Salary History

Eric M. Allen

Milwaukie, Oregon, U.S.A. |

Salary History
Cambia Health Solutions in line with market salaries given my skills and experience
Daimler Trucks 62-67.50/hr
Hitachi Consulting 72.50/hr
Huron Consulting Group 96,000
Hollywood Entertainment 90,000
Lassu, Inc., ICS Cutting Tools,
Haz la Diferencia, Sellwood Medical
Essex Corporation 35/hr
Quest Software 58,000-76,000
Fabco Systems 35/hr
North American Business Technology 50,000
Sunshine Products, PCCS, Custom Software 50/hr
SDDI 60/hr
Calibar, McAfee & Edwards 40/hr
ACLU, Meridian 40/hr
Information Systems Professionals 35/hr
The Cambridge Group 35/hr
Johnson & Johnson HCS 30/hr
Professional Information Consulting, Inc. 38,000
Mann Theatres 36,000
Aall Trust and Banking Corp. Ltd. 40,000
Aall Investment Management (U.K.) £7,000 (~$9,000)

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