, but that takes energy, and I’m feeling drained lately.
I guess the title says it all. I like to make up “alternate” lyrics to songs, and Christmas songs are ripe for it. There’s more to this one, and worse. I had a chat with M about this. He’s getting into cool stuff lately, and I’m teaching him t’ai chi too.

It’s cold but no snow. E, S, M and S’s class went to the zoo, which was empty except for them. E got me a new winter coat and ushanka hat that’s very warm. Home, w/o w/o M, dinner, shower, bed. I used to take showers rarely, but now that I’m working out, I need to take them post workout. Weds., gamelan-last one until mid-Jan., home, dinner, carry S to bed, bed. Blew off cleaning the kitchen. Was very windy overnight-woke up a few times hearing it. Work-starting on the new project. Net neutrality is gone, Roy Moore lost-win one, lose one.

And it’s Friday. I don’t think this will be an enjoyable weekend-I have to get out the Christmas boxes from the outside closet, and one of my molars lost a big chunk from its front. Sat, and no tree, though I did get the Christmas box out of the outside closet. W/o w/M last night, E was asleep early, S very late. Laundry, smoothies today, then shop, get C from friends’, look for a tree. Home, dinner, E in bed early, S a decent bedtime, laundry, play the Kronos a bit, bed. Sun., church, pick out tree, M to libe, back home, pick up M, deliver E & S to Nutcracker downtown, shop, home, w/o w/M, pick up E & S, dinner, shower, bed. Up, to dentist’s-need a crown. The filling is OK, so I can get by until, but still…

Weds., pretty quiet. 3 interviews for a new person, get to go home early today! W/o last night-M did negative arms. Up early, in early, home early…the tree is decorated, tidy, dinner, bed. The tax bill passed, but the U.N. rejected the Jerusalem thing-win one, lose one, again. OK, so, Friday, again. At least this is the start of a long weekend and wfh next week (for a few days, at least).

I had one of those dreams last night. No aliens, but right down into the underworld. It was black, and there were voices, and I was falling. I woke up once I reached some sort of “not feeling like I was falling but still falling” state. I laid there watching a movie coming out of a portal and a jagged hole inside it. Sort of like the TEX event, but not, as it was definitely cartoonish and cycled.

Links. brighter side:A High School Runner Helped A Struggling Marathoner, Iceland Asked Its Teens Why They Binge Drink, What We All Need To Remember About Teenagers. Not so bright: The U.S. is Not a Democracy, It Never Was, Millennials are Screwed (they’re not the only ones…I’m a job loss or disaster away from it too, plus no retirement savings at all), Fredo in the White House, Donald Trump’s Holiday Gift to America, The Counter-Revolution, Dear White Evangelicals: An Intervention Letter, Reflections on Trump and Corporate Totalitarianism

Page 23, Sentence 5: “I had to go to work the next day but I didn’t feel at all tired.”, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

Listening to:

Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Tchaikovsky, Fiona Apple, Melvins, Sneaker Pimps, ZZ Top, Veruca Salt, Christophe Gluck, Brian Eno, Annansy Cisse, The Clash, Megadeth, Zakir Hussain, Fred Frith, Heart, Philip Glass, Brian Eno, Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth, John Zorn, Sigur Rós, Curved Air, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Eno-Byrne, The Future Sound of London, Robert Fripp, Peru , The Laziest Men on Mars, De Facto, Brian Eno (x3), Veruca Salt, The Beatles, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Philip Glass, Deftones, Todd Rundgren, K.M.Krebs, Sunn O))), Donnie Iris, Sigur Rós, Melvins, Todd Rundgren, Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers Band, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Berbil, Peter Gabriel, Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir, Robert Rich, Rush, Australian Aborigines, Gamelan, Benedictines of Mary, Heart, Giacomo Puccini, Adam And The Ants, Nathan Youngblood (with Steve Roach), U2, Tom Waits, Beastie Boys, Philip Glass, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Brian Eno – David Byrne, Loren Nerell, George Clinton, Skinny Puppy, Peter Gabriel, ZZ Top, The Clash, Afrika Bambaataa, Pink Floyd, Schumann, Primus, Thomas Dolby, Genesis, Larry Tyrrell, Yello, ZZ Top, Throbbing Gristle, Samuel Barber, Venerable Showers of Beauty, Camel, Laurie Anderson, Robert Rich, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Constance Demby, avn

December 21st, 2017

At a party, hanging out. Kristen Wiig comes up and I’m smitten. We go to a table and she’s trying to un-smit me by standing on a chair/table and waving her hands up and down. Jon Frakes and Spiner are filming us, and she tells them to go away. We sit at the table and she starts a ritual with incense and chanting. I start chanting, then drop through the floor into the underworld. I hear evil laughing, and keep falling until I’m in equilibrium. (I woke up at this point, but could still see into the dream through a portal and an irregular hole. There was a magician in a hood in a living room in a chair, standing up then falling through the floor, over and over again.)

December 15th, 2017

Trying to cross a bunch of train tracks. Look carefully, as a big train passes. Jump on one going left, ride, but two bulls come on and we have to fight them and jump We get to a hole in the fence, and go through a big factory, trying to look like we belong. Spot the street, and go down a hill. Wait to meet up.

At a drive-through, see members of Rush. Look for them or a car, some guy says they might be around the back. Go back there and there’s a room getting set up. We talk to them, and I start sweeping out a ledge.

December 11th, 2017

Walk out from my room onto the field. Get close to the dumpster, and a frisbee comes my way. It’s my friend-I try to catch it, but it’s heavy. We toss it a bit, I look through the dumpster. We walk back as a teacher comes with a class into the room next to the field. We get to the door and another teacher asks why we’re not in class. We stutter, then say we’re done. She asks about the project and I say I have my photos. We go towards my room, then turn back to the field.

Watching a car ad-a guy gets in a taxi, it lets him off at a cafe, the owner gets him something to drink, a terrorist is going to set off a bomb. The guy runs around the outside, hides, grabs a child as men with guns come looking for him.