A Quiet Week (so far)

I’m hoping to get this one out tomorrow-we’ll see.

Things are compressing a bit, I’ve been slacking and tired. At least the house is tidy, and the Christmas decorations are put away. It’s been unseasonably warm lately.

Interesting dream last night-trying to get my car fixed and oddities. Another one, but I don’t remember. E had a bad dream.

Fun getting to work-a train was dropping off cars. We sat for 1/2 hour, then the bus driver pulled a U. Fun, that, but I was late in. Got the work thing finally done, but I forgot a thing I printed out for E. Got home, tidy, went to Dollar Tree and Office Max to get stuff and print out the stuff I forgot.

S to bed, but played a lot-she didn’t get to sleep until late. Watched a bit of Person of Interest, then bed. Cats were around, S woke up early, which messed me up. That and I have a sore throat.

Work was work-slowly getting stuff done. Easy home, but late. Out of gas and money, so no gamelan. S to bed late, C at a classmates’ for the night.


Listening to:

Mozart, Suspended Memories, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, The Residents, David Hudson, The B-52’s, Roger Eno, Gultskra Artikler, David Salvage, Vidna Obmana, Peter Gabriel, Black Sabbath, Peter Gabriel, Veruca Salt, Blue Tribe, fIREHOSE, Art Of Noise, Sly & Robbie, Who, Frank Zappa, David Canright, Neil Young, insanic4, Black Sabbath, cameleo manic beat, Ravi Shankar

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