At 30700 after a trip, putting stuff away. Trying to hide the porn envelope. Mom comes in to help put a desk together. Dad comes in with gifts. In an apartment cleaning up and throwing stuff away. The lock doesn’t work-find the key and it’s OK. Go outside and they’re trying to add to the water table, but it’s coming up a dead tree. I say to chop it down. Another tree gets radically pruned.
In a bus, running into cars and flipping over. Finally get the bus stopped and the cops are there. Walking around looking at wild animals-stalking cats, etc. Get chased by a wolf. Go back and one of them follows. We freeze and it passes.

Daily posting-12/20/1996

I finally am getting around to this-my life, and time is slipping like sand or water through my hands….

What to write about since September??? Quite a bit has happened, but in many respects, nothing at all has happened. Such is my life… Here’s what’s up in a factual list (this is culled from memories and journal entries): I got my kitchen, bathroom, trim and couches done, put up some pictures, got a new TV, took my bookshelf out of the living room, got rid of a bunch of books and stuff, cleaned up closets, etc.-the place looks nice. Worked out for a while, stopped, flew my kite regularly for a while, stopped (went flying Tues.-I felt much better afterwards). Went to a kite convention in Oct.-the wind sucked, but good to see all those flyers. Played in the UCLA gamelan again this fall-good, but I got moved to Kedjar from Djegong-I’m still learning to be the metronome for the orchestra…It’s tough-you’re out front, and everyone knows when you screw up… Haven’t been to the Blue Cafe in a while-maybe Sunday… I have a huge crush on a close friend of mine-I talk to her all the time-it’s really tough when you know they don’t share the feelings…I could go on, but I won’t. Visited my sister in St.Louis over Thanksgiving-nice, but cold-her baby son is darling. Saw’em again this Tuesday when they were out for her husband’s residency interviews. Went to a party/pottery sale of a business friend-nice Xmas presents-nice to socialize with somebody other than Diane & friends (not that I don’t like that …;-) Got my Christmas cards out-received several too-Eileen is living in Santa Barbara with her boyfriend-I also went through all my old correspondence and pictures-strange-I’m thinking about looking up one of those old friends-I’m also remembering some of that era-my sister found and returned an old Christmas present that was one of the really bad memories. Big ‘ol set of stuff, huh?

I’ve been having some interesting dreams, I remember more of them. I also am having some stuff of a more esoteric nature happening-basically my telepathy is improving…In some respects this is a bad thing. I’m also going through a lot of mental and emotional turmoil-this crush has affected me deeply. I live a very isolated life-I see only a few people and most of my time is spent at home-this certainly has its effect, too. I’m playing my guitar more now-my rhythm has improved a lot since moving to Kedjar-I’m thinking of starting a band… Another party tomorrow (Sat.)-I hope I don’t do what I did last Saturday…Eeeek.

That’s it! Exciting, eh? Yeah, right… Oh well, what can I say?


Just got a motorcycle-driving around. Doing OK. Go for a hill and a turn-blow it and the gear changes. Have to pedal past some cute girls speaking French. See dad and go up to an office. I sit around them leave.
Walking aroundwith mom and sis to go shop. It starts raining hard. Take shelter-not working, they leave, I find better shelter. It stops-I keep walking. End up in a hall registering for classes at Miami. Walk around looking for a catalog and with U.S. guys and teachers.


In Chicago. Everybody is mean to each other as I’m walking around. I look and weird flying things are contaminating the air. I try to filter and get out of town but they descend. I go inside and try to shut them out and kill intruders. People are acting silly.
In Mexico City with dad. At a party or restaurant walking around showing off my Newton and explaining how it works. We leave and 2 girls want a ride. Dad’s drunk and I say I’m driving as he screws up driving. The girls are going to Cancun.


I’m a cop wandering around the mall-up and down the stairs, through the restaurant-take on and off my uniform. Go back through the apartment area with someone.
At an office with dad and others. Walk around another office and some guy isn’t there yet. With a woman looking for a band-aid. She faints and comes back.
At a ranch demoing a defanged dinosaur robot. I try to climb some fake tree stump. A chained alligator comes after us as we go inside.


Taking an IQ test with a bunch of others. Get distracted, finish and chat with the teacher (Janet G) about the essay questions and stuff. We’re going through the old school stuff and she gives me what’s in her files. She wonders why I didn’t get into sculpture-says I’m crazy about science. I didn’t have much school souvenirs because I culled them ruthlessly. Find an old camera with film in it. Go through folders and put my address on one (30700) for her.


Skiing in Colorado-some small hill. Go to some lot, read about some historical project. Sleep, get up and talk to some guy, go find mom. Guy tells me of some car auction-I have no money.
At the beach-a kite festival in the future, read, comment, smoke, walk up the beach. All sorts of funky watercraft. Get to the end, get wet, turn around.
At a golf course, try to get a lesson. The guy is clueless. Swing around, guys harass me while I’m swinging.


At 30700, looking at planes passing, one comes low and slow and crashes. I run but too much debris. I call 911 but they’re closed.
At US walking around. See some old college friends while trying to visit Doc Thomas. Walking up some hill-get a bunch of bud and transfer it into a new baggie.


Flying-follow x-files leads. Flying lessons, look for an airport. Go to military-they see a mole or a UFO sighting. Follow, Superman shows up, tries to pick my pocket. I set down, get attacked by a dog, can’t fly now.


Dad is driving a bus. A pretty blond girl on a bike gets cut off by him. I help her hang on and get in the bus. We hit it off and go under a tree-messy. We go back to the house and look at pictures. I meet her grandfather and we make plans to get lunch at an expensive place-she’s rich-Susan is freaking about it. We get ready to use my computer. She has to go back. I walk out on the beach for a bit-it’s windy and I think about kiteflying.
At PIC-I’m working for them. Working on the server-wouldn’t start. Take it apart-no go. All PC’s on the circuit don’t work. I clean up a Mac and SE. Start the server-OK, but not on the net and the backup is giving errors.