At the rents in Pasadena, with all their stuff. We’re talking about splitting up all their stuff when they die, but I want what Holly wants. They have a big thing of Japanese appetizers left over from a meeting-I’m digging them.

Out shopping with ‘rents, looking for tahini, find the last jar in the back. They’re getting ready for a meeting-cleaning up. I find some of my notes and snag them.


Wandering around somewhere looking for someone-Trina Podborowski? I go back and forth and finally find her in a bar that’s closed. We talk and I try to find out that happened to her. I go looking for her connection as we’re trying to put a deal together. She says she’ll do it.

I’m in a small town with Diane, she’s trying to pick out a new car. I’m trying to talk her into coming with me. There’s a Ralph’s there and I go shopping. I pay by Visa and have to dig for my license.

I’m in a college city, wandering through the building. Go into the US libe and walk through the stacks.


In an office with some people I don’t know. I’m a witch or a vampire or something, talking about others. Some funky plant comes up and attaches itself to you to breed. l I cut it off and into little bits. Some guy is worried about being found out.


In bed with Brooke from All My Children-she needs therapy. I wander around and back to bed with someone else and we’re looking for a place to have sex. Some ball falls from the sky, bounces around, finally blows up, makes lava fall from the sky and I look for shelter. Climb up some building and jump off with others several times.


On a sub at port, sleeping on a small deck, try to get shore accommodations-too late, go back and take a shower. See my name for special KP duty. Everyone is looking for me-they come into the shower room. Todd Ostergard tells me to visit him in the engine room and gives me directions.


Going through some field, chased by some group. Go down some aisle, someone follows, get to a fence, go through. Find out password, go into Bill Gates’ house, looking for computer, walk all around. The cops come and some guy tells us to leave.


In a thrift shop, look at and play a banjo-some guy hassles me to let his girlfriend play. They leave with the banjo. I start looking at a cosmetics box with some neat stuff in it. Some guy is insulting me-calling me female.


At some school, have a play to write for English with J.D. Sullivan. I have handwritten part, so has he, I start putting it in the PC. I’m also working on a test. I wander around, go to class-Kramer from Seinfeld breaks the cable to the monitor-I scream. I save to a floppy and try to get onto JD’s PC.