January 11th, 2018

Driving to a thing with Alan W and a girl. She sits across my lap and I get aroused. We get home and he wants me to pay for gas, but he’s almost out. We drive to the gas station. I get out and he’s paying already. He says I’ll pay when we get home.

January 10th, 2018

Talking with Andy Summers about his work style. Go into a room that has a ton of gear piled everywhere. Help him get things running by moving stuff around and jiggling plugs. He’s describing everything all along. Walk around the shelves and stuff is piled around a washer and dryer. There’s an open area with pillows-he asks me to find an Am. I step on them and find it. We do this a few more times.

Going to some sort of throwing competition-talk to a huge whale-like being but he’s judging, and the chief is coming now to pick him up. I see his car, jump down and go out the back way through fields. I will myself to fly and get there quickly. I walk in with James and Michael and it’s a Ren Faire. Walk to the Ravenclaw compound and ignore the chiefs. Find out Erika wasn’t let in and go down to Erika’s group-they’re climbing all over a stage structure and spraying water everywhere.

The new year isn’t so new after all

Ack. Another post already! I have nothing to say. It’s the new year, and I’m trepidacious, both personally and as a society. Time well tell. “Waiting brings fullness.” I read that book many times, wishing I could have Michael’s powers. Still kinda do, but I realize the awesome responsibility that accompanies them-now all I want is time to develop what I have, and the ability to do that (read ca$h). So tip the writer!

Saturday. Spent too much money-we’re in deep this month again-send us $$$, please and thank you.

So. W/o last night, sleep in, tidy, shop. Writing this on an iPad from work-so easy and elegant.
Christmas Eve-church, freezing rain, then snow! Nap, sort of, w/o, fondue for dinner, walk outside with M, shower, laundry. We’re going to watch Alien: Covenant. It wasn’t bad.

Christmas was…Christmas. At least S didn’t get up super early. So, opened presents-got Dune!, some other stuff. Lazed, napped, dinner, bed. Up today, work-started on the new project, setup, ready to go. Dishes, laundry, watch skiing, bed. Up, work, kids to dentist, more work. Laundry, dishes. Thurs.-work, dentist-not as good as the kids, but nice clean teeth! Fri., work, shop, w/o w/o M, dinner late, up late watching South Park. Up, lazy, tidy, laundry.

Sunday-New Year’s Eve, church, M to libe, Fubonn, pickup M, shop, w/o, dinner, watch New York ball drop. Quiet New Year’s Day-had to go out suddenly at 8 PM to get snow boots for S. Back to work today-forgot to do something over the break…and it’s fragile, and slow. Friday-started early, which means leaving early, which means home early. M is sick, E is sick, I hope I don’t get sick. Dreamed about making out with Linda F.

And it’s Monday. Pretty quiet weekend, skipped w/o Friday, lazy Sat., church Sun., libe, shop, lazy, worked out solo, bed, up, work. home, dinner, watch skiing, bed. Schiffrin is on another level.

Links. brighter side: It’s Not Our Job to Choose Who Deserves Help, Positive Things That Happened In 2017 For People Tired Of Negative News, A high school football team took a knee and then all hell broke loose. Not so bright: A Year With Trump, Donald Trump is a dangerously weak president, Is Trump an ‘Aspiring Despot’ or a ‘Bumbling Showman’? Why Not Both?, Damage Bigly, Seymour Melman and the New American Revolution, 5 Big Myths Sold by the Defenders of Capitalism, It’s Been an Open Secret All Along

Page 23, Sentence 5: “That’s number six this week alone.”, Alone Against Tomorrow

Listening to:

Jefferson Starship, The Band, Nathan Youngblood (with Steve Roach), Black Sabbath, Material, George Clinton, Jefferson Starship, Jane’s Addiction, Venerable Showers of Beauty, Material, Veruca Salt, Motörhead, The Black Iris Militia, Orbital, Biosphere, Bill Bruford, Harold Budd & Brian Eno, Megadeth, Public Image Ltd, Rush, Steven Halpern, Salt, Gamelan, Aphex Twin, Afrika Bambaataa, Brian Eno, Alexei Borisov, Thomas Dolby, Talvin Singh, Bartok, Venerable Showers of Beauty, Earth, I-Tal, Psychic TV, Madrugada 8, The Future Sound Of London, Babe The Blue Ox, Tori Amos, Jakszyk & Fripp and Collins, Anugama, Return to Forever, Blue Man Group

January 8th, 2018

In a churchyard, start walking out, an angel of snow starts pelting me. I start yelling stuff, and it tries to hit me harder. I yell more, and a man that’s constantly changing who he is appears and takes me by the arm. (I woke up, and a big portal has sharp and long teeth opening and closing, then words showing on top of each other.)

January 7th, 2018

Walk into a shop. Look at the pipes, etc. Think about getting something, leave. Walk around, go back in, talk to the guy and line up some pot and ask about rolling papers. He starts on the pot, and shows me where the papers are. They don’t have the right ones, and I look at the selection and choose one. He goes back and I look at the various bins of pot.

January 4th, 2018

Driving down an icy street-it’s slippery, and I engage fulltime 4wd. It’s much easier. Turn down a steep snowy hill. Cars are sliding all over the place. Get to the bridge at the bottom of the hill, stop. Talk to a runner (Nicole Curtis?), and watch a biker go up the hill, fall over and get hit by a car coming down. Go down the bridge embankment with her and run down the riverbank. We come up to a road and go along it.

Driving down a country road. There are buffalo ahead and I stop to let them get into the field. Come up to a steep embankment and turn to go down a lesser slope to the road. Go down the road and a bunch of animals come up and bite me as I’m walking. I try to swat them away, but they keep coming.

January 3rd, 2018

By a river that’s starting to flood. Talking to Sara about playing flutes-I try her’s and it’s pretty nice. I offer to teach her. The water is rising, and we’re in a tree. All our stuff is on a platform, and papers are going into the water. The water recedes, and we climb down and walk away.

At US, going to a thing, but we need to sign in. We need fake names, and there’s a phone book there. I look for names that start with Eric.

January 1st, 2018

Watching an Olympic kite event from Japan. The pilots are on a field inside a stadium. I go around the perimeter. They’re using revs that are on stiff wires. John B. is at a table with sticks working out a routine.

December 31st, 2017

At a restaurant, talking to some co-workers and a girl. I go to the bathroom, and look into her bedroom. It’s all race cars and someone says she’s trans. I also see some kites and I go out to talk to her about that. I keep talking to someone else and getting blank stares. Some exec talks about her being a poly.