Eric M. Allen

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UI/UX Designer | Java, Database, Web Developer

  • Lead programmer, web, software and database developer and designer, user interface designer, interaction and usability specialist.
  • Design innovative user interfaces, graphic design and artwork, conduct usability and UI reviews, and supervise UI designers.
  • Develop and deliver high-quality software on time and under budget throughout the entire systems lifecycle in Java/JSP, HTML/CSS, and Javascript, design databases in Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and mySQL.
  • Design and develop customer facing user interfaces in Java, HTML/CSS, and Javascript. Toolkits: jQuery, Bootstrap. Learning Angular and React.
  • Specialties: UI design, HCI, user experience, interaction design, Oracle SQL tuning.

Professional Experience

Software engineer, Cambia Health Solutions, Portland, OR2019 (contract)

Development in Java for Clinical Support team. Quality Framework integration. AWS: RDS, Lambda, DMS, Redshift, S3, SSM, SNS; databases: MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server; frameworks: Spring Boot, jUnit/Mockito, Maven/Gradle.

Independent consultant, freelance web designer/developer1993-present

Design & Development

  • Website design, web development in HTML/CSS, Javascript, AJAX, PHP, WordPress, Flash. Develop angular, react systems for study.
  • Avionics, ground control, GPS waypoint navigation for a remotely piloted airship in C and assembler. 68HC11 microcontroller.
  • Software/firmware for a programmable joystick in C, assembler and Borland Pascal.
  • Tax calculator for multi-state property risk pooling.
  • Dynamic survey application in Paradox for Windows.
  • Management software in Borland Pascal and Btrieve.
  • Membership database in Paradox.
  • Investigator billing system in Paradox for Windows and Delphi.

Network, Software, & Hardware Support

  • Troubleshooting, maintenance, hardware, software installation and training.
  • Installation of two Novell networks, Lantastic and Windows networks, Netware support.
  • Replacement of dumb terminals with X-Terminals in 30+ Wells Fargo bank branches.
  • Paradox for Windows training.
  • Assistance with Macintosh setup, operations, training.
  • Conversion of membership data from Paradox to SQL.

Clients: Atkinson Memorial Church, Maple Grove Preschool, Sellwood Medical Clinic, Lassu, Inc., OrganizaciĆ³n Haz La Diferencia, ICS Cutting Tools, PCCS, Sunshine Products, Calibar/McAfee & Edwards, SDDI, ACLU, Meridian Video, Information Systems Professionals, The Cambridge Group.

Full-stack software engineer, Daimler Trucks, Portland, OR2016-2019 (contract)

Develop CabPro web quoting and ordering application in Bootstrap, jQuery, DB2, Websphere, and Java. Main page, four dialogs for quote creation, maintenance, ordering, and pricing, Excel upload. Eight month project, sole developer, on-time delivery. Multiple internal DTNA award winner-including 1st place TOS Award, high stability/low defect rate, excellent customer reviews post-delivery.

Development of enhancements to PartsPro application in Java, Dojo, jQuery, Websphere, and SQL Server. Multiple part catalog consolidation project. Myriad changes on both the front end (new tabs, menus, grids, CGM display, changes to existing functionality), and back end (new AJAX calls, queries, processing, publishing, changes to existing processing, and query performance). Maintenance programming, production support/troubleshooting, migration to Websphere 8.5.

UI designer, Vencentric, Portland, OR2016-2017

Design mobile UI for grocery issue management product-inbox, issue, requests.

Senior software consultant, Hitachi Consulting, Seattle, WA (remote)2016 (3 month contract)

Software development for Nintendo USA on Third Party Tools project: PHP development in TestRail, Java/JSP/jQuery/REST development in Liferay. Eclipse, Git, Stash, Mockito toolset.

Senior software engineer, Huron Consulting Group, Higher Ed Tech, Beaverton, OR2010-2015

Maintenance and enhancement of ecrt product in Java/JSP, HTML/CSS and Javascript/jQuery, Tomcat, and JPA/Hibernate. On-time deployment through several release cycles, two week sprints, rapid response development for critical client issues. Second tier customer support.

