June 15th, 2017

At 1023, out in the living room with the kids. Go get a huge bag of pot, go into the bathroom to smoke it. Look for a container to put it in.

At home, outside trying to organize a yard sale. E has the posters done, and I go down to the corner with Holly to put them up. It’s really steep and we slide down. I cut the poster smaller and put it up and it looks wrong. I put up a whole one up. We go back up and it’s less steep. I get a slug in my hand and we go inside.

In line to get food. There’s yummy soup but 2 people cut in line and get the last bowls. I get another that’s yummy too. I eat and we look at the sandwiches and talk about getting some.

On a bus going through the hood to downtown LB. The driver is nervous when we turn and it’s dark and there are gangsters around-he wants to turn around. I tell him no problem, turn down Alamitos. We go downtown and there’s an open air thrift store. I look around and it’s got nicer stuff than before. I pick up a Toker II-it has a long weird mouthpiece. I slide the bowl around.

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