Mini-Vacation Time

SO, it’s Wednesday before Christmas. I’m taking tomorrow and Monday, Thursday next week and the Monday after off. I’m looking at 2 days of work over the next 2 weeks. Nice. I probably won’t do much except…nothing. Maybe a little reading, maybe some tracking late night. I’d like to keep the house clean and maybe clean up the yard and definitely get the garage back to order.
OK. So my mother-in-law is in town. No big thing there-I get along pretty well with her. The boys are off school, so they’re knocking about too. Christmas stuff is done except me doing a bit tomorrow.
I’m trying to finish one thing before I go, but it’s a mess. I still have some time.
This is a good summary of where our country needs to go-The holiday gift this country needs.
Time to go now.


In an unfinished bar/casino. Walk around looking at the layout. Go talk to Lady Kindersley about stuff, do downstairs. We go out to get food, one guy says he doesn’t have much money so we joke about going to a grocery, then pass one.
Going through a drug store.

In celebration of Yule

May the light increase! We really should be dancing around the Yule log.
Our beautiful planet-a lovely video about our watery home.
Break the cycle-a petition to ask the Pres. to break the cycle of violence.
Climate talks failed. Big surprise there. Everyone wants their bit and no one is willing to sacrifice. Guess we’re looking at disaster over the next hundred to 500 years. I heard a thing that people will only get on the stick when it comes home-waiting for Manhattan and Miami to be underwater…Extinct polar bears won’t do it.
Even the healthcare thing didn’t stir up enough will to pass something substantive. It’s probably 10 years away, when healthcare costs triple.
A volcano in the Philippines is going to erupt soon. No webcam. Dag.

The day before the longest night. Or Yule.

It’s the solstice tomorrow. This is a big deal, and I’m feeling more and more like these festivals are so important that the Christian festivals need to be ignored in favor of ones that reflect the physical reality around us rather than an abstract ghost in the sky.
OK, so Friday night I went out with guys from church, drank beer, played pool and ate pizza. I have 2 nice stouts and got the rust off my pool game. I forgot to bring my cue, though. I got home and had a headache within an hour. Anyways, it was pretty nice.
Sat., I missed a page first thing-I think the battery died. I changed it and it was fine. No alarm or signal that I had missed a page. rrrrr. The lead developer got it-for some reason the 2nd pager didn’t answer either. Got another page at 11-told the user he had to check an item on a right click menu. Spent the day tidying. We looked after a friends’ kids for the evening.
Today-church-solstice service, hung out, came back, went to storage and emptied it out. Friend helped me load the van, hung out her with 5 kids while wives went shopping. Found my cue.
So I’m thinking about making the Steiner material accessible-this means cutting out all the extra verbiage and making it a program. A big job, but I think it’s doable. Might mean some extra ca$h.
I also need to track more-it’d be nice to get an album together. As I’ve said elsewhere, lots of ideas, no time.


My wife watches a lot of TV. So I watch a lot of TV. Not a lot of it is good.
So we eat in front of the TV, compute in front of the TV.

Now it’s downstairs, instead of in the bedroom. I set up my studio down here, and I can’t track because of all the noise. I have 2 acoustic tracks done, one more to go. I have to wait for quiet, though. Maybe I can do an electronic track or 2. Maybe tomorrow.

Boys got to bed OK, Matt took awhile but he hasn’t got up so he’s probably asleep.
Dinner was OK. A glass broke, Salem took a dump on the floor, cleaned cat box.

Time for bed-I want to get to bed early. That’s gonna happen.

Still raining, still dreaming

Import not going yet-the correct XML format isn’t clear. More trying to come.
Working on another import, this time into Bugzilla, then Subversion, then TFS. Work, work, work.

I brought my tea in from home and just made a cup-it’s nice, but a little stale.

Nice to have a work webcam again. I think I’ll go buy a hard drive and dual boot so I can have one going at home-Ubuntu absolutely doesn’t like webcams. I need Windows for TurboTax too.

Funny blogging here-I’ve been blogging since before Google and Blogger were formed. Before it was called “blogging”. No matter-maybe this one will get read. I’d better post something more than “my exciting life”. Heh.

Time to go get stuff from storage-we’re shutting it down because we have no money and an extra $100 a month makes a difference. Hopefully we’ll get some money-making going on in the new year. Erika has plans, I do too. If I can publish the Steiner stuff that might work too, plus getting a recording together.


Have to recover a crystal from a demon’s lair. No problem. Go back to an apartment, have to do it again. Plan it, then leave-we’re talking an a passing demoness overhears us and alerts others. We run back and down to the pit where the crystal is.