Daily posting-12/21/1998

Winter solstice today-got a card from the Derry’s. Not much else-the run up to Christmas. Busy working, shopping. Work is testing new interface & squashing bugs, though I’ll be making enhancements this week. Shopping is now done-we were so good & got most stuff 2 weeks ago, sent out cards & everything. Went to two parties so far-Erika’s work & a friend. Getting the place clean too-cleaned up the onsale stuff-look for a list of them in the next few weeks. Lotsa lights up & the tree-got all the presents wrapped, too. Looks like a busy week. Found out the Monsters of Grace is coming again-got tix (v4.0, though they should call it v1.1-whatever). Erika’s been going to a physical therapist & chiropractor-she messed her back up working & her right arm was going numb-the chiropractor has helped a lot. The baby is busy cooking-he’s a whirlwind-it’s an exciting time. It looks like the ‘rents on Christmas-both sets at different times. New Year’s looks like Merlin’s…That’s all-happy Solstice & New Year!

Daily posting-12/9/1998

Sitting, waiting for a call-hope it’s soon-I wanna go home. Working, working, working. Last day of gamelan class last night-Erika came with me. She actually liked the music! Surprise, surprise. I’m getting better and more in sync-I can hear all the instruments now, and come in much better. I’ve been doing this now a little more than 3 years, and I might move into the beginner’s class for reong. We’ll see…What else? Erika left her job yesterday-her back is really hurting, and work just makes it worse. She’s sort of sad about leaving, though. We did most of our Christmas shopping over the weekend, and sent out Christmas cards, too. Glad to get that out of the way. Next is the day itself-we’re having it at home-we’ll see who shows up-more to come. We saw Wolf on Saturday-their Xmas party is 12/26… We got the tree up Sunday-it looks nice. That’s it for now-bye.

Daily posting-12/2/1998

A month since the last report-I’ve been busy. Busy writing C++ code, busy traveling, busy, busy, busy. I need a break bad. What’s happened-not much-I went to Kauai for a week and a bit, went Ojai Thanksgiving for our honeymoon, gamelan, lunches & dinners, and not a lot else… The baby’s getting Erika down-she’s tired, and the baby’s very active, and her back hurts from sitting at a desk all day. Not much-I got a notice for my 15th college reunion-getting old, I’d say.

Daily posting-11/4/1998

Another week half over. I am SO tired. Erika is too-fallout from the wedding, I guess. It was very nice-it’s weird to get all these people together-most of whom don’t know each other. I’ll prolly post pics… Anyways, not much else-working, went to gamelan last night-I’m a little slow, but I’ll get back into it quick. That’s it-I got email from Alan Watt last week, & it’s Erika’s birthday today.

Daily posting-10/28/1998

Standing at work, my back is killing me. I was laid out all day yesterday. I think I got it folding clothes Monday night, but my back has been hurting for a while-a combination of no exercise and sitting all day. This has happened before, so it’s not like I can’t deal with it, but it is a pain. Oh whell.

So, what’s happening? The wedding is coming up-we did some more shopping over the weekend, got our first gifts yesterday. Went to Wayang Listrik Saturday-the usual gamelan suspects. It was quite good-more like a movie than a regular wayang. Went to gamelan last Tuesday-it’s split into advanced and beginner-so I can go later-that makes me quite happy. There’s also a Java class, but it’s at 3, so I can’t go-damn. Got a new Rev II Sunday-my current one is falling apart. Erika had a pre natal last night-everything’s OK…Not much else-walked Ken through converting WAV files for the third time-I hope he gets it this time. Their web site is up-Sunday is doing the coding. That’s it-next week I’ll be married!

Daily posting-10/19/1998

Sitting at work, waiting. Same as always. Whatever. So, what’s new? I’m getting married Nov 1. Erika decided this a few weeks ago-we’ve been busy getting everything together. Otherwise it’s: work, shopping. I went to the Whirling Dervishes Saturday & flew kites yesterday. Not much else going on-the usual…

Daily posting-10/7/1998

Sitting at work, waiting. I really, really dislike this system just for that. Another week passes, so what. Not much went on-got my car back-hadda spend $700 on maintenance & wheel bearings. I’m now overdrawn until I get paid on Friday. Went to an air show on Saturday-cool to see aerobatics, the B2 & its predecessor. Lotsa kite people there, too-flew with the quadline guys in a team-well, sort of. I’d like to geta pair or team together-we’ve got enough good fliers in the area… Gamelan started this week-I didn’t go-next week for sure. Not much else-waiting…

Daily posting-9/29/1998

Sitting at work, listening to Ravi Shankar…-not much going on-busy working. Getting to the end of this project. I’m tired.

Not much has happened-went to Laurie Anderson on Friday, it was a clone of the show she did at the Terrace a few years ago. OK, if a bit loud in places. I’m waiting for her next big production. Went to the last Dodgers game of the season on Sunday with my ‘rents-not very exciting… Took my car into the shop-lots wrong-shot bearings are the worst of it. Had to get a shitty rental car. Went to Bergstroms for baby registry. Ack.

Daily posting-9/22/1998

Well, here it is the end of September-I haven’t touched any of my web stuff since the end of ’97, & I’m starting again (well, maybe…) I’ve put up some new pictures, changed my bio a bit, & I’ll update the rest soon.

So, what’s happened in 9 months, you ask… Quite a bit. Erika moved in with me, we’re having a boy in February, I’m working in Anaheim (not for long, I hope). I haven’t done much for Jabbz lately, I spend most of my time at home or shopping.

Lessee, as far as events go, I’ve been in 3 kite competitions, won one, came on 2nd in one, and 6th in another. Went to Berkeley for the festival there end of July, Vegas at New Years, Sta. Barbara wine country Memorial Day (Erika got pregnant there), San Diego for a kite competition. We’ve been to several Hollywood Bowl concerts, OOSoul a few times, the new Glass/Wilson opera. I’m going to Laurie Anderson Friday. Visited my parents a bunch, got rings, ate out a lot, shopped a lot, flew my kites some, slept a lot, worked a lot, drove a lot, not much else.

As far as everything else goes-I’m pretty happy (all things said). I’m not really happy working, as I’m getting paid squat, but I’m working to change that. I’m looking forward to the baby, THAT’LL be a new and exciting experience. Thank GOD Erika has experience with babies…I still love flying kites, and I’m good at it. I haven’t exercised in forever, and I’m gaining weight. That’s gotta change. I’ve still got a ton of stuff in my living room that’s gotta go-this weekend. There are other larger problems that remain unaddressed as well… I suppose I should get back to work, too.