Daily posting-4/28/1996

Well, another weekend past-and I did squat. grrrr… Friday was the Blue-Adi’s-we went over to the abandoned building next door-way kOOl + the usual spi shit. Home at 5am, sleep all day Sat, worked Sunday. I HATE my life…

Daily posting-4/26/1996

Well, well, well. It’s Friday, and it’s been THREE weeks since I picked up THIS. No matter. My life is finally settling into something of a lull again. The major part of RDS is done, the NALEO project is winding down, and it’s time to bill for March (three weeks late.) So what has happened in three weeks? Not much-work, work, work, kite flying, gamelan, Blue Cafe. The usual shit… I blew up my PC after getting high with a guy from gamelan class. I had two small trips and freaked out after the second. It is SO wierd-all this psi shit goes on, and it’s either all in my head or no one else can perceive it. BIG BANG BABY… No more of THAT for a while (yeah, right…) Sis’s b’day-I’m finally sending her xmas presents…NOT

Daily posting-4/4/1996

Another work week almost done. The infamous RDS project is almost finished, and two other ones loom. I was able to take a nice mid-afternoon nap, which I haven’t done in a while. Unfortunately, Chris at ACLU is having more serious problems with his Win95 system, so I may have to deal with that. Not much else going on-laze, laze. My homebrew is getting better by the week. I’m still thinking of the crushes I have, which is never very good for my mood. Oh well. Next day.

Daily posting-4/3/1996

Wednesday-busy week-my project is behind, but I’m making progress…ACLU and Levy, virii, screwed up installs and the usual. Went to the Blue tonight-too late to see Diana (sigh), but good chats and a nice Eileen type, even though she hung out with the drummer…My life sucks-I NEED female companionship.

Daily posting-3/31/1996

Well, here is it Sunday might and the project isn’t done-oh well. I spent Saturday flying kites and watching a kite tournament. I got sunburned as well. Went to the Blue, the Fabulous Thunderbirds played. I finally talked a bit to Janey, and with another girl…I’m finally getting back into it after Marybelle… Went over to Adi’s afterwards-stayed late, late, late & smoked and drank with some wierd straight guy & Adi. Got up hungover, slept ’til 2 PM. Lazed the whole rest of the day away. The stuff with that girl is heartening-maybe I’ll have a girlfriend soon.

Daily posting-3/29/1996

Friday night spent at home-jel & online-work during the day. I’m having a lot of difficulty doing this project-all the pot I’ve smoked over the years, I guess. At least my beer tastes good…

Daily posting-3/28/1996

Another week has passed-I’m sick of working and sick of the rest. All I’ve done is work, and I HATE it. I have a HUGE deadline Monday, and I’m not even close…I have no one-the women I like don’t know I exist. What’s next, I don’t even care. Ah, but blessed sleep and oblivion awaits me. For a few hours, at least.

Daily posting-3/25/1996

(See 3/20 for explanations) It’s Monday again, and time to go to ACLU & the ‘rents. What’ve I done since last time? Not a lot-I worked Weds, Thurs, went out Thurs PM & drank too much-took Friday off. The singer at the Blue on Thurs. afternoon is lovely… Sat I took a ton of paper to recycling and flew my kite-it was unbelievably windy-I broke the T on my kite & had to fly the old one-not great, but I learned stalls with it. I went to a kite shop to get a replacement & bought another kite. Out to the Blue at night-it was fun overhearing some of the staff there talking about me… Went out to Anaheim Hills to see the comet-I need a telescope to see it properly. Sunday-laze, laze, sleep. That’s it-not much to report-I am a loner, n’est-ce pas? I have friends, but not many, and I don’t spend a lot of time with them. I have a pseudo-girlfriend, but I don’t see her much now that she told me she can’t commit. Oh well, what is life but a way to figure out who you are and what you need to remember anyways? (Also remembering those things…) Bye.

Daily posting-3/20/1996

Well, as usual, I blew the weekend off and neglected this journal. Quick summary-out Friday, skiing Saturday, sore Sunday & Monday, had to sit my parent’s dog on Sunday night, work Monday & Tuesday. My beer has come out fine, but some bottles have a little phenolic-due to bleach…Oh well. Work continues-with several projects on the horizon. No gamelan this week-UCLA is on break. Not much else, the usual. In many ways, I feel a lot like those kids who checked out in PV, but I’m old enough to know that checking out doesn’t solve your problems-it just postpones them for another 15 years… MKM is my solution, although the big score would do it too-unfortunately, one is a dream and the other is a few years off. Fortunately, I realize that this period is here for a reason, and I try not to let it get to me too much.

Daily posting-3/15/1996

Weird day-it’s sunny and hot. Mom wants me to come up Sunday night. LaTanya Anthony keeps calling-what’s up with that? I got the PW job w/Naleo. I had to go to a meeting for RDS-lasted two hours-John Lake is history. At least we got most of the open items done. Went shopping after that-Fry’s (pricing for Calibar upgrades, TR-I’s Individualist, some CD-ROMS for OS/2 & Linux, Delphi upgrade), Guitar center (search for rackmount wireless), Ralph’s (food), Blockbuster Music (vain search for Tony Levin’s new one), Morry’s (malt extract). Got home & Koyannisqatsi was waiting! kOOl!!!! I think I’ll go skiing tomorrow & drink tonight-those homebrews & the Blue Cafe are waiting…I miss Marybelle, Susan and I’d like to see Janey tonight. See ‘ya.