Shop design

Machine/Wood shop

Drill press, lathe, jigsaw, english wheel, lumber mill, table saw, router, belt sander, welder, arc cutter, planer, bandsaw, grinder, supplies, spray gun, brushes, clamps


big burner, vats, millstones, carboys, fridge, soda tanks, barrels, still, bottles, grow lamps, hydro stuff, shroom stuff


mat, heavy bag, dummy, weapons, nordic trak, rower, weights, bench, pullup bar, reformer

Recording studio

instruments, mikes, baffles & gobos

Video studio

green panels, cameras, lighting

Art studio

easels, supplies, equipment, kiln, wheel, loom


kitchen/stove/fridge/ dishwasher/sink, bathroom/toilet/shower/laundry/sink, bed, lounge, dining room

Everything in rolling cabinets along one wall.


Go bag list

Clothing 2 socks, 2 underwear, 2 t-shirts, 2 jeans, belt, 2 shoes, sweater, hat, rain gear, coat. (one of the suitcases from the outside closet)
Music Guitar, rolling bag, deluxe, Kronos. Grundorf?
Electronics Laptop, kindle, storage unit, phone, cables, dvd binder, headphones.
Other KHW, Bible, Toothbrush, paste, shaver, cord, soap, towel, flashlight, nightstick, keys, wallet, checkbook, cash, pen & paper, organizer, cards, backgammon?, sleeping bag, pillow, pad, blanket, kites?, papers, jewelry
Cooking Stove, gas, pot, pan, utensils, coffee filter, 5 cups, plates, bowls, utensils, cooler, mini TV, water, food, big tent, chairs, bins for food & water, ice


Level O

Rolling duffel bag

2 pair convertible pants, 2 pairs socks, 2 pairs underwear, 2 convertible long-sleeved shirts, rain jacket & liner, rain pants & liner, sandals, doc martens, hat, gloves, sunglasses, wallet, belt; toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, 1 large towel, 1 small towel, sunblock, band-aids, aspirin, disinfectant, antibiotics, antihistamine, bandana, thermometer, knife, matches/magnesium firestarter, TP, water filter & filters, collapsible water jugs, collapsible basins, ammonia, baking soda, bleach, vinegar; tarp, sleeping bag & liner, pad, pillow, small flashlight, lantern & lamp oil & wick, oil container, blanket; wok, wok cover, wok steamer, shovel, stirrer, chopsticks, spoons, glass, cleaner, 1 big & 1 small bowl, cleaver, chopping block, stove; condiment containers, rice, wheat, soybeans, beans, fruit, veggies, soy, cooking oil, 5 spice, sugar, vinegar, salt, sesame oil, corn starch, tea, pepper, wine; pen, notebook, sewing kit, screwdrivers, lockwrench, hammer, saw, duct tape, rope, shovel, bow & arrows, multiband radio, whistle; computer & level I stuff-4.0GHz, 64Gb, 2Tb quad quadcore Macbook Pro 17”, 250Gb iPhone, solar stuff (panel, converter, battery); Kite bag: Synergy Deca 31 & Zero Wind Great Deca, 1 stake, handles, short, long, indoor lines, 3 spare rods, ferrules, sleeves, endcaps, covers, bridles; violin, shakuhachi, flat drum/vibes/keyboard pad, Shure SM58, cables; prayer bowl, dorje, bell, prayer wheel, tingshas, magical instruments

Level I

Chest count

wardrobe trunk each, shelter, 2 food footlockers, brain food-dome top trunk each, farming footlockers, 15 locks, keys, trailer


futon & cover & straps, comforter & cover, futon stick, pillow & cover, pillows (underside of chest top), 2 pairs shorts, 2 pairs pants, 2 pairs socks, 2 pairs underwear, 2 short-sleeved shirts, 2 long-sleeved shirts, rain jacket, pants & liner, sandals, doc martens, hat, gloves, sunglasses, watch, wallet, belt, sweater

