Daily posting-3/29/1996

Friday night spent at home-jel & online-work during the day. I’m having a lot of difficulty doing this project-all the pot I’ve smoked over the years, I guess. At least my beer tastes good…

Daily posting-3/28/1996

Another week has passed-I’m sick of working and sick of the rest. All I’ve done is work, and I HATE it. I have a HUGE deadline Monday, and I’m not even close…I have no one-the women I like don’t know I exist. What’s next, I don’t even care. Ah, but blessed sleep and oblivion awaits me. For a few hours, at least.

Daily posting-3/25/1996

(See 3/20 for explanations) It’s Monday again, and time to go to ACLU & the ‘rents. What’ve I done since last time? Not a lot-I worked Weds, Thurs, went out Thurs PM & drank too much-took Friday off. The singer at the Blue on Thurs. afternoon is lovely… Sat I took a ton of paper to recycling and flew my kite-it was unbelievably windy-I broke the T on my kite & had to fly the old one-not great, but I learned stalls with it. I went to a kite shop to get a replacement & bought another kite. Out to the Blue at night-it was fun overhearing some of the staff there talking about me… Went out to Anaheim Hills to see the comet-I need a telescope to see it properly. Sunday-laze, laze, sleep. That’s it-not much to report-I am a loner, n’est-ce pas? I have friends, but not many, and I don’t spend a lot of time with them. I have a pseudo-girlfriend, but I don’t see her much now that she told me she can’t commit. Oh well, what is life but a way to figure out who you are and what you need to remember anyways? (Also remembering those things…) Bye.

Daily posting-3/20/1996

Well, as usual, I blew the weekend off and neglected this journal. Quick summary-out Friday, skiing Saturday, sore Sunday & Monday, had to sit my parent’s dog on Sunday night, work Monday & Tuesday. My beer has come out fine, but some bottles have a little phenolic-due to bleach…Oh well. Work continues-with several projects on the horizon. No gamelan this week-UCLA is on break. Not much else, the usual. In many ways, I feel a lot like those kids who checked out in PV, but I’m old enough to know that checking out doesn’t solve your problems-it just postpones them for another 15 years… MKM is my solution, although the big score would do it too-unfortunately, one is a dream and the other is a few years off. Fortunately, I realize that this period is here for a reason, and I try not to let it get to me too much.

Daily posting-3/15/1996

Weird day-it’s sunny and hot. Mom wants me to come up Sunday night. LaTanya Anthony keeps calling-what’s up with that? I got the PW job w/Naleo. I had to go to a meeting for RDS-lasted two hours-John Lake is history. At least we got most of the open items done. Went shopping after that-Fry’s (pricing for Calibar upgrades, TR-I’s Individualist, some CD-ROMS for OS/2 & Linux, Delphi upgrade), Guitar center (search for rackmount wireless), Ralph’s (food), Blockbuster Music (vain search for Tony Levin’s new one), Morry’s (malt extract). Got home & Koyannisqatsi was waiting! kOOl!!!! I think I’ll go skiing tomorrow & drink tonight-those homebrews & the Blue Cafe are waiting…I miss Marybelle, Susan and I’d like to see Janey tonight. See ‘ya.

Daily posting-3/14/1996

Well, this is my first entry into this section-we’ll see how this goes… I’m currently under the gun on a major project-unfortunately, the clown who I need answers from isn’t getting them to me. Luckily, I was able to fill in a bit of the day with changes (bug fixes) to a finished project. Otherwise, the day has been spent working on these web pages. I was thinking about flying my kite, but decided not to. I’m also thinking about going out tonight–we’ll see. I keep wanting to drink a few from the batch of homebrew in the closet, but I’m successfully resisting that temptation. As always, KROQ is in the background-it makes me think of Susan…Later.