Hang out with some guy, walk down the hall with big checks saying, “Let’s party.”

Getting ready to go to a party with my rents. They say I’m out of beer. I know I’m not, but I look and they’re right.


Walk up to some school. Teachers are sitting outside saying that no one has shown up. I go in and check it out-3 classrooms have people in them. I go out and tell them this. We go in and choose the advanced class. I get back a test. It’s ungraded, but there’s a huge pick of papers attached. I start reading, it looks like a critique of me and excerpts from my files. The teacher starts going over the test.


In Newport driving around. Go to some fancy hotel to sleep. Sit at the lunch counter. Go on a tour and look at some deserted hotel. Look at a weird map. Get ready to go on a cruise.

In some house with a mini horse. The ‘rents & Al B says that my binoculars are his that I ripped off long ago. He may be right. They leave me alone at home.

In some town. Playing @ someone’s house & the wall covering comes down. We try to put it up again unsuccessfully.

March 29th, 1996

Walking through Shoreline Park trying to avoid kites and swings.

Checking out where a new airport went in-out by Ontario.

Get to some event early. I have to wander around a city stairs and ramps.

March 28th, 1996

At Miami U ready to start class but have to walk across campus. Start walk-hard to do. Get waylaid by a carful of students. pick up a kid and walk to some boat covered with renles? Some woman calls a spell to go across, puts the sun out. We climb across.

At 30700 in my room, looking out and seeing planes coming at me. Get scared and wake up hard.

March 27th, 1996

In a big house playing some role-playing game. Some guy chases me and I cut his head off to give someone else time. I go back to find him and chat with the help.

Driving to some event with the ‘rents. Dad puts the car down some hill and I get it back out. I drive down into some trees and a cop comes and checks me out.

At round some place skating around. Start messing around w/Roger C. Soak him and he tries to soak me. Skate around practicing hockey.

March 24th, 1996

At some US tennis match-championships. Me and mom sit down with other alums-the court is screwed up and the match is delayed.

I’m in a school van driving to school and picking up kids. We start cleaning the van and get half finished before it’s used again.

At US with several alums. We walk around looking for a schedule. Get into admissions and I get a badge. Some kid says he’s going to jump out the windows and begins to open the window and climb out. I get to him just as he jumps. I see the body parts separate. We get the hell out of there.

March 23rd, 1996

At 30700, some weird new age set of 4 stations to save the world. So/am, Africa ??? and Bali. The cute tiger for Bali comes alive and we commune until sunrise. I start the sunrise Starship song.

In some idiotic TV contest-final game is to make some junk and win the contest. Other guy wins-I’m pissed. I take off my clothes and split.

March 22nd, 1996

Trip on some new drug-a gel that you can inhale or drink. I trip in some bathroom with some guy’s stuff. I sit down, then wander around. I go into the girl’s bathroom mistakenly and chat with Meg.

At some bank, watch someone get +amerd money order. Get some pachange from Glenn J with a newsletter in it.