Hygiene (w/clothing)

toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, deodorant, soap, shampoo, 5 large towels, 5 small towels, clipper & tines & brush, sunblock, tiger balm, laundry soap, medical kit (band-aids, alcohol, gauze, aspirin, tylenol suppositories, bandage squares, disinfectant, antibiotics, vicodin, xanax, tape, splint, bandanna, suture kit, scalpel, clamps, gloves, thermometer, stethoscope, otoscope, potassium iodide pills, antacid, charcoal, KY jelly, forceps, hot/cold pack, inhalants, matches, adrenaline, antihistamine, morphine, iodine, acupuncture needles & manual, masks), TP, kleenex, organic toilet, water filter & filters, 3 water jugs, 3 buckets, 2 basins, dish soap, baking soda, bleach, ammonia, vinegar, 3 small & 2 large containers, nail clipper, mini clothes washer, mirror, brush, comb


16 ft. yurt (wall, rafters, roof ring, door & door frame, wall & roof cloth, wall band, clamps, ground cloth), rugs, blankets, chairs, heater/AC


wok, wok cover, wok steamer, shovel, stirrer, chopsticks, spoons, 5 glasses/cups, cleaner, 5 big & 5 small bowls, cleaver, chopping block, stove (2 gas burners), small fridge, teapot/chemex & filters, 6 small & 9 large containers (3 w/multi boxes for fruit, veggies & meat), 8 small & 4 large bottles, rice steamer, grinder, tofu press, cheesecloth, nigari, rice, corn, wheat, oats, soybeans, beans, fruit, veggies, Tempeh starter, vinegar starter, lighter, butane, white gas, water, cookbooks-Book of Miso, Tempeh, Tofu, The Wok, WokCraft, Ingredients: soy, cooking oil, 5 spice, sugar, vinegar, salt, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, bean paste, curry powder, plum sauce, corn starch, flour/masa/semolina, tea/coffee, pepper, wine, hot sauce, can opener, foil, plastic wrap

Tools (w/Brain food)

flashlight, knife, pen, pencil, notebook, paper, pen & pencil refills, office kit (stapler, staples, rubber bands, tape, ruler, scissors, paperclips), machete, sewing kit (needles, thread), 2 big & 2 small flat & phillips screwdrivers, hex keys, crescent wrench, hammer, saw, duct tape, glue, rope, pliers, hand drill, drill bits, shovel, soldering iron, solder, cable crimper & rg11 & 10bt & coax, solar stuff (panel, converter, battery), gun?, bullets, cleaner, gun oil, bow & arrows, multiband radio, whistle, blowgun, darts, fiber kit, 5xlantern or glass candle & lamp oil & wick, oil container, broom, dustpan, trash bucket

Brain food

4.0GHz, 64 Gb, 2Tb quad processor quadcore Macbook Pro 17” w/touchscreen, 6x40x blu-ray writer, modem, cable modem, 1000 AUI ethernet, 10g wireless, headphone & mike, 2 datagloves, headset, camera, 24/96 audio i/o, video i/o, midi, radio & tv tuner & transmitter & antenna, battery, power cord, printer/scanner, ink, pen & tablet; 250 Gb iPhone, cable, batteries, charger, power cord, headset;

OS: OSX, Win, Linux, iOS; Apps: Open Office, HylaFax, mySQL/mongo, Chrome & net s/w, encyclopedia, GIMP, Scribus, Tesseract (OCR), AVID, Minitab, TEX, Inkscape, utilities, Body Electric/Bounce, Isaac, Swivel 3D, Eclipse, wikiBase, Glassfish, Apache, node, Mono, git, Tomcat, Maya, Lightwave, Marionette, Renderman, software synths (analog, digital, sampler), sequencer, Audacity; Languages: C++, forth, assembler, lisp, apl, Smalltalk, Java/J2EE/JDK/libs, Max, HMSL, C#/, Swift, PHP, react, iOS/Android SDK; Games: chess, backgammon, go, pinball, race, strategy

Music: PG-Passion, Javanese Court Gamelan 1-3, Eno-Ambient #1 & 4, Discreet Music, Mevlevi Sect-Music of the Whirling Dervishes, Gyuto Monks-Freedom Chants, Mickey Hart-Planet Drum, Philip Glass-Einstein on the Beach, Tangerine Dream-Encore, Orb-Live ’92, Earth’s Morning Song, pop sampler

Videos: Baraka, Samsara, Powwaqatsi, Blade Runner, Anima Mundi, Chronos, 2001-A Space Odyssey, Koyaanisqatsi, Naqoyqatsi, Tai Chi Long & weapons, Wing Chun, 12 animals/5 elements forms, Brazil, pilates

