2015? really? ouch.

TGIF. Stepped into a mess of my own making. Holiday party on a boat last night. Very windy. Lost power at work, insane time getting home. Worked on stuff, long time getting home. M broke his arm again.

It’s now Monday. Didn’t do much this weekend, except for the gamelan gig at Yale Union Saturday. No wash, no dishes, barely cooked. I had such high hopes…but Monday evening ended up getting it all done-woke up Tuesday to a tidier house, but insanity at work. M didn’t clean the cat box. arrrrgh.

And now Wednesday. Keeping the house clean. No gamelan, now Thursday. Getting through stuff, house is staying clean, after a fashion-need to vacuum and clean off the dinner table.
So Friday is here-slacked last night, get to it tonight. Kids are on vacation, no gift card yet. E picked me up downtown, M had a redo on his cast. Goodwill, got a pizza, S to bed, up late watching South Park and Person of Interest. Got up earlyish to take S to church for rehearsal. Did sound, libe, gas, home, got the Christmas saver, checks, can’t get my amp fixed until the New Year. Shopping at Fry’s, Target, Goodwill, Freddy’s.
Sunday: early to church, play, home via Goodwill, lunch with E, shopping, home, lazy, S to bed, up today, easy to work, stepped into a mess, part mine, part someone else’s. Quiet evening. Easy in.

So, in between Christmas and New Years. Christmas was nice, shopping, church, lazy, more stuff, church. Helped a parent with WordPress. Hard to get back to work, and now another 5 days off. We’re way short of cash.

So, it’s the end of one calendar year and the start of another. In the past, this has been quite an occasion, especially one memorable one-1983, maybe? In any case, I’m hoping my finances improve some, I want to make more music, and the inner dev stuff.

Happy New Years, everyone!


America Hates Its PoorHow the Record Numbers of Young People Living With Their Folks Threaten Our EconomySevere Austerity Measures Are Pushing Countries to the Brink of FascismBlack Bodies, Broken Worlds and a Post-Tax SocietyWe Thought We Were FreeAmerica Is ‘Not a Pretty Sight’The 6-step process to dispose of America’s poorWar by Media and the Triumph of PropagandaMy Week in the Right-Wing Lie Machine5 Worst Republican Lies About Income InequalityRise of the Paranoid SouthTen Ways to Combat Upward Redistribution of IncomeThe Failure of Republican EconomicsThe Prison State of AmericaChristmas Charity and RevolutionBarbarians at the Gates,
Six Studies That Show Everything Republicans Believe is WrongEverybody Calm DownChristians Are Raging At Pastor Who Gave Up GodHow American Corporations and the Super Rich Steal From the Rest of Us8 Consequences of American GreedChallenging Bedrock LawStates Preaching Small Government Most Dependent On Federal GovernmentRich And Poor Wealth Gap Widens To Record LevelsRepublicans Were Wrong About EVERYTHING In 2014Conservatives Are Shallow Bigots, Liberals Are The Exact OppositeThe GOP’s “small government” tea party fraudWhy We Can’t Get the Government We Want and DeserveA Brief Military History of Israel and a Prediction for the FutureMind the gap – the dividing of AmericaThis Amazing Chart Shows What The World ValuesFight for Our Progressive VisionZombie Apocalypse and the Politics of Artificial Scarcity12 Steps Forward

All lives matter

Another cop who killed a black guy not indicted. Protests, but no rioting that I heard about. C is either conservative or contrarian. M is def. a liberal. I remember in ’92, my boss called me at work saying that the cops who beat King were not guilty. I asked him if the rioting had started yet…the next day I was at the ARCO refinery in Carson, and I could see the columns of smoke rising from South Central. I left work early.

I’ve had a bit of a financial setback. If you’re a human and reading this, please tip me. We’re going to have to watch our pennies for the next month or 2. I woke up very early because of it, and after mulling things over, I daydreamed and wrote some lyrics. Unfortunately, I didn’t put them to paper. I think I’m going to start putting them to paper, then to music-probably just guitar and automated bass and drums. Maybe piano. Low tech folkie singer-songwriter stuff-I have all the right gear. Who knows? by this time next year, I might be famous! That would be a hoot-going out on the road at 53…

Now it’s Tuesday-now it’s Wednesday. Busy weekend and week. Friday was quiet, Saturday went to a memorial service for the baby. E picked me up, and we went to a Christmas fair at the expo center-lots of junk, but I got to sample wine & booze, including a delicious eggnog liqueur. Church Sunday, shopping, slacked on cleaning. Monday, back into a client drama, S to dentist, met them in Gladstone, looking for assembly clothes. Same Tues, good performance review, cleaned & laundry, woke up early, dreaming about being in a car with girls, listening to a station that cuts off songs.

