At some lake with the rents and “Peanuts” characters. On a dock, looking at fish in the water. I jump in, then into an inner tube. Get pushed by the boat around the lake. In the marina, they’re going to admit another female.

At a stable, start getting really friendly with one of the horses. Go around and the horse follows me. There’s some hospice there for dying people.

In an office/house? Get mag on some battle with an aging soldier. I shoot him a bunch of times and he finally dies.


@ 30700, dad wants to do all this stuff-camping, concerts, etc. I tell him maybe. Some kid is in trouble-he takes the kid out to where the guys to get him a crave. I sit watch, then go to intervene if necessary.

Wandering around somewhere with Marceline and others. We stop at some house and go inside to look at it. She introduces herself to some people and I sit in the foyer and play guitar. I go in and start playing. A ton of US types come in with US people too. I get introduced to some. Marceline disappears and the guitar is stringless. I sit down in a clone of my blue chair. There’s a girl behind it hiding and singing with old ammwer? I go behind and kiss her thanks. She’s scared and folds herself into a box. I open her up and kiss her on the cheek. It takes a couple of tries, as she’s struggling and her hair gets in the way.


In some restaurant, eating baklava split up and staring at Meg-she’s making snide remarks. Some guy says how I was a great straight man but that nobody got the joke until the end. Some girl comes up and kisses me. We go back to my place (Cayman?) and she starts cleaning up.


Messing around with the gang, wandering around downtown. In some parking structure, someone tries to kill themselves-we have to walk past-we take another route. Mike comes up and I try to drive. Playing tennis with mom-she bitches about my bad play.

Walking up to the Weenie Roast, through 2 parking lots, past a lake, looking for a buyer, forget stuff, walk back to the car, wrapping on head, it’s cloudy, get plastic bag. Watch 2 guys fight with swords.

In some office, Cranberries playing next door. They want me to bounce, I say I’m going to the Weenie Roast.


Roll down the sidewalk on a unicycle, avoiding plants and stuff. Jump off and lay down. Pull out a bunch of teeth. Try to get a bird to land on my finger.


In a treehouse, hanging out. A pet is there and looking for the white rhino to come up. Go down to find it.

In Nam, wandering around some parking  structure. Meet some general who grills me.

In an airport trying to get a flight home-have to make 3 stops.

In a hotel with sis, trying to get a key for her. Have lunch in the lounge, checking out everyone else. Playing a fretless bass.

Going to college, having to walk a ways with bag,  and drive in front of Nick Cage’s limo. Get there-no room assignments. Walk all around, find some kids in classes on the top floor. She tracks down the hall admin, bitches about info posted in the locker room.


In a car factory doing the deja vu thing with the machinery. Walk around, get stuck elsewhere. In a house, try to take a shower, but some of the rents’ friends are there chatting with me. I finally get the blind around me and someone’s stuck there. Try it-get back to the used part of the factory after years. Chat with an old co-worker.


Wandering around with a bunch of kids and adults in some kind of transform warp. Go to some hospital for treatment-smoke a heroin cigarette, get into a cop car and drive around.


At 30700, messing around with mom. She can’t handle it and gets me a magazine for me to find a girl to get off. I sit there and hide to get off.


Getting chased by communist soldiers who are shooting at us. We go through a few fields and a ravine. The bullets are moving really slow.