Books: Tao Te Ching, Dhammapada, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Bhagavad-Gita, Richard Bach-Illusions, Aleister Crowley-The Book of Thoth & deck, I Ching & yarrow sticks, Rudolf Steiner-Knowledge of Higher Worlds, Carlos Castaneda-Magical Passes, The Golden Dawn & advanced, The Timeless Way of Building, A Pattern Language, The Nature of Order, Project Gutenberg, Shakespeare, Eno’s oblique strategies

Rev bag: I SUL, I, I vented, I indoor, Synergy Deca 31 & Zero Wind Great Deca, 3 stakes, way long handles, short, long, indoor lines, 3 spare rods, ferrules, sleeves, endcaps, covers, bridles

Instruments: violin, tabla, saron + pelog & slendro keys & holder, mallet, gong, didge, shakuhachi, flat drum/vibes/keyboard pad, SM58, cables, hang drum

Game box: cards, chess, backgammon, go, chips, dice

Spi: rainstick, prayer bowl, prayer flags, prayer shawl, dorje, bell, prayer wheel, tingshas, cauldron, chalice, dagger, wand, magical instruments, incense, charcoal, ogham staves, runes


20 bins for rice, beans, fruit, veggies, fertilizer, water, work gloves, apron, bee hives, earthworm bin, brew gear, winemaking gear, beekeeping gear, composter

Level II


business attire, sarongs, ski jacket, tennis shoes, more clothes, jewelry


couch, low table, table & chairs, 5xdesk, lamps, chair, 5th wheel, truck, hammock


moisturizer, astringent, cotton balls, razor, shaving paste, shaver & cord, face soap


pasta machine, flour, eggs, rolling pin, wire wisk, corkscrew, coffee grinder, coffee beans, expresso maker/steamer, 5 coffee cups, plates, large fridge, utensils, knives, Julia Child, Joy of Cooking, barbecue, cooler, bread machine, yogurt maker


battery charger, batteries, drill, circular saw, guillotine, hole punch, white board, dry erase pens, vacuum, duster, sweeper, sewing machine, sewing needles, thread, carpet cleaner, washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, microwave, oven

Brain food

CD binders, darts, dartboard, kaleidoscopes, steel balls, boom box, incense, essential oils, printer/scanner/fax, ski gear, artwork, TV, playstation, Blu-Ray player, dish, jewelry, watches, tennis/rball/squash gear, weights, Nordic Track, bike, guitar, amp & cab, Pod/Helix, Kronos & case, small bose & sub, prayer beads, golf clubs, skates & hockey gear, memorabilia-photos & stuff, books-Foxfire, Upanishads, Pali Canon, sutras, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Synergetics, Tao of Jeet Kune Do, A Book of Five Rings, Robert Pirsig-Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, The Art of War, Finnegan’s Wake, Art of Human-Computer Interface Design, Computer Lib, Castaneda, Visual Display of Quantitative Information, About Face, Mythical Man-Month; music-Eno, Glass, Zappa, PG, gamelan; video-Mind’s Eye, Mindwalk


Biodynamic preparations, tiller, tractor, shovels, storage bins, feed troughs, irrigation equipment, greenhouse, water tower, sprouting bins, harvester, spreader, trellises, hatchery, chicken coop, fencing

Living plans



1/2 hour Nordic track/rowing/walk, 1 set of free weights, #6 abs, flexibility, Pilates, 5 rites


Tennis, skiing, backpacking, chess, go, backgammon, golf, kiteflying

Martial arts

Tai chi: long form, push hands, weapons, wing chun: siu nim tao, chum kiu, biu jee, muk yum jong, luk dimboon kwom, yee jee seung do, weapons, JKD, aikido, judo, hsing-i


Grain, beans, fruits, veggies, make bread, tofu, tempeh, miso, noodles


Housecleaning, car cleaning, financial-accounting, budget, meditation


Tarot, GD, Castaneda, wicca, i ching, anthroposophy exercises



Practice instruments, composition, theory

Compositions: Bardo, vajrasattva, neophyte, lbrp, elements, Steiner


Drawing/painting, sculpture, photography, furniture, architecture, film, dance, eurhythmy


