Climbing up some steep stairs to slide down again. It’s slow, hang out, then get it going again.
In a car with Keanu Reeves driving, he goes halfway through a red light then stops. A cop stops us and asks for driver’s license.

Daily posting-12/28/2007

5:18 pm-Again, before leaving for home-off Monday. Last night-dinner, kids bed, dinner, bed. Salem is getting a cold. Boys went to the Dr’s-colds, otherwise OK. Up today, work, mySpace contact with an old music collaborator at the studio, libriVox recordings. Time to go home.

Listening to: Schubert, U2, Morcheeba, Randi Rhodes, DN!

Page 25, Sentence 5 (p23 was a title page…): “”I don’t talk to journalists anymore,” says the strained voice at the other end of the phone.” The Shock Doctrine: the rise of disaster capitalism

Daily posting-12/27/2007

5:16 pm-Jam this in before going home. Busy working on icons, icons, icons. For several dev teams. Plus the not work stuff. I added Google AdSense here. Hope it helps some. Yesterday-dinner, bed-Matt had trouble getting to sleep. Up this morning, to work, lunch, here. Updating things.

Bhutto got killed-no big surprise-sad, though. Still listening to lib radio-I skipped to 12/19…

Listening to: SRV, Alaistair Galbraith, Portishead, Gordon Hempton, Byrne interviews, Radiohead, Rhodes, DN!, Hartmann, Rhodes, Fiona Apple, Polyphonic Spree, Jeff Harrington


At work, but it’s a glass cube. I’m leading someone around, but they’re trouble so I leave them at the front and sneak away-the PR people will deal. Go around the outside and back and slip through a small door.

Daily posting-12/26/2007

5:23 pm-Getting ready to leave. Been at home since last week-Christmas and all. So, recapping. I have no idea what I did last week-shopping for Christmas, work, school, t’ai chi. Cleaned up the house for simplicity, kid’s concert, Erika’s mom and my parents came down. Kids had a great Christmas. Back to work-I’m tired.

Listening to: Fripp, DN!, Hartmann, Rhodes, Byrne interviews

The backyard



At work, trying to get a Shareplex server working, fiddle with the console, wiring, reboot, etc. Go do something else.
(N.B. I’ve been neglecting this-had some good dreams, but I have to write them down quickly or they’re gone.)

Rebecca Solnit on Hope

I’m spreading this around. In a world that doesn’t give much to be hopeful about,
here are a few books that will spread a little of it. Enjoy

Jonathan Schell
The Unconquerable World: Power, Nonviolence, and the Will of the People

Aung San Suu Kyi
The Voice of Hope

Adam Hochschild
Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire’s Slaves

Charles Wilkinson
Blood Struggle: The Rise of Modern Indian Nations

Richard Walker
The Country in the City: The Greening of the San Francisco Bay Area

Alan Weisman
The World Without Us

William Morris
News from Nowhere

News from Nowhere Collective
We Are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anticapitalism

Marina Sitrin
Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina

Subcommandante Insurgente Marcos
The Speed of Dreams: Selected Writings 2001-2007

Peter Linebaugh
The Magna Carta Manifesto: Liberties and Commons for All

Jonathan Isham and Sissel Waage, editors (introduction Bill McKibben)
Ignition: What You Can Do to Fight Global Warming and Spark a Movement