At a school, hanging out. Some guys are putting together a sound installation. I talk to somebody about home and what’s going on there. He has a newspaper and I read it. There’s a thing with water and timing and a place you can go when a certain thing happens. The music is ambient-glitch. I walk around and try to signal to adjust the sound. I talk to a guy and tell him they ripped off Noto. Some woman is talking to the press.
At home trying to put my stereo together. I get it together and go to get something to play on it.


Running from some fighters-they’re fast, trying to get to a place. Hide, zig-zag, 1 then 2 catch up. We hide in popcorn. They come up, act nice, take their knives, try to sweet talk them.
By a freeway that’s fenced in-cross the fence. Go around, start flying. Come back. Some boy wants sex. We talk about it. Go back across with bread. We’re chased and go across the fence on the other side. Some cops come and track us down, offer me to write the disk I/O for Windows. On spec, no code.


Skiing, no edges. Getting made fun of for skis and no turns. Get to bottom and walk up with a group of kids. One guy blocks my way and I bend his pole.
An ape is loose and chasing me. I hide and the animal guys are trying to shoot him. I run away and hide again and the gorilla comes towards us. I go around the mesh and the gorilla circles. Finally I’m in a perfume stand showing perfumes to the gorilla.


In Africa, waiting to get a bus. In line for tickets, get one, buses pass. Get in another line, I’m the only one left. Some demon sends a baby hulk to carry me to my hotel. We go bouncing back and forth around the city and to the bus station.
Playing some sort of chutes and ladders game. Go up with throwing coins and picking them up. I get a bunch abd start counting but I’m doing it wrong. A whale comes after me and I run back. It starts trying to swallow a tongue depressor.
At school in a class. I have a degree already.
Doing rc battles. Leon C is doing one so I do too. It’s 2 mini ones. I run them around and win. I start putting them back together.


Some lesbian is renting a house for $100. She describes it to us, we have to decide now.
Helping some guy remodel a 3rd floor, tiny room. We start cleaning it up and I talk to him about organizing. There’s a lot of money lying around.
Playing in a band with some guys. Some people join in.