And now Thursday. Gamelan was ok, but I’m messed up on the imbal on Djagung-Djagung. Dreamed about watching a performance, annoying narrator, E yelling “Shut up,” security coming, E leaves, I go downstairs, come back after I find out the play lasts 4 hours, they’re throwing squishy balls around, and water. Christmas party tonight, on a boat, and it’s going to be windy.

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Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

It’s Monday, I’m so, so tired. The weekend was quiet-we gathered up pine boughs for the Advent Spiral at school, shopped a little, went to church Sunday. I got to bed early, but woke up a few times. Not much else-the house is pretty clean, though I don’t know how much energy I’ll have tonight (enough to run the dishwasher, a load of laundry and clean the cat box). S got to sleep in good order. I went to bed a bit late.
I feel better today-no idea why yesterday was so bad.
Wednesday: woke up to the news that our gamelan’s music director’s 3 week old baby has died of meningitis. Sad. So, so sad. Just so tragic.
Long commute home, plated dinner, gamelan was somber, house has Christmas boxes unpacked everywhere. Cleaned the cat box. Watched South Park. That is all.
Got a cash thing from work that will save Christmas. E got rid of some of her parents’ jewelry too. We’re still underwater, but this helps. I need to fix up my stick and sell it, and the tabla.

Links: Thanksgiving and the Socialist ImaginaryThe Conservative March Toward a Society of SociopathsDear Evangelicals: You’re Being HadHow Every Part of American Life Became a Police MatterAre Humans Going Extinct?The American Dream Is DeadSlap-in-the-Face Wealth Gap ImagesA Genuine Movement for Social ChangeHow the Young Are Indoctrinated to ObeyHow White Fundamentalists Are Roiling AmericaSecrets of the right-wing brainThe Long, Dark Shadows of PlutocracyAn Economic Agenda for America: 12 Steps ForwardA therapist goes to middle school and tries to sit still and focusHow The GOP Is Coming Apart At The SeamsElites Have Forced America into a National PsychosisConservative Christian Calls For ‘A Biblical View On Computer Programming’I’ve Crunched the Numbers, and the American Dream Is DeadIs the Democratic Party Relevant Anymore?

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Short week!

It’s now Friday…It’s now Saturday…it’s now Sunday. House is tidy, clothes and dishes clean. Went to a school meeting with S’s teacher. She’s the perfect Waldorf first grader. Meeting today with C’s teacher-he’s doing great too. Watched kids, took a nap.
And it’s Monday. Thankfully it’s a short week-I need the sleep.
Now Tuesday-I suppose I should post this one and start the next. Ferguson, MO is in flames, as a repeat of L.A. ’92. This time they didn’t even bother going to trial.
Wednesday-a half day, but gamelan tonight. M got his cast off, but his forearm is bowed. Doc says it’ll take care of itself. Yeah, right. Say the march from the bus last night-the driver was eager to get past it. Nice work gift coming-it’ll save Christmas for us. The house needs cleaning before tomorrow.

Page 23, Sentence 5: “But more than that, it was when I read Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle that I really understood my feelings about Israel.”, Me of Little Faith.

Links: Dave Grohl is Killing Rock ‘n’ RollFootnotes to the Prologue of a ManifestoHow Western Civilization Ended, Circa 2014Which Side Are You On?The 1 percent is gutting America’s middle classIs God The Problem With American Politics?The VERY Bad News FOR THE GOP in the GOP’s Midterm VictoryWhy We Need Professional Revolutionists, A Simple Yet Powerful Lesson About PrivilegeBeing Black, the Real Indictment in Ferguson and the USAMost White People in America Are Completely ObliviousFerguson and the “Us vs. Them” IllusionFerguson, GoddamnIntelligence Questions

