Daily posting-12/9/2001

It’s very tough to come up with something profound to say after Black Tuesday.I’m in a writer’s block anyways-can’t finish an article on Rev moves. That and the fact that we’re killing people in Afghanistan…Oh, well, everyone is going to jump on me for being a pacifist, but responding to killing with killing doesn’t make sense (to me at least).

So, what’s gone on in the past four months? Not a lot-busy working and taking care of children. Some kite flying, a visit to Berkeley, my parents a few times. Colin and Matt are both growing quickly.

Daily posting-7/12/2001

Another month has passed, time to write again. Not much to say-taking care of children, working, flying kites.

Lessee, what did we do the month? Spent the 4th at home. Came in 3rd in the last kite competition-gearing up for Berkeley. Painted our toenails. Matt’s getting into Crash Bandicoot (he watches me play). Visited my parents’ house while they were in Pasadena

Went to doctor about my hip-seems I’ve got arthritis, but I’m going to various specialists-the rheumatologist is next-seems there are spots on the x-ray. Not getting any younger, I guess-my 40th birthday at the end of the month.

Daily posting-6/12/2001

It’s June, I’ve been lax about writing-again, it comes down to too much going on. Quite a lot to write about, hard to know where to start…I guess the best place is with the big news, then to the smaller news, then to month by month.

Big news: I have another son! His name is Colin Alexander, and he’s much different that his big brother. He was born May 4th, 7 1/2#, 21″. He’s a bit fussier than Matt, but I think he’s just more sensitive-he doesn’t like it when we leave him. Babies are so elemental, though. Matt is taking the newcomer well, he’s really affectionate-this is both a good and bad thing… The birth was really, really bad-Erika almost died because she had a c-section and her uterine artery tore in recovery. She’s fine now-the scar healed quickly, but the Friday was very bad. On a bizarre note-I found out the our OB is the daughter of one of my high school teachers…

Other news: I placed first in both events at the last kite competition-my routine is almost flawless. We went to Australia in February/March for work. I got a raise and a promotion, too. Other than that the time has flown, working, flying kites, Erika taking care of kids, visiting parents & friends, the occasional dinner out…