On a cliff-new land. Go to inspect it. 2 wild dogs come up and I adopt them. We go through the land. One dog jumps off the cliff as it sees it’s mate dead below. Some people killed it and I yell at them. We go on into an office. Walf around and out.
In some other office. A big storm comes up and I brace against the door. Someone else comes into the room.
Go into Roger Coy’s room. Leave to be ok’d to get in. We go in and get a drink. I bitch that I forgot my pot.
In some room with Adi, etc. They’re playing as I look on.


On a Harrier, catch planes. Land, crash, then spin back. Go downstairs, wander around, find a room, look outside. Girl has tiger poster, tells how she wants a new one and edited out the red eyes on it.


In a small boat going down the shoreline. Try to hike in an inlet. Go down to the border and cross. Drive to find a place to put in. Pass trinket stores, then residential. End up in a house, as the driver fell asleep. Continue, eating some stuff, like ginger with mint.


At a ski resort in summer. Go to lodge and try to stash guitar. They say no. I get pissed and leave as a staffer tries to stop me. I walk a ways and see some missile crash and explode nearby. Me and everyone else nearby starts to go to help. I see another missile take off from the flames, already on flames itself. It crashes even closer. We try to hide from the fireball under a bunch of grass. I get out and go to a neighborhood to help.
In some hotel, late. Lying in bed, reading a horror novel about some predator. I get paranoid. I go to the door and someone is working on it. Some woman (Jean Smart?) comes in. It’s her room tomorrow. I say come in and sleep in the other bed. She tries andI want to seduce her.
Going to the airport-drive my car up a parking structure. It gets too steep-back up. Look at the ticket-it says $23 on it. I go to leave.
In some used clothes store. Kill a guy in a room. Stuff his body into a closet. Pick up some clothes. Go to check out-got some ??. I break one. Wander around some fair-see some Well people.


At some apt building. Looking at the moon and an eclipse, but the eclipse is only on part of the moon. The moon is getting huge and slams into the earth. I die.
Waiting to play tennis w/mom. Walk around.