Listening to: Brian Eno – David Byrne, Yoshikazu Iwamoto, Godhead, Bob Seger, Todd Rundgren, mystified, Brian Eno, Anugama, K.M.Krebs, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Addis Ababa Children  & The Upsetters, Harry Partch, Brahms, Brian Eno – David Byrne, Gyudmed Tantric Monastery, Thomas Dolby, Lili De La Mora, Dissidenten, Aphex Twin, Beethoven, Dead Can Dance, J. Dippold, Matmos, Blue Man Group, Anton Batagov, Beatmapper, Lezrod, Veruca Salt, Constance Demby, Beck, Andy Summers & Robert Fripp, mystified, Frank Zappa, Grateful Dead, The Aphex Twin, Peter Gabriel, Mozart, Jefferson Starship, Rush, French Frith Kaiser Thompson, Rage Against The Machine, Melvins, Cream, Daniel Lanois, Harold Budd & Brian Eno, o.m.s. – n.m.a., Beck, Skinny Puppy, John Lennon, Daniel Lanois, John Coltrane, Kittie, Black Sabbath, Gamelan Semar Pegulingan, Beck, Tao Te Ching, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Mark Hamn, The Cynic Project, Yes, Tao Te Ching, Peter Gabriel, KMFDM, Brahms, Clockcleaner, Zakir Hussain, chen zimbalista/oron schwartz, Flores, mystified, Material, Heart, Tool, david byrne, Al Gromer Khan, Ghana, eneftze, The Beat, Jean-Luc Ponty, Soundwalk

Those are the breaks, almost!

It’s Friday. Got in on time, woo-hoo. Got stuff done, almost time to go. Home, got some cool iPhone music software, daydreaming, tidy, pizza.
Saturday-got sick. whoopee. Delivered E to the train, hung out at home, went back to get her, walked around the mall, got an upset stomach, that got way worse. Spent the rest of the day in pain and in bed. Odd dreams-hiding from a shooter, fighting with a guy, driving on an indoor freeway.
Sunday, much the same, stayed home Monday. Went to work Tuesday, probably shouldn’t have. Lantern walk-very cold. Work Weds, not 100%. Bailed on gamelan. Big snow Thurs fizzled out, worked from home anyways.
Friday, tried to get things done, but not everything. Home, suck meal at Hometown, pick up M from school thing. Lazy Sat-laundry, dishes. C overnight at a friends’. Sunday-skipped church, laundry, dishes, sweeping, not much else.
It’s Wednesday, C sprained his wrist really bad-we thought it was broken. Not much else, construction on the Sellwood bridge. I’m trying to go to bed earlier and do segmented sleep: working towards OOBE. Money is really tight right now: please tip the writer.


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Election week-just that.

Monday-missed the bus-saw it go, sprinted after it to no avail. Got to hang out at home for a little bit. Busy, stuff, left early to go to M school parent meetings. Home, dinner, S to bed, Blacklist, bed. Woken up at 1 by the smoke alarm-a candle melted the plastic off the side of the glass-very smelly.
Tues-Very tired now, tons to do. Rep. Bonamici asked me if I voted on the train this morning. Daydreaming.
And now it’s Thursday. No gamelan last night. Not much else. The GOP has the Senate-it’s going to be an ugly 2 years. At least we can smoke dope in Oregon…Dreamed about sneaking away from a house when visitors came.

Links: Why conservative Christians would have hated Jesus, Your Reaction To An Image Of Maggots Might Determine If You Are Liberal Or ConservativeBuilding an Escalation MachineCapitalism Is a Tumor on the Body PoliticThe Disease of Being BusyThe Corporate Coup d’Etat is Nearly CompleteNational Review Warns Republicans Not To Govern Because It’s A ‘Trap’11 Ways to Cope With Republican AmericaU.S. No Longer An Actual DemocracyHow Ronald Reagan and the Supreme Court Turned American Politics Into a CesspoolNo, Democrats Aren’t a Bunch of Hopeless WimpsAre We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids?Dear Democratic Party: Make No Mistake About It, Republicans Didn’t Win – You Lost5 Facts About How America Is Rigged for a Massive Wealth Transfer to the Rich

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Weekends are…repetitive, even on Halloween

Friday, Halloween. whoopee. Pizza lunch, busy, to L’s house for more pizza and trick or treating. No boys. Home, pharma, TV.
Sat.-sleep in, lazy, libe, shop, just like every Sat. Had lunch at Pizzicato’s, went to a small party at a church friends’-our 16th anniversary.
Sun.-church, lazy, nap, dinner, S to bed, laundry, dishes. Another normal Sunday.

