Feelings of Love

A feeling intense and pleasurable vibrates through my heart.

I think of you, I feel you, your image sears my soul.

Happiness is mine, happiness is yours, our fate to meet, our destiny to soar.

And when we kiss, we kiss not with our lips but with our souls.

When we look into each other’s eyes, we share the love that is forever there.

A fire burns in my chest whenever I think of you.

My dearest heart,

The time we’ve spent together is precious to me beyond words. I sit here thinking of you and your presence in my thoughts warms my heart. Being with you is joy and happiness. When we are apart, I think of when we are together.

I want this feeling to last forever. I want to be with you forever, too.

Can we make it work? I want to more than anything in the world.

We both must give of ourselves and work at making it work. We need to work at understanding, tolerance, consideration and listening to what each others’ words mean.

It is so important to me that I will do anything to make a life with you.

It is the highest in you that I respond to, and it inspires me. By us being together, not only do we respond to the best in each other, but we also cultivate that which is best in each other and ourselves.

Our love will transcend all, uniting us in divine grace and building a bond that will last forever.

My love

How do I put in words my feelings for you?

When I think of you my heart leaps to the sky.

When I see you I am enveloped in joy.

When I’m near you I fly to the stars.

I think of you always, and my life is better for it.

A prayer for you is always in my heart, and I am comforted by your presence in my life.

I wish to share my life with you, and for you to share your life with me.

Love can overcome all obstacles, break down all barriers, and transcend all differences.

Through our mutual love, we will rise to the heavens.

Shiva’s Dance

The death of cool

the loss of pretense

tear the mask from my face

rip my soul from its place

the birth of a fool

I’ll do anything to be here no matter what the cost

I know that I am lost

give me some time and you’ll see

shiva’s dance-to destroy and create

at once we’re gone, now it’s too late

I’ll say to you, all things I’ll do if you will just tell me the truth

shiva’s dance-of life and death

it’s much too late-take your last breath

I give you mine-to save your soul

just please don’t go

I need you now

do you know what’s in my mind

do you know what I can find

talk to me please I need to know

My dear you tease or should I just go.

Vision & voice

Left in the dust, a ring and a waterdrop.

Twin objects entwined

The breeze in time covers the gleaming circle

The waterdrop world shrinks and disappears, our own

Vision, voice