Erika’s Bio

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(This is a questionnaire Erika filled out for our church-for now, this will have to do…)

Tell us about your profession or aspiration.

In my previous life, I was an early childhood educator. I loved my work; it was as a teacher that I met my “Spirit Sister” Tracy, and her daughter Hannah who is my spirit daughter (you might have heard Mathias or Colin speak of their “sister” Hannah.)

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Tell us about your family.

My folks live in Long Beach. I grew up there right on the water. It was great, although I must admit I was almost 23 before I saw snow come out of the sky! I am partnered with Eric, my soulmate and we have two deliciously blond boys Mathias 7 and Colin 5!

Who or what brought you to UUFLB and when was it?

We moved from Long Beach where we were members of UUCLB and moved here to “The OC” to be closer to Eric’s work. UUFLB was the first of the 3 UU churches we went to. As soon as we sat down both Eric and I looked at each other and said “this is it!”

What are some of your hobbies or interests?

I really like sleeping and reading books of all kinds.

What are some of your favorite activities at UUFLB?

I do enjoy all my service here. I look forward to ministering to the Youth. I am blessed by my work with the Congregational Care team.

What is interesting about you that few people now have heard?

I learned how to smoke cigarettes at Girl Scout camp.

(This is another questionnaire Erika filled out for our church…)

Where do you originally reside from?

Long Beach Ca Belmont shore to be clear

Your current or past work field?

Early childhood educator 15 years

Do you have children?


If you do – tell me about them and their ages/names.

Mathias is 8 and we are pretty sure he is the Buddha
Colin is 6 and an atheist
Baby girl Salem coming Sept 14th

Do you have pets?

Nope o! wait! We have fish…in the boys room


Embroidery knitting reading, and sleep is nice…when it happens

Do you want to share something special about yourself like a special memory?

I learned to smoke at church camp

Favorite vacation?

Don’t really have one…

How did you hear about Tapestry?

Though Rev Johns activism for Marriage equality

What made you want to join our congregation?

It’s the right thing to do

And anything else you may want to let us know about you

I like doing “children’s sermons”