Kite Festival

This is a list of the stuff you need to put on a kite festival-when I was flying all the time this is what I daydreamed about…

Comp stuff
pavilion; 2 tables; 3 chairs; caution tape; generator, gas, oil; 50’ power cables; 2 6 power strips; 10 u skb rack; amp; cd player, tape player, multi cd player; mike & stand & cable; 4 ch mixer; 2 ch wireless w/4 headsets & handsets; 2 speakers; 2 stands; 100’ speaker cables; 2x 24 stakes & 3’ rebar, 1200’ rope & flags; hammer; computer & printer & ups; plywood frame for results & schedule
6 banner poles, 6 banners, 15 small flags & poles, 3 small spinners, 3 big spinners, bubble machine, 4 twirlies & poles, other windgarden stuff
trilobite, bear, kitty, penguin, natalie’s legs, 3 flowforms, gecko, salamander, 2 fugu, caterpillar, octopus, squid, ray, 2 small bol, 2 large bol, 3 ghost, 4 gibian, beachballs, 5 rok, crowns, arch, frog, other smaller ones, 2 tetrafoil
Line laundry
streamers, bols, baskets, spinners, kap & candy drop, tubetails, tubes, drogues, socks
bags, line, anchors, small & large biners, pilots

Chopper build

I’ve always wanted to build a chopper-here’s a list of the stuff you need.

engine, carb, air cleaner, oil pump, wiring harness, charger, coil, spark plugs & wires, battery, starter, solenoid, alternator, voltage regulator, exhaust pipes, ignition, transmission, primary drive & belt, rear drive & pulley, frame, gas tank & hose & cap, front fender, rear fender, oil tank & hose, front fork, triple tree, rear shock, hand controls, handlebars & risers, grips, front wheel, rear wheel, pulley, front brakes, disc & cable, rear brakes, disc & cable, forward controls & cable, throttle, headlight, brake light, front turn signals, rear turn signals, horn, mirrors, seat, kickstand, license plate frame
TIG, arc, spot, wire feed, acetylene welders; die, table & hand grinders, dry & wet sanders, buffers; impact, torque, box, allen wrenches; band, table saw; paint room; airbrush, compressor; screwdrivers; chisels; plasma torch; soldering iron; clamps; tap & die set; drills-hand, press, bits; sand blaster; multimeter; razors
shims, oil, lock tite, metal treat, primer, filler, grade 8 bolts, pinstripe, masking tape, silicon, heat shrink tubing, wire, connectors, tie wraps, brake cleaner, acetone, gasket remover, metal polish, wax, detergent, chrome polish, antiseize, seals, JB weld, gaskets, hose clamps, cotter pins, o rings, fuses, electrical tape, banjo bolts, brake line fittings, spacers

Pilates gear, mat routine instructions

Pilates is a wonderful way to get into shape. All you really need is a mat and some space. Using a reformer can get you there faster…

Here is a list of the Pilates equipment: Reformer, Cadillac, Arm Chair, Wunda Chair, Electric Chair, Ladder Barrel, Half Barrel, Guillotine Tower, Pedipole, Rollup, Mat, Breath worker, Foot Corrector, Magic Circle, Neck Stretcher, Pushup, Toe Exerciser, Twist Pole

Here are a series of instructions for doing the basic Pilates mat sequence. Booklets are available.

<coming soon>


  • catalog & disappear all my stuff
  • $1,000 per open wallet, gold from roadside trash, big lottery?
  • physical optimization: 3rd toe, shoulder, hair, back, nose, eye, ears, teeth, brain cells, fat, cartilage, tendons, musculature, bones, metabolism, digestion, brain function, flexibility, reflexes, regeneration
  • clothing: silk boxers, cotton tshirt, silk socks & garters, Italian leather shoes, Omega Globemaster, white cotton shirt-French cuffs, gold cufflinks, tie holes, gold tiepin, silk tie, Armani double breasted, suspenders
  • car: Lexus SUV, Tesla->MGB/TR6?, Volvo 940
  • finances: $1M to Swiss bank in 1931, buy 100 top NYSE gainers through present, open Caymanian bank a/c, sell stocks, xfer to bank, 200K to personal a/c
  • $9,900 cash into 6 banks to $50K each, keep onPoint at 20K; xfer to Fidelity once a month for electronic trading, drop 50% for tax into money market; get % gainers/quarter; trade 1/5 gainers, 2/5 t-bond index, 2/5 stock index; create Caymanian trusts (family 50% to 15M, kids 25% to 15M, charitable 25% ($10K donations on interest/year: each 10K goes to a different charity-base charities=Kairos, US, Miami, Kiva, ACLU?)); update trust allocations; buy houses in Alaska or Montana (earthship-4br, 2 1/2 ba, 50 acres w/river & 1/2 forest, 1/2 meadow, setup farm & landing strip), Winter Park, Jamaica/Yucatan/BVI?, apts in L.A., NY, London, Tokyo; trust owns, pays bills, does all trading. DC3 & pilot’s license?
  • Fembot, wishlist
  • real uses of mkm: ship created food to hot spots, supplies, training-create from landfills; clean up air, water, land; create & disseminate coherent, diverse, sustainable living strategies & inner development
  • purchases: laptops, tablets, pay off debts

Spaceship: 200’ diameter sphere, 6 floors

Top: Bedrooms, dome lounge, dressing/clothes rooms, bathroom/jacuzzi/sauna/steam

Main: Kitchen, dining room, living room, library, bar

Farm 1 & 2: Artificial sun/rain, dirt/pond, plants/bacteria, animals, pavilions, altar

Lower: Offices, recording studio, art studio, machine shop, gym, playroom, classroom

Bottom: Laundry, storage, waste treatment, power generation, greenhouse, HVAC, water, gravity generator

Modular synth list

SynthTech MOTM

Item # Description Rack size Cost
101 Noise generator/s&h 2 189
120 Sub-octave multiplexer 2 189
190 VCA 1 199
3x19a Rackmount rails 144
2×300 VCO 4 658
320 VC-LFO 2 159
380 Quad LFO 1 129
420 VCF 2 219
510 Wave warper 2 269
650 MIDI-CV converter 2 499
2×800 ADSR 1 218
950 Power supply 3 169
910 Multi panel 1 119
3xSKB 5u rack 567
Total 3,727