February 29th, 1996

It’s Easter. I’m at St. Anthony’s going up the back way into the back chapel. Putting on my clothes, I sit down and the guy next to me asks if I’m a bus boy. The service starts, everyone joins the procession, I stay seated. I move over and get splashed by oil. I get some cake, walk with mom and show her the vending machines. I walk outside to a performance of Godspell. It’s weird, though. I get up there and start experiencing all things at once.

February 28th, 1996

At a Bad Religon show, some kids are sitting there learning the songs. I talk about my rigs. I walk back to Hook’s house. I come back and the stage is rushed. I squeeze through. I fake punches at some guy. I talk to some alien and others start talking.I walk back through the crowd.

I’m in some outfit that’s going off-planet-lotsa cool stuff in it. I get set up and have to go home to get shoes. Some girl is there who doesn’t belong. I get my shoes and leave.

February 26th, 1996

At home, hug MB, we go into the next room to have sex. Others go in and I sit in the corner as they talk.

They’re demoing exercise machines. I set up a Nordic Track-it sucks. I walk away.

February 24th, 1996

In a hotel, some woman’s husband is cheating on him. I go to check out where he is. The elevator has funky stuff in it.

Playing some sort of ninja flying game-totally real-I fly around to look for something. A nuke is supposed to go off and we talk about shelters.

February 23rd, 1996

In a school dorm, wandering around talking to people. Julie Smith and some girl who’s abused and looking for a roommate. Living in a single-wander around bathrooms.

At 30700, someone’s driving around the front yard. I’m hiding inside.

Walking around in a storm and in a tent.

February 22nd, 1996

Listen to some band. Bunch of old guys. They have a great tape recorder-trouble loading it. They start playing. The guitar player plays an electric mandolin. Shouting from outside. Young black guy comes in followed by another with a gun.

February 19th, 1996

Walking down some street with a group. We’re talking about setting up a tape system. I need the internals to write the code. I get up and walk away towards some hall. I catch up with buds and Mel Gibson. We’re going to some awards. Women are screaming over Mel and we start to push through the crowd and I go in. I walk down to a seat. No one I know is around. I leave and realize I left my coat back. I return-my seat’s taken and the show’s starting. I climb down steep stairs. I sit down and chat with some cute girl. We get close. She disses Paul McCartney who’s behind her. She looks around and is pissed because I didn’t stop her. We get closer. I mess around getting my coat and seat.

February 18th, 1996

Doing pickups of some powerful substance with some bumbling fools. We argue and hit them. I see a huge vial of it and offer to buy the cawits? in from the owner. He does and I start to drive it away-it needed a jump. 2 priests come up pissed because they want it. I say tough. We get ready to leave.