Front-end development
  • Design home page portlets, sub-navigation, three effort statement layouts, report pages, global settings, roles & rights pages.
  • Implement changes to home page, report page, effort statement, project statement, global settings.
  • Implement AJAX for user interactions on home page, effort statement and department dashboard, infinite scrolling on the effort statement, threaded statement list loading on the department dashboard.
Back-end development
  • Design threading class model for file import.
  • Code hours entry import process and effort statement rendering.
  • Design and develop generic PDF generator.
  • Decommission companion accounting, change all calculations to use both methods.
  • Implement performance improvements and query optimizations for home page, effort statement and department dashboard.

Assist junior developers in learning ecrt, answer questions about identifying and resolving issues, perform code reviews, planning, time estimation, and task assignment for sprints.

Programmer/analyst iii, Hollywood Entertainment Corporation, Wilsonville, OR2008-2010

Lead programmer-maintenance and enhancement of distribution center logistics systems in Delphi, Oracle PL/SQL and shell scripts. Production support, SQL tuning.

  • Design replacement web interface for taking customer orders and returns.
  • Develop software for automating the physical inventory setup process. Delphi and shell scripts. Benefit: significant time savings and error reductions.
  • Write Delphi application for generating member files by location. Benefit: reduced support call volume.
  • Create EDI 810 file generation and Oracle Financials auto-loading application in PL/SQL.
  • Migrate Starteam SCCM to Mantis and Subversion. Develop migration software in Java and Eclipse, customize Mantis in PHP and mySQL, configure systems, write migration plan.
  • Project lead for supporting deprecated POS during decommission. Supervision of 4 programmers. Training and development.

UI designer, Northrop-Grumman Mission Systems, Melbourne, FL (remote)2006-2008

UI and graphic design for two web services. Rework entire interface-header, tab styles, front page, dashboard, grid, image viewer, graphs, dialogs, artwork, wizard layout and workflow, report layouts, filtering. Presentation mockups for two additional web services.

Project lead programmer/UI studio manager, Quest Software, Aliso Viejo, CA1999-2008

UI reviews, design, advice, artwork and prototyping for developer teams in all parts of Quest’s database group. Management of UI Studio team-supervision, task assignment. Maintain and update UI studio website and Sharepoint. 2nd tier customer support, project management. Software development in Delphi.

  • Project lead programmer for rewrite of Replication Monitor. Requirements analysis, design, development, knowledge transfers, maintenance and support, enhancements and specifications, design and planning. Interface to Quest Central, modifications to interface DLL. Prototyping of configuration wizard.
  • Lead programmer for Space Manager for Oracle 4.0. Conversion from Powerbuilder to Delphi, new features, UI makeover, Quest Central integration. Coding of forms and PL/SQL packages: objects analysis, reporting modules, chained row repair, installation, connection, licensing and support bundle. Development of Live Reorg enhancements. Delphi component development-analysis options, job scheduling options.
  • Programming assistance for SQLab 5.0, layout and report enhancements.
  • Design Quest Agent Manager server installer-requirements analysis, prototyping, UI reviews and development. Multi-page wizard with multiple workflow paths. Interface to remote installation process.
  • Develop UI standards, graphic & component library, UI studio website. Assist with system architecture specifications-topology diagram, report layouts, prototyping for QC for Siebel, Spotlight on Siebel, Spotlight on Peoplesoft and Spotlight on Sybase, using Quest’s Spotlight toolkit.
  • Write Delphi plugin dev guide, sample plugin for Quest Central for Oracle.
  • Design LiteSpeed backup viewer, web console. Functional analysis, layout design. Prototype the design in HTML, CSS, XML-XSL, ASP, Javascript.
  • Redesign Performance Analysis interface. Wireframes, comprehensives for five main sections and several subsections. Design alternate layouts-Foglight 5, light, dark, slanted and next-generation looks.
  • Evaluate the entire Toad and Quest Central product lines for UI consistency and usability.
  • Develop Section 508 accessibility standards. Training materials for product management, development management and developers. Develop, locate and manage corporate accessibility resources.

C++, Pascal programmer, Fabco Systems, Anaheim, CA1997-1999 (contract)

Maintenance and enhancement of hotel management communication interface in MS Pascal and Btrieve. Development of communication interface in Visual C++ and Clarion. Low-level comms, TAPI interfaces and metalanguage for various hardware devices including POS and telephone systems.