Fiction, poetry



Market niches, product ideas, business plan, marketing


Robotics, ai, x windows, mac, unix, iOS, Android, chopper construction, lisp


Product ideas

Task calendar


6-7 Meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates
7-8:30 Shower, dress, breakfast
8:30-6:30 Work
6:30-8 Dinner, relax
8-9:30 Writing
9:30-10 Bedtime wash


6-7 Meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates
7-8:30 Shower, dress, breakfast
8:30-6:30 Work
6:30-8 Dinner, relax
8-9:30 Workout
9:30-10 Bedtime wash


6-7 Meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates
7-8:30 Shower, dress, breakfast
8:30-6:30 Work
6:30-8 Dinner, relax
8-9:30 Music
9:30-10 Bedtime wash


6-7 Meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates
7-8:30 Shower, dress, breakfast
8:30-6:30 Work
6:30-8 Dinner, relax
8-9:30 Study
9:30-10 Bedtime wash


6-7 Meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates
7-8:30 Shower, dress, breakfast
8:30-6:30 Work
6:30-8 Dinner, relax
8-9:30 Workout
9:30-10 Bedtime wash


6-7 Meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates
7-8:30 Shower, dress, breakfast
8:30-6:30 Programming/monthly clean (rooms & car)/kiteflying
6:30-8 Dinner, relax
8-9:30 Recreation
9:30-10 Bedtime wash


6-7 Meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates
7-8:30 Shower, dress, breakfast
8:30-6:30 Church/Wash/weekly clean/workout
6:30-8 Dinner, relax
8-9:30 Martial arts
9:30-10 Bedtime wash




Core: Computer, ProTools HD2 Accel, 192 I/O, 1 DVD writer, Wadia Digital 781i, 922 & 931 Decoding Computer, Wadia 270se transport, Sunfire classic preamp, ART HQ 231, TPC CPR EQ-1

Home: Sunfire Symphonic reference amp, B&W Nautilus, Ohm Walsh 5 mk2, crossover, cabling

Stage: Renkus-Heinz ICL-R & IC215-S


Core: eq, delay

12 Meyer M3D

4 Meyer M3D-Sub, Center flown, end fired

8 point rigging-6 masts



Bowed fretless 2 octave Steinberger GL7 w/MIDI, Buchla Lightning II/Thunder/Marimba Lumina, Yamaha KX8, Sennheiser vocoder, Yamaha WX5, Zeta eModern violin, Strados Fusion cello, Fusion uprite bass, TrapKat, MIDI controller-16 ins & outs, Tenori-on, tablet with PD/Max as controller


Korg Kronos, software editor, synths, sequencers, synthTech MOTU, Buchla 700, Buchla Music Easel, OP-1, QY-100, Fairlight CMI III, tablet for synths: analog/sampler, fm, dsp/midi

Reverbs, etc.

Lexicon PCM91, TC 2290, Zoom 9150, E-Bow, BBE 882i, Aphex 250, Dolby spectral, TC Finalizer 96k, Line6 Helix, 2 Neve 1081r, Tube Tech SMC2b, EQ1a, Shure SM58, Neumann U187, U47, surround processor, Yamaha Q2031b, DME64 mixer, 3xApex Ultimate stand AX-48, 12-U racks, Switchcraft patchbay (32×6 in & out), Fairchild 670, AKG C12, Pultec EQP-1, Urei 1176


Javanese & kebyar gamelan, sitar, tabla, 2 tamboura, sarod, 2 didges, hammered dulcimer, oud, djembe, koto, 21 ½” shakuhachi, pelog, slendro, equal temperament hang drums



16 Varilights, 4 light stands, power supply, MIDI controller


48 Varilights, 48 fixed lights


projector, 15 x 10 screen


parabolic dish, mount, motors, 4 LNA & down converters, direcTV dish & converter


lasers, mirrors, spinners, software, cabling, generator, smoke machine




Apple MacBook Pro 17”