Links: The Shadow Surveillance State Is Really a Secret ReligionTwelve Ways Jim Crow Is Winning in 2014Millennials Aren’t Cheap, They’re BrokeWhy the GOP Is Going to Be in Deep Trouble If Their Crazy Tea Party Candidates Get into the SenateAt the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Fear Is the EntréeThe Act of Voting vs. the Controlling Interests of the US Empire5 Ways Most Americans Are Blind to How Their Country Is Stacked for the WealthyGamergate and the politicization of absolutely everything

Listening to: Rush, Can, Peter Gabriel, Clockcleaner, Thomas Dolby, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Peter Gabriel, Rush, Oingo Boingo, David Sylvian, Carrie Yury, Bhagavad Gita, Coyote Oldman, The Art Of Noise, Beck, Jethro Tull, Mstislav Rostropovich, Bhagavad Gita, Rush, Gyuto Tantric University, Bitplasma Division, Renaldo & The Loaf, Philip Glass, Peter Gabriel, Philip Glass, Jalikebba Kuyateh &the Toubabs, Genesis, Sergei Rachmaninoff, George Clinton, Ludwig van Beethoven, Art Of Noise, Hole, Golden Earring, Brian Eno, Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos, Mickey Hart, Minister, Todd Rundgren’s Utopia, Babe The Blue Ox, Einstuerzende Neubauten, Biosphere, mystified, Bill Bruford, Radiohead, Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky , Brian Eno – David Byrne, Gamelan, Babe The Blue Ox

Fall, rain, and not much else

2:25, Monday-no headache yet. Didn’t last…Home, dinner, S to bed. One of the Portland Waldorf stalwarts is sick. Another headache just before bed. Dreamed about aliens again-this time they landed, but their cloaking failed, so we talked to them-didn’t say much-told us to leave. Another about racing cars, a ferry and people jumping off the side and swimming.

Tuesday’s gone-a bit wet, trying to be productive, small headache, home, dinner, bed, didn’t really get to sleep until very late, then S came in and wanted water, plus E snoring. <sigh> Without coffee I’m going to be really really slow.
And there’s Wednesday. Not much different-wet, work, meetings, stuff. Home, this close to missing the bus, dinner, help C with math, gamelan, home, more math, bed. Dreamed about pooping in a meeting room with stalls, and scary masks in them that a schoolmate was boasting about. Parents came in, and I shooed them out bwecause a meeting was starting. Tried to find a shirt. Meeting was about buying a company.

Links: 9 Events Which Created the Environment for America’s Emerging Police StateThe Stark Facts of Global Greed, a Disease as Challenging as Climate Change, Godless Millennials Could End the Power of the Religious RightHow the GOP’s Ideology Is Destroying America’s FutureHigher Education and the New BrutalismThe Coming Revolution: Evolutionary Leap or Descent Into Chaos and Violence?The Myth of the Free Press, Ideology and InvestmentSo Long, Liberty: 10 Ways Americans Have Lost Their Rights

Listening to:

attack attack attack, art bears, chefkirk, Sigur Rós, Drepung Tehor Khangtsen, The Clash, Samuel Barber, K.M.F.D.M., Rush, Prokofiev, Tori Amos, gamelan, Darshan Ambient, Philip Glass, John Lee Hooker, Brian Parnham (with Steve Roach), Giacomo Puccini, u2, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Aerosmith, Alan Holdsworth, Rage Against The Machine, Albert Ortega, Rage Against The Machine, Jerry Sroka, Brian Eno, Black Notes, Peter Gabriel, Hilliard Ensemble/Jan Garbarek, Fripp & Eno, Joseph Bruchac, Todd Rundgren’s Utopia, Andy Summers & Robert Fripp, Cream, Brian Eno, Busty Brown, The Orb, Bunny Scott, Renaldo & The Loaf, Gary Numan, Arcticology, Rage Against The Machine, Joseph Kingma, Marsudi Raras, Beastie Boys, Jimi Hendrix, Gaden Shartse Monastery, KMFDM, Genesis, Kodàly and Janàcek, alastair galbraith, Miles Davis, UK, Bhagavad Gita, Enya, Frank Zappa, Loren Nerell, The Melevi Ensemble, Thomas Dolby, Talking Heads, Greg Baumont, William Orbit, Philip Glass, KMFDM, David Sylvian, Mozart, Touch 33, Morphine, Giles Reaves, Art of Noise, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Allan Holdsworth, Anugama, Gamelan, Snakefinger, Anugama, Brian Eno – David Byrne, Rush, Antranik Askarian and Khatchadour Khatchaturian, U2, Master Musicians of Jajouka, Kaminari Synthesis, Beatmapper, Philip Glass, Steve Roach, Peter Gabriel, Brand X, Rolling Calf Sinfonette, Babe The Blue Ox, Moby, Tuu, Police, Daniel Lanois, Who, Frank Zappa, David Canright, Neil Young, insanic4

