The path

Look out my window, green leaves and trees

Look the other see hard and cold self-destruction

our planet will be here when we are gone

then it won’t be ours to keep, another will take that

the illusion of dominion has made us proud and strong

and with that pride comes arrogance and how the mighty will fall


how do we escape the trap that we have laid

how do we change it so our kids can have a chance

by caring for each other, no matter race or creed

by stopping thieves who steal our common good and unity

by telling those in power to listen to our words

or believe you me, the revolution will be in our streets


is the path we’re on the right one to see our future clear

or have we gone down a road that leads to hate and fear

our leaders and their masters and their minions will never tell

that it is greed that drives their lives and leads us all to hell

there’s one way out, to tell them all that this is not the way

they must know and truly fear that one day there will be hell to pay


what we’re doing to our world is truly sad to see

shortsighted acts and greedy men will make it hard to be

the balance tipped our children’s lives will surely be destroyed

all for a dollar in the bank that can’t be used as food

there’s no easy way to pull us from the brink

if we change it now we act to make it better one far day

Love rule

When will love rule

our lives. Fear forgotten

and everyone has what

they need

in bread and insight

beTTa real

With a long way to go, the world spins into itself, around and down. We struggle to keep our head above water, climbing up from down and thinking we’re there, but the summit is merely a foothill.

Freedom unfurled

Time to take my head away

Put it on the shelf for another day

In my house and on the street

I don’t need my head to feel the beat.

Stop the train or I’ll jump off

It don’t matter what the cost.

Take my car and take my TV

It’s finally time to start to free me.

Get out of my mind

Get out of my eyes

Get out of my heart

I’m finally gonna try.

I won’t be dumb

I won’t be blind

I won’t be cold

I’m finally gonna fly.

This is the end of my world

I’m taking you with me

Out to freedom unfurled

I’ll finally be free free.

Elizabeth Jones

The thought of her makes my heart ache

I just know she’ll make my heart break

But why, oh why, do I go back to that place?

Won’t you help me get this woman off my mind?

Please help me, I’ve gotta get the thought behind.

‘Cause I know if I don’t do it,

I’ll be one of the hurtin’ kind.

I go to bed at night, get up the next day

All I think about is gettin’ back to your place.

Somebody’s gotta help me, I can’t shake this nasty bind.

Somebody’s gotta help me, she always looks so damn fine.

No matter how I try,

I’m gonna lose my mind.

I’ve got the Lizabeth Jones, I need some every day.

I’ve got the Lizabeth Jones, I can’t seem to get away.

This jones’ll keep me coming,

Way on past my dying day.


The sound on the street hurts my ears,

It sears my eyes, it clouds my mind.

I need to go somewhere else to find,

I need to go elsewhere to clear,

To empty the chaos around me.

Stay with me, hold my hand.

I need to rest, to recover the land,

The sea, the sky, the stars.

We won’t go far,

We’ll be free.

Will you join me on this journey,

The voyage everlasting.

My ship awaits,

to sing, to fly,

An eagle’s path will guide me.

I love livin’ in the USA

C’mon inside, you’re livin’ in the USA

There’s lotsa crime, you’re livin’ in the USA

Gonna do some time, livin’ in the USA

We don’t want you here, we’re living in fear,

Livin’ in the USA

We want your money, livin’ in the USA

Don’t try nothin’ funny, livin’ in the USA

Its a paradise, livin’ in the USA

We’ll tell you lies, it’s all a disguise,

Livin’ in the USA

It’s not so bad, livin’ in the USA

Sometimes you’re glad, livin’ in the USA

I’d get out right now, livin’ in the USA

I’ll take the vow, help you make it somehow,

Livin’ in the USA

A Chance

Take my word, you wanna be with me.

I don’t care what you say, I’ll set you free.

C’mon and dance, let’s play at romance.

I’ll try to keep you, just give me a chance.

I swear to you, I’ll let you be.

No matter what we do, you’re safe with me.

I’ll help you along, sing your favorite song.

I’ll try to keep you, I won’t go wrong.

Let’s take it slow, you don’t have to go.

Please stay here now, just don’t say no.

We don’t have to fight, sit here in the warm moonlight.

I’ll try to keep you if it takes all night.

If you swear to me

Take my freedom, throw it away

It won’t matter to me, don’t need it anyway.

If you swear to me that you won’t leave,

Won’t break my heart, won’t make me grieve.

I’ll stay with you for all my days,

If you swear to me that you won’t leave.

Take my heart, keep it with you,

I trust you to keep it safe.

All the time I hope you’ll be true,

Please don’t leave, I know I’ll be blue.

I’ll stay with you forever,

If you swear to me that you won’t leave.

Take my soul, I’ll give it to you,

I’m sure you’ll keep it near.

When I’m gone it’s yours to use,

While it’s in your hands I’ll never fear.

I’ll stay with you for all of time,

If you swear to me that you won’t leave.

Bus stop, January 6, ’94

What’s going on? Suddenly I sing a song.

I’m tingling, a nightingale singing.

With thoughts of you, my heart flutters too.

I look in your eyes, it’s joy I cry.

Wait. We go too fast.

I want this happiness to last.

Let’s walk a while, I want to see your smile.

Let’s enjoy each other, without space we’ll smother.

If we go slow, time is ours to know.

And tomorrow will come, my sweetheart you’ve become.