In a field-planes are diving all around, all different sizes. I realize I’m going to be abducted to I spread my arms and say “take me”. I get lifted into the air them zoom off. Black out, wake up, all these hands are touching me. I say stop, they stop, and I’m in a room with a bunch of people working.


At 1023, with HS friends. Dante O and some guys want us to go out. I say no, and they speed off the wrong way, crashing into a light pole and fire hydrant. The other guys go out to help, I don’t. Go out onto the balcony and a trio of demon girls fly by in an SUV. They’re looking for coke, and I tell them to go see the guy who just crashed. I hit on them instead, and one gets out. We start kissing against a wall.


Rearranging my desk-it’s outside. Start tussling with a Hungarian? girl-she’s good. I finally get her tied up on knots. Go back to arranging my desk-Nick L comes with a job to do. There’s some odd chick with a headdress on.


Watching a band practice-they’re arguing about vocals. Everyone leaves and I go outside-there’s a mess and Roger C offers to clean up. I go swimming laps and the water drains out. I try to swim back and Roger cleans up the mess-I put up a planter.


At a club, Orb is starting. Lots of gear. I walk around and a guy asks me if I want to start for them. I start playing, but other people start doing it too. I leave, walk around the club. Dad is there.

Working late

10:55 am-Another Monday, but it’s a really short week. Went to the dr’s for another bp check & cholesterol, not bad, could be better. Short week! Weekend was quiet, except for loud kids. Been rainy. No church Sunday-shopping. Boys went to a church thing Sat night-we had Chinese and shopped thrift stores.

7:04 pm-Early evening, trying to get a little work in, remotely. Had a nice conversation with the German teacher. Messed up a few files and wasted time fixing it.

10:18 pm-Trying to finish up work. Bleh. Had spaghetti & sausage for dinner. Boys are being pains.

11:32pm-Done. Time for bed. Salem is now a pain.

Listening to: KPOJ


In a field with the K’s, but Jim is sick. We’re trying to get an plug box set up. It has 2 parts that stick together.
Some guy is teaching with a piano. He puts a tiny box for the sound and it sounds bad. I tell him to try the bass strings and they’re really loud. I say he needs a big horn for the rest. I walk over and sit with Ann Wilson, who’s singing the Immigrant Song. I sit on her lap & sing too.
Sitting with Erika and a therapist. We’re talking about problems and I say it’s not about me being able to get aroused, though I wouldn’t object to enhancement.


At some burger place, some guy is washing himself with a sprayer. Go to my car and it’s vandalized. Drive away trying to clean up, slide into another car-minor. Guy tries to take out his dent with a hammer and makes it worse.