Getting ready to go somewhere with Diane. Get all ready then go swimming-small pool-we do laps. She comes over and interferes with me while talking to Meg. We lean against each other.


Talking to a girl at an office-pretending I’m sick. Some guy comes in and out. I go down to the office. take a shower. Someone’s using oxygen and acetylene for stuff.


Climbing up some building-a plane circles the platform I’m on. I look to jump to avoid it hitting. It finally crashes into a building-I go look at it.
Over at Al B’s smoking pot. We have to get the bongs out. I hide mine but we don’t leave yet.


In an open air office. looking at a file about insurance fraud and stuff. I’m dead and can’t control myself. I fiddle with the lock on the door. I sit down to pee and get hassled for the file I read. I go to the owners and we talk.


At Blue parking lot, messing with phone system. Go out to car to get money, ding the next car, go back. The Blue is under construction-go back to work on phones.
Messing at PIC, going through files, they want to paint, asking about insurance as I go through old insurance files.


At the summit for Israel-talking to the negotiator. They solve it-I shake hands and walk out with them to a courtyard.
Playing racquetball with mom with hands on a sloping court. I go up and down to get the balls. Some of her friends come by.
In a hotel getting room reservations-go up to room-small and plain.