System boards

4.0 GHz quadcore 64 bit, 16 Gb RAM, 4 PCMCIA slots


PC cable modem or DSL & 56K regular modem & 1000 AUI ethernet, 802.11g wireless


17” TFT display, 1 Gb RAM 3d nVidiA


8u rackmount digital color laser printer/photocopier/scanner, 1 Gb RAM


2 Tb hard disk, 6x40x Blu-Ray writer


battery; solar panel; headphone/mike; camera; a/v i/o (PC 24×96 a/d, ntsc firewire i/o, TV & radio tuner & transmitter, antennas); cabling; datagloves & headset, wireless tablet & pen


Operating systems

Linux, OSX, Win


C++, Forth, Assembler, Lisp, APL, Smalltalk, Java/JDK/J2EE, Max, HMSL, PHP, C#, iOS & Android dev kit


Open Office, HylaFax, Chrome & net s/w, encyclopedia, GIMP, Scribus, Tesseract/GOCR, AVID, Minitab, TEX, Inkscape, mySQL, Body Electric/Bounce, Isaac, Swivel 3D, Eclipse, Maya, Lightwave, Marionette, Renderman; wikiBase, Glassfish, Apache, Mono, Subversion, Tomcat; chess, backgammon, go, pinball, race, strategy, 1st person shooter

House supplies

Main structurestereo, TV, terminal, camera, telephone, sensors, carpet, tile, rug, wood, painting, sculptures, lighting

kitchen—2xstoves, 2xfridge, freezer, all utensils, large food storage, dishwasher, 2xdisposal, 2xsinks, microwave, 2x worktables

6xbathroom—large tub, whirlpool, couch, 2xsinks, mirrored, 2xtoilets, shower

office—see office supplies

cellar—2xtemp controlled sections, vintage wine, port, brandy, alcohol storage, beer, wine, soda for serving

bar—darts, pool table, table vid games, air hockey, 10xtables, TV, stereo, small stage, stocked bar, disposal, gamelan, pinball, basketball, bowling

2xliving room—3xsofas, 5xchairs, end tables, cabinets

dining room—4xtables-2 straight 10xchairs, 2 round 6xchairs, 2xserving tables w/chafing stuff, 2xcabinets w/silver, china, etc.

entrance room—2xsofas, 3xchairs, endtables, closets

washroom—2xwashers, dryers, 2xsinks, table

library—2xdesks, 2xworktables w/chairs, 8xchairs w/endtables, 2 walls books, 1 wall screen

control room—a/v, telephone, temp, lighting, servers

4xbedroom—2xclosets, king bed, 2xdressing table, 2xbedstand, disposal, hamper

storage, ac/heating, electrical, wiring


bedroom—see main bedroom

bathroom—see main bathroom

kitchen—stove, fridge, worktable, sink, dishwasher, disposal, microwave

living room—2xsofa, 4xchairs, endtables

washroom—washer, dryer, racks, storage

Garage—limo, custom chopper, ferrari, 3xdirt bike, offroad vehicle, van, flatbed & trailer

Workshop, office

machine shop—lathe, saw, drill, welder, smelter, tables, hand tools, lasers, electrical tools, canvas, paint, brushes, glues, clay, molds, darkroom, pottery wheel, kiln, glassblowing gear, sewing machines, bike/car lifts

3xoffices—see office supplies

conference room—see office supplies

kitchen—see villa kitchen

bathrooms—see villa bathroom

recording studio—see music, control room, iso room, main room

living room—see villa living room

Sewage treatment, power, recycling, desal, composting

Distillation facility,

10xwindmills, 10,000 sq ft solar cells, water turbine

Barn, farming

semi, forklift, flatbed, tractor, fel, backhoe, crane

main structure—stalls, coop, food processing, distillery, brewery, winery, loom, spinner, paper mill, flour mill

3xgreenhouses—hydroponic, 2xregular, shroom house, high strength glass, tintable

2xstorage barns, underground storage


silkworms & mulberry trees

50xchickens, ducks, geese

20xmilk cows


10xpigs, goats

2 beehives

fishpond, lake, hatchery, aquaculture-sardines, trout, salmon, shellfish

54 acres fields (6×9)—fruit, vegetables, wheat, rice, corn, soybeans, beans, barley, hops, grapes, mj, poppy, coca, flax, cotton, coffee, pine, hay, clover

