Daily posting-11/7/2006

Well, I’ve blown this off for almost 3 months-busy, not really caring. When you’ve been blogging for 10 years, it’s hard to get motivated, especially when it’s clear no one reads it. I suppose someone will Google something and I’ll get a zillion hits. That seems to be the way things go now. In a youtube world, everyone gets their 15 minutes, but you can’t tell if that will end up being at 3am on a Tuesday. Onwierd. So, the past 3 months.

My exciting life: It’s been an alternately eventful and “same ‘ol” past few months. Luckily I keep an event journal so I can enumerate. Got an illuminated bocce set, Goodwill, Iridium flare, new computer at work, worked at school setting up laptops, Jerry’s Deli, Fry’s, swimming, got a bunch of dental work done-a crown. New computer, scooters and bikes for the kids, help put heavy blackboards in at school, swim, set up more computers, shop, Matt got a bee sting, big check, LA county fair, Matt had a temperature, recorded Bill Foster’s band. Kids stayed at grandparents-comedy show, try to set up school webcam, memorial for Joyce Dusenberry, set up church banner, Peppino’s, Goodwill, lunch at Bill Foster’s, Fatburger, book fair, kid’s birthday at a gymnastics place, SuperMex, started teaching Tai Chi, game night at church, kid’s fair, Ikea, Jerry’s Deli, teach 7th graders computers for 2 weeks, ripped my entire CD collection onto my nw computer, kids sleepover, Peppino’s, pumpkin patch, short cold. Jazz night at church, circle supper, set up altar for the Day of the Dead at church, prep for church painting, school harvest festival, Halloween-trick or treat at Top of the World, put church back after painting, remove banner. And the usual: work, school, church. Erika takes the boys to school most days-I miss playing with the Kindergartners. She has a blog, too, and is working part time at school. Listening to the Bardo Thodol in the car. I have a zillion songs on my computer, so it’s this amazing eclectic radio station when I put it on random.

Issues and current events: well, it’s been eventful on this front as well. Today is the day the GOP loses the House and maybe the Senate. Bush is now a lame duck president. Iraq is a quagmire, Republicans are getting kicked out of Congress and religious leaders are getting disgraced. But bread and circuses dominate the news cycle. Anything to distract from the real problems plaguing this country-corruption, corporate control, the loss of habeas corpus, a war no one wants, and we rank 53rd in press freedom. We are SO going down.

TV: Not much-I just heard Britney’s filing for divorce. Surprised it lasted that long… Doogie Howser’s gay. Getting South Park by computer, which is kQQl. Saw the YouTube of Kirstie Alley’s new body. Yow! I hate extreme makeover home-it’s tragedy of the day. Borat is amazing.

Links and downloads:Word count, visual thesaurus, cool clock animation, bunch of live stuff: internet archive, zinf, audioactive, dbpoweramp, alf, audio crusher, random mp3 player, mkw.

Page 23, Sentence 5: “A self-conscious giggle rippled throughout the group as they responded in unison, “Just about every room in the house.”Spoiling Childhood


Looking at the water inside some fish pond. There are tiny turtles-I call over M to look. A fish comes and eats a few of them. I move over to the other side of the pond.


In a gym playing tennis. In a nightclub, Rush is doing a show, noonish, they play, but music is still coming from overhead. They stop, I start yelling out suggestions, leave a conversation with Alex about speakers.


Trying to get lost luggage, flag a ride from a cart, walk upstairs, try to find UAL-they have “suites”. Go down a slippery escalator, someone greets me, shows me the form, I start filling it out. Sarah Ferguson walks by, I call E to tell her, she’s here, sees her walk by again, we go upriver. Some guy is climbing up a pile of stuff that’s falling into the river, some boat comes past us.
Watch some guy work with cool audio software.


Walking down some small street, go to each bar and a DJ/radio station looking for DJ’s, into some bar in the back. To my apt-some guy barfing outside, watch a fight.


At school ready to teach class-spill something, realize I don’t remember driving there. Walk away, call E-she says I was talking about something with John and I slept all the way there. I go into a room and sit down on a couch with Oprah and talk about Waldorf education.


Walking outside some office-go in-it’s AT&B post buyout. Look around for people I know. See John P-ignore him-walk out. He follows and we have a pushing match.