Daily posting-4/11/1997

Well, here it is Friday. Again. I’m better that I was-my back is OK but my hip hurts now. It was horrendous for awhile, I couldn’t do ANYTHING. I was working while lying in bed…Even now it’s painful to do anything, but much less than before. I’ve been flying twice this week, with fair winds. I can only go to the closest beach, which doesn’t have great winds. I’ve been going over to the studio frequently-I got them a computer and set it up. We still need to work with the desk automation software…

It’s Grand Prix weekend, and the cars are doin’ their thing-which means NOISE and lots of people. I’ll probably go to the Foothill tonight and tomorrow-too crowded downtown.

Lessee…I’ve been to gamelan, had sushi with Glen-told him I’m back on consulting (he was HAPPY), did some work for my parents, Diane’s computer died, had some nice conversations with Lendie and Vanessa-they moved in across the street! Mostly my life has been about pain lately-it sucks.

Daily posting-3/27/1997

It looks like I’m posting this once a week. It that enough? or too much? Let me know. My back is not killing me as much as before, though this week has been a lot of back pain all the time. I can’t do ANYTHING. I went to Jabbz Friday & Sunday-had fun even through the pain. We saw parts of 2 movies on Sunday & drank & chatted a lot. Lindy can’t believe I post toan online journal all the time-I must be an exhibitionist. Flew on Sunday-tuning up my Rev stack. I’m getting better at the Flik-flac…Haven’t flown since-I can hardly make it out of bed. Saw Mary play last night-she’s good-but not great… Sorry, Mary. Did the usual Blue schmooze-got Ken’s PMac today…We’ll see how THAT turns out. Not much else-all this pain has ruined the week. Looks like I’m going back to consulting… Veruca Salt is coming in June with Bush, ugh, at the Forum, double ugh, on sale Saturday. Guess I’ll have to pay, pay, pay for it-or listen to KROQ, triple ugh. Bye.

Daily posting-3/20/1997

Here’s a week… Did _nothing_ this week…I am such a laze. My back is killing me. I reworked my main page-did you notice? Tell me what you think. I also worked on some of the other pages. I got two new Revs over the weekend-I’m trying to stack them-it’s not going well… I’m also fiddling while Rome burns… Didn’t go out for St. Patties’ day-I was ready to go-and didn’t. I also wanted to go out last night to see Mary play, and didn’t. What’s up with that??? Diana called last night-she was visiting her parents-we chatted for a while…Not a word from Diane…Flew yesterday & saw the comet for the first time-it’s kOOl!!! Almost ran into someone on the way back last night… I can’t wait until VS comes this summer…I’ve been listening to them all the time, and posting to the VS maillist-they were on SNL last Saturday.

Daily posting-3/13/1997

Boy, oh, boy. Another fun week 🙂 Since last week, I’ve…gone to gamelan class twice, Blue Cafe/M Bar twice, seen Baraka & Philip Glass, and competed in a kite tournament. Exciting, eh???

Baraka was great-the first time I’ve seen it in the theater-I wish my video was letterboxed… Glass was very good, it was just him on a piano. He did some new material! Nowwaqatsi is half done-but no money…

The kite tournament was fun-it’s nice to see fellow flyers. The wind died just before my event, so I couldn’t fly the routine I wanted… I came in last-oh well. (my parents liked it, though…) Monday was a much better day-strong winds-I was dunking my kite in the water. I’ve learned axels and flat spins-yay!

Ken from Jabbz was over Monday night-we listened to the band he recorded that day-I played some King Crimson for him…he slept on the couch. He needs a Mac for the studio-I’ve got feelers out.

And finally-I’ve got another crush on someone…here we go again. I’ve got my parent’s dog while they go on a cruise to the Windward islands. Time to go fly.

Daily posting-3/4/1997

Tuesday…As usual, not much since last time. Working AM & PM, flying late afternoon & weekends-gearing up for the kite tournament-I put on new competition lines-it’s an amazing difference-I fly much faster & smoother…Tried to get a Synergy on Sat.-some guy got it first…I’ll get an X-Wing instead. I got Adi into flying-but he hasn’t been out much-I gave him one of my old kites. I bought a bike last week-sick of driving down to the beach to fly… I saw Sidecar last week-the usual crowd & back to Jabbz…several nice females, but I’m too shy to talk to strangers… My mom’s 60th birthday last week, too-a nice dinner. Diana finally made my pillows-they look great. This place looks great, but I have nobody over-I remarked to Lindy last week that my place changed a bit… Oh well-I’ll finish work & go flying-bye…(Oh, I just noticed that it’s been a year that I’ve written this journal…I wonder if anyone reads it…)

Daily posting-2/20/1997

Hi. It’s me again, the Central Scrutinizer… Well, here’s another week-time to go. Not a heck of a lot going on—the last week was: System M & too much to drink on Thursday, chat w/Diana on Fri. about my drinking (tightening the screws down for that…), quiet weekend-flying-more people out (upcoming comp), work week, visited Diana (she HATES my nails), chats w/her & Diane, no gamelan on Tuesday, flying-Minergy practice-getting better, choreography for the upcoming competition (if you’re in Long Beach on March 8, visit the Belmont Shore beach-I’m competing!), that’s it!

