Daily posting-12/1/2000

Well, it’s almost the end of the year. Time just drifts along… The big news is that we’re finally done with the project and on to the next one. What else has happened in the past month? Erika’s in her 2nd trimester and feeling better. Matt’s growing fast and is quickly learning language. We bought a Saturn for me & a Toyota Sienna for Erika-that ate up 900 options and 20K of debt…Erika got her driver’s license and is motoring all around. Thanksgiving was nice, Johnny Reb’s cooked. I was sick for a few days. Erika’s pretty much done with Christmas shopping and the lights are up. We’re all tired of the election BS. We babysat Hannah last Sat., and I babysat her & Matt a few weeks ago. We put up new blinds last weekend and cleaned the place. Flew a few times. Went to Disneyland to scatter Ken’s ashes-I really, really hate that place. Been reading Alexander’s stuff a lot-it changes that way you look at things…Getting rid of the Well account-I don’t use it so much, so I switched to freehosting and hotmail. Now I need to update the site to reflect that…

Daily posting-10/4/2000

I’m again writing this about every month. It seems like a fairly round number, and a decent time increment-not much happens in a day… We’re tired all the time-Erika’s pregnant and this time is a bit tougher, Matt’s up late nights sometimes & he’s getting a pair of molars. Work is going well-we’re on the last legs of a year and a half long project. Some guy hit my car last week, so I’m dealing with that.

Lessee: came 2nd & 4th in the last kite comp, got a vented & an indoor, a climber for the boy, Erika really wants a new car, went to a crappy Irish fair & a swap meet, went out to dinner without the boy, finished most of the filing, went shopping, to work, etc, etc.

Daily posting-9/11/2000

It’s September.I’m tired. What’s news? Work. Boy. Wife. That’s about it. Actually, August was pretty busy-Erika did faire just her and the boy, but they came home sick, we did faire both in Santa Barbara & Long Beach, Erika’s mom had a surprise birthday, got invited to Nationals but declined because of a tight deadline, visited my parents, cleaned the house, my car, started on the office, I think we moved offices (could’ve been earlier), not much else. I’m beginning to move my stored office stuff back into the mainstream-no chance of why I put stuff there. I’m also thinking of selling some of my extra stuff-it’s just taking up space.

And here’s the biggie: ERIKA’S PREGNANT!!!! She’s due early May. I’m hoping for a girl-I don’t know if I have the energy for three if 2 of them are boys. Erika is thinking twins, sigh.

Daily posting-7/27/2000

Well, it’s almost my 39th birthday. I’m not sure how I feel about it-I suppose it’s not that important, I have bigger issues to deal with-a wife and baby, among other things…I guess things go on no matter what, and I should keep that in mind-the world isn’t turning around me.

So, what’s new? Not much-the boy is growing-lots of words, he runs around getting into everything, he gets upset when denied something or you take something away from him, but he loves to play and have fun. We really enjoy him (and he us!) Erika is fine-her friend Ken died of cancer July 4th, and it’s been tough on her. Other than that, she stays at home, talks to her friends, takes care of the boy, visits her parents, etc. I’m busy working on the beta release of Space Manager. I try to get out & fly once a weekend-my routine is improving, but not to the point where I can win with it-maybe next year. The powerkite is what I’m really interested in-it’s a lot of fun to get pulled down the beach, and I’ll probably start on the water soon-I have a cheap skurfer I’ll use-next is a mountain board, a vented and an indoor Rev.

Let’s see if I can remember what we’ve done in the past 2 months: we visited Ken, he died, we went to the funeral, went to San Diego for a Borland convention, saw the Whoolies a few times, visited my parents a few times, lost miserably at the last comp, abandoned going to Berkeley, spent the 4th at Erika’s parents-until we got the news that Ken died, Erika changed the house around again, we switched insurance so we have a new doctor-I got a checkup-208 cholesterol-time to restrict those fats…I wracking my brain trying to remember what else happened-I guess that means not a lot…Buh bye.

Daily posting-6/1/2000

June first, it is. Things are same ‘ol, same ‘ol-I’m at work, Erika’s at her parents’. Not much going on-boy was sick last weekend, visited my parents, went to big faire a few weeks ago, lost miserably in the last kite competition, got a new power kite, got some records I’ve been looking for, saw the Whooligans once. Busy working, the house is pretty clean, now I’ve got to clean my room, Erika is fine, if tired, the boy is fine. C’ya l8r!

Daily posting-4/13/2000

Time marches on, with no hint of stopping or even slowing down. One can only hope. So, this past month we: started shopping for groceries online, I came in 2nd at the San Diego competition, visited my parents, went to Ojai faire. I also practiced a lot, worked, got sick, saw the Whooligans twice (St. Pat’s) and took care of the baby.

Not much else, the usual. The boy is growing-he walks rather well and is starting to run. He talks a lot and some real words are coming out. Erika’s doing fine-all of us got sick a few weeks ago, but that’s it. She’s changing the living room again.

Daily posting-3/9/2000

March, already-time sure flies whether you’re having fun or not. Whatever. I’m busy working, and that’s about it-Erika and the boy are fine, he’s walking and actually saying partly intelligible words! He also gets mad if you take something away from him.

What’s up? Not a lot-we’re taking a UU class on parenting-Erika likes it a lot. Me, I’m OK with it… It’s been rainy, and when it’s not rainy it’s calm, so I’ve gotten in very little kite practice, except for 0 wind and traction. Haven’t done much-visited San Diego for a kite seminar, joined the local UU church, seen the Whooligans a few times. I can’t think of much else.

Daily posting-1/12/2000

Mid-January, the world didn’t end. Not a big surprise to me. I wasn’t expecting disaster. We do have an updated earthquake kit now.

What’s happened? Not a lot-Christmas came & went, as did New Year’s. Spent Christmas with family-got a neat hard cover carrier for my kites. New Year’s was OK-we had to get up really early to get to Pasadena. The parade was OK. Since then, not much.

The boy is doing great, walking a bit and chattering all the time. Erika is fine, too, if a bit tired. I had a sore throat the past couple of days.

Got my music for the new routine all done-am just getting to work on it. Also got some practice with my stack. That’s it…