Christmas is close, plus a snowpocalypse.

And we have the decorations out, but no tree yet. I think we have most of the presents for the kids.

Another weekend over. Pretty quiet-Fri. was home, S to bed, very tired. Asleep early. Sat., up, school meeting, E to hairdresser’s, S to friends’ and the Nutcracker. Libe, sat and read, get E, lunch at Pizzicato, browse, shop, bins, pick up S, dinner, S to bed, watch drone racing. Up Sun., skipped church, cleaned the house, watched more drone racing. E and S home, clean more-wash, vacuum, tidy, dishes, dinner, fold clothes, S to bed, and here we are. To bed late, up on time, to work, work, one of the people in our group is leaving. I discovered that E’s reading glasses work for my right eye only (my left eye is fine up close, bad long, and the right one is fine long), so I took out the left lens, and now reading, phone and computer screens are super crisp.

So, home, sis got us a Christmas gift that got recalled, dinner, S to bed, check out the Mirage (working great), laundry and dishes, bed. Up, missed bus, alternate route, work. Gonna snow tomorrow afternoon. Home, dinner, S to bed, laundry-really the same ‘ol…

And Weds. was awfully fun. Got to work, work, started snowing about 1ish. Left about 2:30, thought taking a different route home. Big. Mistake. When Portland gets snow, everything locks up, and in this case, everyone left for home at the same time-the map was a sea of red. I sat on a bus for an hour to get to downtown. Another hour to get to another bus. That bus went onto snow route, so I got off and walked to get another bus. Waited, and waited, so I walked. 3 miles in a snowstorm. Nice to have those crampons. The 3 mile walk was the shortest bit of the trip. It was nice, though, quiet, and I was properly dressed. Brought back memories of walking back from the Jadrych’s in high school. M likes it too. Saw one big crash at the bottom of a closed hill. And a jackknifed truck at the bottom of the hill by our apartment.

Working from home Thu., got the car from a friends’, shopped, home, work. The usual work from home. Going out to get a laptop for E-failed. It’s getting slushy. More work, dinner, S to bed. Woke up early, E was snoring, so no sleep. Easy in, snowy and icy, but crampons rock. Work.

I have a big list of things to do, and a gamelan party tonight.


December 12th, 2016

In a room in a big house, make a mess everywhere, some people comment on how big it was. Go get some stuff to clean it up, there’s water coming from the ceiling. Try to reroute it, there’s more coming from the other side. Keep trying and nothing’s helping. Go outside to find out what’s going on.

December 11th, 2016

Fighting with David Bowie and some girl. I’m trying not to hit them, but somehow my knee gets into the girl’s face, she loses some teeth and I get blood on my leg.

December 10th, 2016

At Home Depot, buying a big steel/lead bar and a bunch of other stuff. The guy can’t ring it up and we go back to the lumber yard. I leave. Go through a big interchange, walk across the grass and try to figure out what’s going on.

Snow? Snow! No snow… Snow! and Ice.

So they said it was going to snow, but no snow. Well, maybe a little in the air, but mostly rain.

OK, so this weekend: clean, shop, church, libe. Quiet on Fri., made my bus. Cleaned Sat., E slept very late. Got the porch cleaned up-they sent us a nastygram. Pulled the xmas stuff out of the closet. Late up Sat., the thing. Church Sun., shop w/E, all over. Tired, so tired from shopping. Dinner, S to bed, work, bed, up today, no snow. Another work day, home, phone meeting, dinner, S to bed, laze, tidy, bed. Up again, another day, kind of restless, having trouble recalling my dreams-need to write them down right away.

OK, so Weds.-very cold, potluck at work-the container for the fruit salad opened all over the bottom of my bag and my pants. Aargh-had to clean it up. Work, potluck-ate too much. Hard to work, but got stuff done. E picked me up and it took an hour to get home. Gamelan-cleaning the room, drinking beer. Home, snack, bed. Up this morning, WFH. No snow until 11, then a bit, then more, then freezing rain. Got work done. Phone demo up next-done-everyone likes it. Dinner, S to bed, work on WP upgrade, changed theme. To bed, up-no school, S up early. Left early, just caught the bus, no train, got off to go to the 75, no 75, 33 to 99 to downtown, 77 cancelled, walked to the 15, just made it. E gave me crampon-like shoe slip-ons-like chains for your feet. They work great. No one else from my group is here. Got stuff done.

This is pretty cool. I like cool maps-for many years I had the State of World Atlas, they updated it, and need to do it again. I have a few things to do this weekend-the usual, but a few more, and I need to get to the tidying and pick up some books at the libe.

December 6th, 2016

At 30700, in the family room, Mathias tries to punch me and it’s weak. I demonstrate a strong one, then start piling pillows to try to punch the bottom one out. I can’t get a good stack after a bunch of tries. We go outside to do the same thing with cars.

I’m riding on the front bumper going down the 224. I’m yelling at the driver (Al?) to pull off because I’m afraid a cop will stop us. He finally pulls over and I get into the back.

December 4th, 2016

In a campsite, hanging out. The assistant principal comes by and we hurry to hide all the pot stuff. I’m trying to organize everything as he comes up.

The next holiday

is barreling it’s way towards us. I have a week enforced holiday-hopefully there will be lots of snow so we can go to the mountain and ski. M and S want to learn.

Anyways, the president-elect is at it again with the Twitter, and is picking people to ruin the gov’t. The Greens are doing recounts in flipped states-like that means anything. I chatted with an old school friend this morning. I’m trying to sell all my extra music gear.
Yesterday was work, home, dinner, S to bed, computer, me to bed. Trying to diminish the number of unread printed things I have. Then on to the boxes of paper. Then more purging. I think I’m in good shape, and as the tidy lady says: first your stuff.

Hopefully I’ll end up with tidy-I read the tidying book, and maybe that will be a pointed stick. Getting rid of unused music stuff is a big start too, as it’s all consolidated into the Kronos, QY and guitar gear now. Better, because it’s all integrated and in one place-I can improve my piano, and have a place to record at the same time. The only thing left is a way to do sampling in the field-I have a 58, but it has to be attached to the Kronos-a portable recorder is in my future-Zoom or Tascam, Tascam or Zoom?

OK, so work, home, long phone meeting, S to bed, yummy dinner, bed. I wanted to practice piano, but no. Finished up 3 magazines, working on a Chinese philosophy book and one on Masonry. Up, work, home-missed bus, E on a thing, sold the QY for $40. S to bed, dinner, bed. Finished the t’ai chi book, halfway through the masonry book-it’s basically Anthro in Masonic form, written in 1922. Slowly making my way through the dream book.



December 1st, 2016

Trying to get into a stadium where a concert is happening-we’re sound staff. Have to sneak in, go up to the sound guys for the event and ask for badges. The guy says we don’t need them and walks away. I climb up the seats, following a marching band. I switch to the stairs, but it’s really steep and the stairs are tiny. I’m scared of falling. Cross over and get to a landing, and the control booth for the stadium’s sound system. Go to the door and they joke about smoking pot.