Walking down some tracks. A train passes, the driver sees us and calls it in. We’re fugitives. Another passes and slows down. We escape down a slope to a lake. A group finds us and takes us underground.

A week?

Well. almost a little more than a week.
Not much happening-a thing Tuesday (that looks like a bust-more to come, though), plus the madman at the local mall and a school in Connecticut and a hospital in Alabama, gamelan Weds. (done until Jan.), volunteer Fri., clean Sat. & Sun-no church-Erika worked a holiday fair. We had a little snow Tuesday. Emphasis on little. Not really much more than that-on the run up to Christmas. Presents are done.

Page 23, Sentence 5: “They will be merged into a single universal free market.” The Globalization Reader
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Up on top of an unfinished building, bolting in a bunch of pipes. I’m scared of falling-look over the side-the wind is moving things around.. Go down and help someone with their wiring. Guy makes fun of me and I threaten him. Don’t want to go back up the building.


In the studio, playing around with a keyboard, setting things up. Switch to home-big window looking out on a yard, door next. Planes are flying close and crashing-they turn into balls of light. One very bright one circles overhead. I say very loudly, stop that and come in already-you’re scaring the family. It changes direction and comes straight for us. It passes through the door and turns into a shadowy alien, walks over to the dining room and faces us.


In a concert. All sorts of people in a circle with different instruments. I’m going to play the reyong. Wenten is there and going to dance. The reong is being delivered and turns out to be a bunch of instruments, 2 sets of them. Someone volunteers to play the other set and I arrange the instruments. The reong is real flat. We start to play.

In a holding pattern

until when?

I’ll have more to say about that later, this being a public blog.

Been relatively busy this past week-Erika went to Breitenbush this weekend. Left early Thursday, went to the library Friday, cleaned Saturday & Sunday. Plus gamelan, a thing is arising, some possible side gigs, usher last Sunday-craft fair. The kids are OK, but having trouble with listening.

Not much else, interesting things happening-developing-I think I’m almost ready to start on the ID. We’ll see.

Page 23, Sentence 5: “Andrew Glazewski, the late scientist-priest of Britain, explains it thus: To illustrate this, imagine borrowing an atom from, for example, a hand.” After We Die, What Then?

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Another week in the bag…

…and I’m chillin’, working at home. I think I may get something done too. Unusual, that…

It’s been a pretty eventful week for me. quiet Friday-didn’t go skating, went through my stuff & consolidated everything to my big white rolling bin. Now I have the bin, 2 book boxes, a cd box, my guitar, amp, sub, keyboard, kites, didge, mike stand, rainstick, skates, bocce set, rocking chair, clothes, shoes, computer bag, Stick (which will go once I get the pickup fixed), 2 tool boxes, luggage (including toiletries), document box and that’s about it. Erika did church Sunday & I stayed home. Work Monday, off Tues and Weds.

I drove to Seattle Tues. to see the King Tut exhibit with C’s 5th grade class. I had to get an Oregon driver’s license because my Cali. one was expired in July. I was sweating because I failed the test the last time I tried. I studied a bunch and passed easy. I had to go back to get the registration reprinted for the Toyota. I was close to late, but we got on the road OK, stopped at Burgerville, arrived with only 2 missed turns. I was the only one to find street parking-thanks years of parking in downtown Long Beach… We got to bed OK, I read a bit, but bugged everyone with a noisy airbed. Up early, breakfast, re-park cars, walked to the monorail. Wait around, take the monorail, stand around, take it back. Hang out in the park, armory, go up the Space Needle, go to the Science Center, look at butterflies, eat lunch. See the Tut exhibit-it was nice, but not expansive. Walk back, drive back. It was rainy, and the boys were painful.

Work yesterday and today, picked up the boys, deposited a gift check, shopped, and that’s it. Well, there’s a side gig and stuff in the works, and M is getting to be a teen.

I watched some of Apocalypse Now, some Terence McKenna, and listened to Moonage Daydream and dreamed about playing it in high school. I refined my edit of “Let’s Get the Show on the Road”. I read a cool book about rebooting your brain, downloaded some Swedenborg and Anton Wilson.

Links: If We’re The Land Of The Free Then Why Are We So Restricted?, America is a Christian Nation. If We Don’t Like it, We Should Get Out, Ten Numbers the Rich Would Like Fudged, Standard Right Wing Propaganda: Heroic Red States Support Lazy Blue States

page 23, sentence 5: “Between 1979 and 1990, the number of American children living below the poverty line rose an astonishing 22 percent.”, The Twilight of American Culture