Athletic facilities

domed tennis court, ice rink, basketball court, volleyball court, vert ramp, 1000 seat amphitheater, 25 rows

olympic indoor, outdoor pool, diving

race track—dirt, paved, cycle track, dragstrip/runway—dirt bikes, 2xdragster, 2x formula 1, 5xbikes, 3xrace bikes, DC3, F111, aerobatic prop

baseball field

football/soccer field, running track

9 hole golf course

ski slope

beach—dock, boats, windsurfers, surfboards, kitesurf-kites & boards, diving, hobie, 35’ sailboat, offshore, fishing, yacht

50’ climbing wall to 5.12, ropes, gear

white water course, kayaks

Athletic building

racquetball court, squash court

weight room—all nautilus, free, cycles, rowing, stairs, xc, reformer, wunda, cadillac, barrel, pole

5xshowers, changing room 20x

5 level sauna, whirlpool

store room, compressor, all equipment

100 yd. indoor/outdoor shooting range

30’x30’- ½ sprung floor, ½ wrestling mats

punching bags, wooden dummy, speed bag, targets, weapons, headgear, gloves, footpads, etc.

3 lane bowling alley, balls, computer

10’x10’ trampoline

bar—see main bar


Grove, altar, statuary, benches, waterfall, fountain, pendopo


The Ark


To replicate civilization if it falls by supplying a boat, spaceship or land-based stronghold with the accumulated artifacts of civilization.



physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, mathematics, geology


metals, ceramics, plastics, silicon, woods, paper, cloth, glass, communication, computers, biotechniques, aerospace, crafts, foods, husbandry, farming, engineering, electricity, nuclear, ceramics, electronics


literature, video, graphics, paints, audio, sculpture, dance, music


education, psychology, sociology, religion, geography, anthropology, history, sports, languages, philosophy

Physical Services


All elements, reproductive materials, oils, dyes, coals—other complex compounds,


Lathes, smelters, extruders, ovens, welders, molds, vats, looms, tools, chip makers, incubators, freezers, pens, storage and control media, saws, drills


A container with large storage areas, power generation—hydrogen, solar, wind, etc., information storage and access media, satellite access for weather, navigation, and cartography. Freezers, pens, growing areas, navigation and communication equipment, living areas for 8-10 families—galleys, etc., water purification equipment, hydrogen gen

Office supplies

This is very old, and describes the stuff you need to get an office going.

72” 2 pedestal desk, credenza, hi back executive swivel tilt/ergonomic chair, 2 guest chair, 3 drawer bookshelf, appointment book, desk lamp, couch & tables
secretarial workstation w/left return, 1 guest chair, ergonomic operator chair, stationery tray, typewriter/cover, steno books, copy holder
lateral file, vinyl mat, rolodex, tape dispenser, desk calendar, ruler, stapler/remover, letter opener, scissors, desk pad, 3 letter tray, desk drawer organizer, trashcan/recycling, highlighter, date stamper, correction pen, voip videophones, x terminal
Stool w/kneel chair, drafting table, architects ruler, briefcase, iPad, telephone headset
(per computer) monitor arm w/clamp, keyboard rest, cover, surge suppressor/UPS; 8xswivel tilt chair; conference table; coat rack; work table/copier stand; storage cabinet; 4 drawer lateral file; safe; refrigerator; water cooler; video stand/TV/DVD-B/R; post-it notepads; cash box; label sheets; rubber bands; glass cleaner/furniture polish; towels; cups/spoons; scotch tape; filament tape dispenser; tape pads; stamper; dictionary/thesaurus; rubber cement; fifth cut folders; colored hanging folders/tabs; folder labels; business card case; heavy duty stapler; staples; hole puncher; xacto knife, cutting surface; paper clips; chalkboard; whiteboard; corkboard; ashtrays; coffee server; mini shredder; clear report cover; velobinder; answering machine; ionizer/air filter; coffee machine; postal scale; sharpener; pens/pencils/erasers; markers; 25lb 50% paper; envelopes; 9×12 envelopes; padded envelopes; legal pads; diskettes/tapes/CDs/DVDs; cutting board; tools; extinguisher; first aid kit; letterhead; letterhead envelopes; compliment slips; business cards; phone, network lines; switch, router, cable modem, wireless access; pictures, plants, sculpture; sofa/chairs; table; lamp; color laser printer/photocopier/scanner; glasses, plates, utensils; binders, dividers; clipboards; projector, screen