Training for a shuttle mission-interacting with the other candidates, solving problems, puzzles-only 3 slots and more people there. Move units around, work in suits. At a baseball game-I’m doing something else but play sporadically and coach. The pitcher is messing with me, I put her back on the mound-she was really close and pitching fast. I pop up. The other team hits the ball down a hill and we go look for it. I’m with some nice woman.

Daily posting-12/30/1996

Monday, blue Monday.Another week-even though Wednesday is a holiday… So what’s happened? Not a lot-Christmas at my parents-the usual slow day with them-no really awesome presents-I really didn’t ask for much. Thursday I brought dinner to Diane-she just moved into a new apartment. We went out after that-I got home late & woke up sick as a dog! I got a call Friday afternoon-ACLU’s server crashed all the way. I had to work on it all weekend-fortunately we got it mostly all back-I had to hack into the dead drives to get 2 files out-no problem. Glen was so grateful… What else? Not a lot-the usual emotional stuff I’m going through right now-I’ve gotta talk this out with her. Some interesting dreams. My life is pretty small as far as events go-no plans yet for New Year’s. No flying since a week Saturday…That’s all folks!


Watching a baseball game. Some weird rundown between 1st and 2nd and home confuses the umpire and he asks me for help. The solution is obvious and I show it to him. He doesn’t get it for awhile. In another baseball game with a small ball and a very large and weird base path. I go to 3rd and hide out at 2nd. We tried the hidden ball trick and they did too. I start for home on a hard hit ball that the 3rd baseman loses in the grass.


Driving on a track with 2 other people. They fall asleep. I wake them just in time. We make the turn and one cuts me off. I bitch and cut him off. He bitches, we get out of the cars and begin to fight.
In a cafeteria line.
At Los Lobos’ compound, talking with several women while they get ready for a broadcast. I’m doing my usual femme supportive thing. It starts snowing hard. Snow comes and they close the vent. They stop playing and pack up and it turns to a party with L.A. cliche metal dudes. I smoke pot with some, wander around, sleep and try to find shoes. It’s morning. I help clean up. Go outside to watch a huge bust. Take in some dishes, wash them, go out to a room, smoke more pot. We’re talking about Garcia and I tell net stories. Someone says my office was broken into and I leave-mom comes after me and I cover up something.


Wandering around LB shoreline, meet mom, look for a good view.
Driving around Cleveland in a cop car. Try to get to freeway-into some parking lots/building. Start flying instead, into a dream world boundary between sleep and waking is very thin. Open and close eyes to get there. Talking to some guy about directions. I’m in bed, he drags me out to the delta. We go in with old guy and I’m buried in earth and in battle-have to throw some demoness out. Come out all ragged and a crowd is there. Al B. is talking about what he saw happen-I refuse to. I walk home down some suburban street.


In Cleveland, ride bike around. More changes, meet some woman looking for a guy. Chat with her.
At a house, Blossom from TV and friend are there, we chat. In some movie. I kiss her, we walk around, tramp sand into some lady’s house. She’s pissed and vacuums-I do too.


Somewhere overseas with some gifts, we’re trying to get money from someone to get food. We finally send Meg with a little girl to change money. Some soccer louts come and sit on the car as I’m trying to sleep. We move the car and buy some food. I’m trying to get rid of some magician who captured the girl. I fight with him but he keeps coming back. I try to exorcise him.


Skating around outside-go in to a rink, go around, get into some presentation. Forget my skates, have to go to my locker. All sorts of people there. My locker is a mess, my bong is broken. The presentation was started-mom is pissed and drinking. Put my skates on, too late-she’s over and bitching.
At a recording studio, trying to get the right guitar sound on an intro. I wander around-lots of people there. Try things out. I look at guitars. Go to other room-dinner and a party. I wander around. Come to a room-food fight-and another. I go upstairs, down a dark narrow staircase-turn around. Find a hall-still dark-someone opens the elevator. I get in, go down with Eileen. We start hugging and having sex. I go outside and play around. Go back in-get bitched at and interrogated-throwing pens at me-I throw them back. Try to explain I never went to my room-someone got shot there.

Daily posting-12/23/1996

Hey! I’m finally doing this regularly again (I should make a habit of it…) Oh whell. So, how was my weekend??? I flew Friday afternoon (OK winds), stayed at home that night, read some. Lazed around Saturday-flew from 2 to 6 or so. The wind was great! I flew into the dark and had a blast. Talked to Diane 1ish-her life is all squared away again. I wish I could say that… Delivered a poster to my parents and went to a party that night. The usual I guess-the last party in that place…up ’til 6, good fun was had by all, I think. One of guys was a flyer!!!!! Sunday I was hung over…slept all day. Chatted with Diane late-she was working. So what’s up with all that & me? I wish I knew. I’m trying not to dwell on it too much, but it’s tough. Today’s work as usual, trying to get it all done by the end of the year-not going to happen, as I don’t have a dedicated tester.