Daily posting-2/20/1997

Hi. It’s me again, the Central Scrutinizer… Well, here’s another week-time to go. Not a heck of a lot going on—the last week was: System M & too much to drink on Thursday, chat w/Diana on Fri. about my drinking (tightening the screws down for that…), quiet weekend-flying-more people out (upcoming comp), work week, visited Diana (she HATES my nails), chats w/her & Diane, no gamelan on Tuesday, flying-Minergy practice-getting better, choreography for the upcoming competition (if you’re in Long Beach on March 8, visit the Belmont Shore beach-I’m competing!), that’s it!

I’m slowly getting through the scanning backlog-much, much more to go…Listening to KMPC in the morning…Trying to stay focused…I’m outta ‘ere!

Daily posting-2/13/1997

So, what’s up with me??? you ask… Same’ ol boring shit as usual… Since last, I’ve worked, flown my kite, ate & slept. Diane called Sunday-she is SO busy-I’d love to see her but I’m not very high on the list…

Got my Minergy Friday! Quite a bit different than the Rev. Cool, though, ’cause I can fly it at a dead calm. More sand time is required…

Messed my back up on Friday, too, crawling under my desk messing with computers. It’s better now, though one side is still sore. I was having major back spasms on Saturday & popping aspirin like candy-didn’t drink or smoke much because of it.

Went to a party on Saturday with 5 local bands-a lot of fun-good bands-lotsa people I knew-LOUD, LOUD, LOUD. I’m glad I had my earplugs…The usual stuff for me at parties, though I did meet a nice woman close to my age (didn’t get her phone number, though.) Oh well-I’ll see if one of her friends will give it to me or relay a message to her. Blew out a tire that night & couldn’t get it off-shredded it driving home-my car is now in the shop-I was/am PISSED…

Watched the space shuttle on TV last night-they brought in the Hubble telescope-it was SO COOL to have pictures of them doing it-the NASA channel is da kine! If you can get it, leave it on during missions-they will often point the camera down…it is SO COOL!

Been watching a lot of TV lately & listening to talk radio-what’s up with that? Maybe I’m getting up the nerve to call Marilyn Kagan with all my problems…Who knows???

Daily posting-2/6/1997

Uh, heh, heh, heh, uh, he said “butt”…heh, heh, heh. Hey, folx! How are y’all today? Good, I hope…I’m the same, just a different day. The past two weeks have been uneventful-painted my nails & toes, started going back to the Blue Cafe & M Bar-a few times, Jabbz a few times (l8, l8, l8), ate, worked, slept, watched TV, flew my kite. Exciting, n’est ce pas?

One of my work buddies (Glen Eichenblatt-hi Glen!) just adopted a baby & we went out with a few friends-sort of a guy’s baby shower. Saw the Jabbz band (Sidecar)& hung out while they were working on a tune-good stuff-tho’ I wish they’d let me participate. Tried to go skiing two weekends ago-raining-I bailed. Gamelan class started up-I’m floating, as they got a good kedjar player-so I played djegong Tuesday.

Saw the Whirling Dervishes (Mevlevi Sufi Sema ritual) two Fridays ago-amazing-I saw them two years ago with Marybelle-I got into it much, much more this time-no fundie gf to squash my stuff-I was all the way into the eye chakra by the fourth sema-and stable there. This is a big deal. Heart was like a rock-still a bit of instability during the usual daily access, but great during the pull up to the eye-throat was much more stable (no shakes!). This means I can start work on tuning up the throat-great, great, great.

I cleaned up my place a bit, removed the keyboard stand, gave Diana my old LC, boxed up some of the books & stuff-email me (click here) if you want books, software, a BC vest, kbd stand, etc.

I bought a Minergy Zero Wind ultralight quadline kite last week-it’s not here yet and I’m dying for it…Meg from the Blue is leaving for New York soon-I already miss her…Diane doesn’t talk to me anymore…And…Nothing…Never mind…Bye…

Daily posting-1/16/1997

Uhhh, not much happening-on a product release crunch & the boss wants me to put in more hours-I don’t like that… Oh, whell. What’s happened? Nothing, of course. Last Thursday I saw Diana-haven’t been to that place since Judy Henske…She was her usual good self. Friday I checked Diane’s monitor-it was OK. Flew Friday, Saturday, Monday (windy! power kiting!). Went to the Blue Fri & Sat after flying. It’s been rainy, but it’s sunny today-hopefully I can fly later. I’ve been a total jel-nothing but listening to Pink Floyd, work, TV, eat, sleep and fly. I’m sinking down, down, down. Interesting dreams and the usual emotional garbage… Haven’t heard from Diane since Saturday-and not much even then. I am so through with women-if they want me, they’ll have to get me-I’m not doin’ nuttin’! (if you’re female, email me (click here)…) Out.

Daily posting-1/9/1997

Well, here we are again-your basic workday…So, what’s happening, you ask? Whattya think has happened-nothing! I didn’t go out New Year’s. Set up Diane’s computer that Thursday, flew over the weekend, Monday (went to the Blue afterwards-Meg is going to NYC) and yesterday. The rest has been work and laze, laze, laze. I had an interesting nighttime experience a few days ago-basically the result of too much caffeine too close to bedtime. Oh well-it was fun and enlightening. Not a lot else-Diana is playing at Genghis Cohen tonight, Diane left a candle burning on her monitor all night and called me at 1:30am freaking…I’ll visit her today to see what’s up with it… Uhhh, back to work-that’s it-bye!