Caffeine withdrawal-yuck.

Here we are, at Friday again. It’s chilly, and hard to get up. I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. And tomorrow is the last day of coffee. Yikes. The last time I kicked coffee was when S was born, or maybe when we moved up here. It’s been a while, in any case.

OK, so left a bit early, slept! on the train and almost missed my stop, E to school, all to school for a thing, drive C to a middle school dance at PWS, back to school, home, pizza, pick C up, sleep.
Slept in a bit, tidy, coffee, breakfast, UI work. Gonna be windy today.
Lazy Sat, M to church, picked him up, pj’s all day.
Church Sun, shop, headache, libe, nap, dinner, more headache. Dreamed about aliens attacking and mowing down our house.
Woke up early, working on stuff. Meetings, fuzzy with no caffeine.

These are some pretty cool online comics: Stand Still Stay Silent and A Redtail’s Dream.

Links: Why conservatives prefer propaganda to reality7 Facts That Show the American Dream Is DeadKrugman Dismantles the Right’s Hysterical Fear of Actual DemocracyInside the conservative brainCan Capitalism and Democracy Coexist?Apocalypse Now

Listening to: Blue Oyster Cult, Harold Budd & Brian Eno, The B-52’s, Tibetan Book of the Dead, David Sylvian, Collection, Dutilleux, John Lee Hooker, Gultskra Artikler, Babe The Blue Ox, Tori Amos, Nina Gordon, Karawitan, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Philip Glass, The Smashing Pumpkins, Sly & Robbie, The Orb, Philip Glass, Harold Budd, Japan, Arcticology, Richard Bone, Kittie, Brian Eno, Byron Metcalf featuring Steve Roach, Genesis, Oingo Boingo, Legendary Pink Dots, Devo, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Umma Project, U2, Centrozoon, Deftones, Djinnestan, Brian Eno – David Byrne, Rush, Gamelan Semar Pegulingan, Jeffrey Fayman & Robert Fripp, eneftze, Philip Glass

Fall means rain, in Portland.

Wednesday, and it’s rainy. Not so bad, still in a malaise. Dreamed about trying to find the right jacket for a fancy dinner, but none were right.

Easy in. Just out of ideas-UI design. First day of 1/2 coffee dosage. Got a headache around 3, feeling fuzzy, fell asleep on the train, ate, put S to bed, fell asleep and went right to bed too.

Woke up at 4, dozed. Dreamed about water skating down a river, looking at skating down a waterfall. Went to prep for a work Italian dinner instead. Propositioned the office manager. She said, “come in early tomorrow.” Only one thing would’ve made that dream better…

Easy in, found a thing, working on a bunch of stuff. Home, tidy, folding laundry, juicing, dinner. Digestive system is a bit sketchy-prolly the caffeine some. More tidy, to bed late, the thing.

Page 23, Sentence 5: “Right now, the triumph of market logic, with its ethos of domination and fierce competition, is paralyzing almost all serious efforts to respond to climate change”, This Changes Everything.

Links: Economists Say We Should Tax The Rich At 90 PercentSuperrich Have Grabbed Half the World’s AssetsWhy Conservatives Opt for Propaganda Over Reality200+ Consciousness Raising DocumentariesThe Impulse SocietyWhy I’m Worried About AmericaThe Dimming Prospects for Human Survival

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