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Well, I’ve been at home since March 2nd. This is fine in some ways, but tiring in others. We’re all stuck in a smallish apartment, E goes out a few times a week for groceries, we step outside a few times a day, and M and I have been working out as best we can. We were talking about how we’re in pretty good shape-I’m still working full-time, we’re all healthy, we live in a quiet suburban complex, in a state whose leadership took it seriously and doesn’t have a ton of knuckleheads running around doing stupid things. So far so good. Everyone I know seems ok so far too. As with all things, this will pass.

Haven’t picked this up for a week…working from home, distracted. Spent it mostly at home-insane shopping on Saturday, sold my MidiVerb and iBook (wish it was working right, because it’s such a lovely piece of hardware). Got a monitor from work, and that’s about it. S is at home and sitting next to me for schoolwork-she’s doing well. We’ve walked after work twice. The complex closed the gym, so Tuesday I ran around the trailer park with S, and M and I used water jugs for weights and did t’ai chi in the living room.

Sunday evening, eating a fajita burrito from Super Burrito Express. Not quite spicy enough… Pretty quiet-finished work, ran around the trailer park with M & S-M overdid it…Watched Conan the Barbarian yesterday. Memories of college. Online church today, shopping, jumped rope instead of running.

Monday noon, on the start of sprint meeting. S is next to me, doing schoolwork. And taking apart a Barbie. Now 2nd meeting. Drinking a cup of diluted apple cider vinegar and maple syrup (no cayenne). No idea if it’s helping…I feel pretty good, though running in Friday messed up my left Achilles tendon. Not sure if I prefer Kombucha or this. This is way cheaper, though. Need lunch.

Tuesday afternoon. Busy working-glad to have work to do. S is sort of working next to me. My calves are still super sore. I started on a Coursera class about happiness.

Wednesday noon. Trying to get stuff done, only partly succeeding. It’s hard to focus. Good w/o last night, even though my calves are still super sore-I used Soothanol afterwards, and my skin burned all night-stuff works, but I’m quite sensitive to it. I filled up another 5 gallon jug, so we now have 2 8 pound, and a 25 and a 40 pound weight. That and alternating running and jump rope should work fine for the duration. S is cutting up AriZona tea cans for her constellation work.

Thursday afternoon, meeting time. S is demotivated. I got stuff done, though, even though it’s super hard to focus and keep her on track too.

Friday, after work, waiting for S to finish her week’s work so I can scan it and ship it off to her teacher. Got all the rest scanned and in a Word doc. Got a decent amount of work done. Time to work out.

Here’s Thursday. Feeling a bit stir-crazy. And work is over. Got stuff done, but f’n admins changed AWS permissions without notice. Now I’m stuck going to UAT with untested changes. bleh. Jumped rope Tues., calves are OK, but my left Achilles is achy. We’re actually doing OK with the home w/o.

Friday, noon. Now 1. Stuff is sort of stalled right now-waiting. I have one task I can work on. Not much else-stuck at home. We planned meals for next week.

Tuesday afternoon. Pretty quiet because of everything. Skipped w/o Sunday, sore ankle and hip. Not much else-it’s been sunny and nice. House is staying pretty clean.

Thursday morning. Working on a large-scale query thing to update production data. Thursday, end of work. Got the prod thing done, added a logging bit. Notified people about data issue, need resolution of another issue. Missed a meeting at 8:30. Got an extortion spam email.

Friday afternoon, time to stop working. Have to get up at 9 on Sunday to run this production thing. Trying to fix another thing, waiting on access for a 3rd. Aaaah, work. At least I AM working, so… I keep looking at CV Stats and Oregon CV. House is doing fine, C is Spring cleaning, E is shopping, all garbed up. The temp is nice, so the back door is open. Mr Duck has visited, without Mrs. Duck. She’s either brooding or dead. Our neighbor quit feeding the squirrels, thankfully. Going to work out tonight. Maundy Thursday service last night, Bible study on Tues.-E was impressed at my insights. Read an interesting study of Fortune’s The Cosmic Doctrine.

Mr. Duck after a snack

Monday morning-I think I’ll call this. Monday evening-didn’t. Maybe now. Wednesday mid-morning. Now? Busy at work on a trans-gender thing-pretty cool, that, though the implementation is completely mundane-change objects, update a spreadsheet… No t’ai chi last night, ran and lifted only. All 3 Sunday. Not much else-maybe selling the Mirage and DDD-5.

OK, so it’s Friday morning. Def. going to call this. Guy wanted a barter for the Mirage, so no. Worked late-a thing we deployed failed-I fixed it, deployed and it ran OK. Not much else.

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Not so bright: don’t even want to go there (especially now).

Page 23, sentence 5: “People who have this talent are great at making sure that everyone feels involved and part of any team effort.” StrengthsFinder 2.0.

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