Pascal programmer, Custom Software/North American Business Technology, Baltimore, MD (remote)1996-1997

Maintenance and enhancements to fuel oil and welding management systems in Turbo Pascal. On time delivery through several release cycles. Analysis of Y2K vulnerabilities.

Pascal programmer, Johnson & Johnson HCS, Santa Monica, CA/ New Brunswick, NJ (remote)1993-1995 (contract)

Upgrade to multi-user version of health-care management system, support and enhancements in Pascal and Pascal for Windows. Upgrades delivered on time through several release cycles.

Staff consultant, Professional Information Consulting, Long Beach, CA1990-1993

Systems analysis and development in Paradox, Paradox for Windows, Word for Windows. Network, hardware and software installation, maintenance, support and troubleshooting.


  • Paradox: Bookstore POS, grading, school administration, school housing assignment, process data management, carpool tracking, recruiting management, automobile inventory management, loan accounting, security gate entry.
  • Wordbasic: Contract production, billing production
  • Networking: 8 and 20 node ethernet, 6 node token ring network installations, five server upgrades.
  • Microsoft Windows & Office training for 25 users.

Clients: ARCO, Re/Max, Unocal, Arthur Andersen, Xerox, UCSD, DAS, Miller Brewing, Castle Neckwear, Brentwood School.

Senior programmer/analyst-microcomputers, Mann Theatres, Los Angeles, CA 1990

Development, analysis, programming, maintenance, enhancement and training in Paradox, Foxbase and Basic. Support of theater communication system.

Systems analyst/programmer, AIM UK, Aall and Company, London, England/Grand Cayman, B.W.I.1984-1989

Hardware, software and network purchase, development, installation, support, training. Computer support for $300M bond and currency fund, financial analysis and charting, two traders (London); banking software (Grand Cayman). Client accounting and operational support for $50M venture capital fund.

Core Competencies


Java, HTML/CSS, XML/XSL, Javascript/AJAX/JSON, JSP/JSTL, SQL, PHP, Oracle PL/SQL, C/C++, Delphi/Pascal, assembler


Interaction and interface design; usability analysis and testing; requirements and systems analysis, prototyping and design; structured, RAD, XP and Scrum development methodologies; database design; object-oriented analysis, design and programming; testing, documentation, training


Project planning, estimation, budgeting, scheduling, supervision, task assignment


AWS, Intellij, Eclipse, Oracle, mySQL, SQL Server, DB2, jQuery, Bootstrap, Dojo, Spring Boot/MVC, Liferay, Struts, Tomcat, Websphere, Hibernate, WordPress, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Windows, MacOS, Linux


Bachelor of Science (Applied Science), Miami University, Oxford, OH1984

Major: Systems Analysis.
Minor: Statistics and Mathematics.

  • Systems analysis: systems analysis and design, deterministic and stochastic modeling, systems software, linear programming, simulation, operations research.
  • Programming languages: FORTRAN, COBOL, Basic, IBM 370 assembler & JCL, SAS, GPSS. Platforms: IBM 370, HP 3000, Cromemco.
  • Mathematics and statistics: calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, numerical analysis-iterations, interpolation, and estimation, statistical and probability theory, distributions, hypothesis testing, linear regression, sampling, experimental design.

Non-professional Experience

Journey School, Aliso Viejo, CA2006-2008

7th Grade Computer Instructor: teach 2 week block of computer basics in Waldorf style. History, architecture, internals, operating systems, software, networking and internet basics, HTML and Photoshop. Practical project: computer disassembly and reassembly.

T’ai Chi Instructor: teach 7th graders the Chinese National form (Beijing 24) and a short Chi Gong form.

Webmaster: maintenance-generating new pages, PDFs, updates for calendar. Generate Journey Treasures subsection, annual fund graphics and page updates. Virtualize page header and footer sections using Javascript.

Sound Engineer, UU Fellowship of Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach, CA2005-2007

Run 8 channel Mackie mixing board for church services and events. Set up microphones. Record and burn CD’s. Install assistive listening system.

Sound Engineer, Laguna Community Concert Band, Laguna Beach, CA2005-2006

Run 6 channel mixing board for outdoor concerts. Set up microphones.

Sound Engineer, Jabbz Studio, Long Beach, CA1996-1998

Set up, operate, train engineers on V-Desk automated mixing software. CD mastering, generate template documents.