I’m slowly getting through the scanning backlog-much, much more to go…Listening to KMPC in the morning…Trying to stay focused…I’m outta ‘ere!

Daily posting-2/13/1997

So, what’s up with me??? you ask… Same’ ol boring shit as usual… Since last, I’ve worked, flown my kite, ate & slept. Diane called Sunday-she is SO busy-I’d love to see her but I’m not very high on the list…

Got my Minergy Friday! Quite a bit different than the Rev. Cool, though, ’cause I can fly it at a dead calm. More sand time is required…

Messed my back up on Friday, too, crawling under my desk messing with computers. It’s better now, though one side is still sore. I was having major back spasms on Saturday & popping aspirin like candy-didn’t drink or smoke much because of it.

Went to a party on Saturday with 5 local bands-a lot of fun-good bands-lotsa people I knew-LOUD, LOUD, LOUD. I’m glad I had my earplugs…The usual stuff for me at parties, though I did meet a nice woman close to my age (didn’t get her phone number, though.) Oh well-I’ll see if one of her friends will give it to me or relay a message to her. Blew out a tire that night & couldn’t get it off-shredded it driving home-my car is now in the shop-I was/am PISSED…

Watched the space shuttle on TV last night-they brought in the Hubble telescope-it was SO COOL to have pictures of them doing it-the NASA channel is da kine! If you can get it, leave it on during missions-they will often point the camera down…it is SO COOL!

Been watching a lot of TV lately & listening to talk radio-what’s up with that? Maybe I’m getting up the nerve to call Marilyn Kagan with all my problems…Who knows???

Daily posting-2/6/1997

Uh, heh, heh, heh, uh, he said “butt”…heh, heh, heh. Hey, folx! How are y’all today? Good, I hope…I’m the same, just a different day. The past two weeks have been uneventful-painted my nails & toes, started going back to the Blue Cafe & M Bar-a few times, Jabbz a few times (l8, l8, l8), ate, worked, slept, watched TV, flew my kite. Exciting, n’est ce pas?

One of my work buddies (Glen Eichenblatt-hi Glen!) just adopted a baby & we went out with a few friends-sort of a guy’s baby shower. Saw the Jabbz band (Sidecar)& hung out while they were working on a tune-good stuff-tho’ I wish they’d let me participate. Tried to go skiing two weekends ago-raining-I bailed. Gamelan class started up-I’m floating, as they got a good kedjar player-so I played djegong Tuesday.

Saw the Whirling Dervishes (Mevlevi Sufi Sema ritual) two Fridays ago-amazing-I saw them two years ago with Marybelle-I got into it much, much more this time-no fundie gf to squash my stuff-I was all the way into the eye chakra by the fourth sema-and stable there. This is a big deal. Heart was like a rock-still a bit of instability during the usual daily access, but great during the pull up to the eye-throat was much more stable (no shakes!). This means I can start work on tuning up the throat-great, great, great.

I cleaned up my place a bit, removed the keyboard stand, gave Diana my old LC, boxed up some of the books & stuff-email me (click here) if you want books, software, a BC vest, kbd stand, etc.

I bought a Minergy Zero Wind ultralight quadline kite last week-it’s not here yet and I’m dying for it…Meg from the Blue is leaving for New York soon-I already miss her…Diane doesn’t talk to me anymore…And…Nothing…Never mind…Bye…

Daily posting-1/16/1997

Uhhh, not much happening-on a product release crunch & the boss wants me to put in more hours-I don’t like that… Oh, whell. What’s happened? Nothing, of course. Last Thursday I saw Diana-haven’t been to that place since Judy Henske…She was her usual good self. Friday I checked Diane’s monitor-it was OK. Flew Friday, Saturday, Monday (windy! power kiting!). Went to the Blue Fri & Sat after flying. It’s been rainy, but it’s sunny today-hopefully I can fly later. I’ve been a total jel-nothing but listening to Pink Floyd, work, TV, eat, sleep and fly. I’m sinking down, down, down. Interesting dreams and the usual emotional garbage… Haven’t heard from Diane since Saturday-and not much even then. I am so through with women-if they want me, they’ll have to get me-I’m not doin’ nuttin’! (if you’re female, email me (click here)…) Out.

Daily posting-1/9/1997

Well, here we are again-your basic workday…So, what’s happening, you ask? Whattya think has happened-nothing! I didn’t go out New Year’s. Set up Diane’s computer that Thursday, flew over the weekend, Monday (went to the Blue afterwards-Meg is going to NYC) and yesterday. The rest has been work and laze, laze, laze. I had an interesting nighttime experience a few days ago-basically the result of too much caffeine too close to bedtime. Oh well-it was fun and enlightening. Not a lot else-Diana is playing at Genghis Cohen tonight, Diane left a candle burning on her monitor all night and called me at 1:30am freaking…I’ll visit her today to see what’s up with it… Uhhh, back to work-that’s it-bye!