Daily posting-12/30/1996

Monday, blue Monday.Another week-even though Wednesday is a holiday… So what’s happened? Not a lot-Christmas at my parents-the usual slow day with them-no really awesome presents-I really didn’t ask for much. Thursday I brought dinner to Diane-she just moved into a new apartment. We went out after that-I got home late & woke up sick as a dog! I got a call Friday afternoon-ACLU’s server crashed all the way. I had to work on it all weekend-fortunately we got it mostly all back-I had to hack into the dead drives to get 2 files out-no problem. Glen was so grateful… What else? Not a lot-the usual emotional stuff I’m going through right now-I’ve gotta talk this out with her. Some interesting dreams. My life is pretty small as far as events go-no plans yet for New Year’s. No flying since a week Saturday…That’s all folks!

Daily posting-12/23/1996

Hey! I’m finally doing this regularly again (I should make a habit of it…) Oh whell. So, how was my weekend??? I flew Friday afternoon (OK winds), stayed at home that night, read some. Lazed around Saturday-flew from 2 to 6 or so. The wind was great! I flew into the dark and had a blast. Talked to Diane 1ish-her life is all squared away again. I wish I could say that… Delivered a poster to my parents and went to a party that night. The usual I guess-the last party in that place…up ’til 6, good fun was had by all, I think. One of guys was a flyer!!!!! Sunday I was hung over…slept all day. Chatted with Diane late-she was working. So what’s up with all that & me? I wish I knew. I’m trying not to dwell on it too much, but it’s tough. Today’s work as usual, trying to get it all done by the end of the year-not going to happen, as I don’t have a dedicated tester.

Daily posting-12/20/1996

I finally am getting around to this-my life, and time is slipping like sand or water through my hands….

What to write about since September??? Quite a bit has happened, but in many respects, nothing at all has happened. Such is my life… Here’s what’s up in a factual list (this is culled from memories and journal entries): I got my kitchen, bathroom, trim and couches done, put up some pictures, got a new TV, took my bookshelf out of the living room, got rid of a bunch of books and stuff, cleaned up closets, etc.-the place looks nice. Worked out for a while, stopped, flew my kite regularly for a while, stopped (went flying Tues.-I felt much better afterwards). Went to a kite convention in Oct.-the wind sucked, but good to see all those flyers. Played in the UCLA gamelan again this fall-good, but I got moved to Kedjar from Djegong-I’m still learning to be the metronome for the orchestra…It’s tough-you’re out front, and everyone knows when you screw up… Haven’t been to the Blue Cafe in a while-maybe Sunday… I have a huge crush on a close friend of mine-I talk to her all the time-it’s really tough when you know they don’t share the feelings…I could go on, but I won’t. Visited my sister in St.Louis over Thanksgiving-nice, but cold-her baby son is darling. Saw’em again this Tuesday when they were out for her husband’s residency interviews. Went to a party/pottery sale of a business friend-nice Xmas presents-nice to socialize with somebody other than Diane & friends (not that I don’t like that …;-) Got my Christmas cards out-received several too-Eileen is living in Santa Barbara with her boyfriend-I also went through all my old correspondence and pictures-strange-I’m thinking about looking up one of those old friends-I’m also remembering some of that era-my sister found and returned an old Christmas present that was one of the really bad memories. Big ‘ol set of stuff, huh?

I’ve been having some interesting dreams, I remember more of them. I also am having some stuff of a more esoteric nature happening-basically my telepathy is improving…In some respects this is a bad thing. I’m also going through a lot of mental and emotional turmoil-this crush has affected me deeply. I live a very isolated life-I see only a few people and most of my time is spent at home-this certainly has its effect, too. I’m playing my guitar more now-my rhythm has improved a lot since moving to Kedjar-I’m thinking of starting a band… Another party tomorrow (Sat.)-I hope I don’t do what I did last Saturday…Eeeek.

That’s it! Exciting, eh? Yeah, right… Oh well, what can I say?

Daily posting-9/12/1996

Well, it looks like this journal is getting updated every two weeks or so…it’s not like I’ve done things more often than that.

So, what’s happened to me since 8/24? I haven’t cleaned my house, car or clothes. I really should. No matter. Work is the usual… I bought a Revolution 1.5 (quadline kite) and have flown it a few times-it’s a blast-much more versatile than a dual line, though the tricks are different. I’m finally getting my kitchen, bathroom and trim done. I’ve been thinking about getting rid of lots of my stuff-soon…I’m watching more TV and playing vidgames. The usual Blue Cafe stuff-etc. Lotsa good ideas. The party on 8/24 was fun-I took 2 rolls of film-the guys were happy about the pics. Working out pretty regularly, not getting out of the house except on weekends. My parents moved-that’s about all from this locale… Oh, I got a letter printed in the Sierra Club activist newsletter.

Daily posting-8/24/1996

Again, time slips through my hands like water…

I’m spiraling down into a cocoon, centered around my house-I haven’t been out (except for the gym & shopping) for two weeks-comes from working out of the home. I wonder what’s next… Anyways-since the last post-nothing except for work, sleep and the gym (at least my home & car are clean now!). I decided to not go out so much-and I haven’t. I did go out last night to deliver a computer to a friend-and I’ll probably go to a party tonight.

I’m planning a trip to my sister’s Thanksgiving-that’s about all the plans I have.