June 9th, 2017

Drive M up to C’s friend Eric. We go down a bus route path, and I notice that it takes a path for servants to get to work. We get there and we talk about Spanish class. M goes in and they have games out-they’re getting rid of stuff. He asks if we want any and I say no.

Driving a bug. Go to park and someone comes up really close so I can’t back up. Move forward and they do too. I start to get out and they go around. I yell about them being stupid and a passenger whispers yes. I cover everything up in the car, get out and start to go, locking the doors.

Walk into Cistco, they’ve changed the layout. Look at food and books, then play with a stereo. Turn up the bass. Some guy gets mad and I turn it down. Start to walk out-the cashiers are laid out weirdly.

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