Here we are again.

Yet another post, just like the last post. Except for the dates, the p23s5, and the listening to…

So, work, home, gamelan-switching up the Threnody, and that damn hairy heart piece. Home, errand for E, dinner, bed, up, to work. Working from home tomorrow, as E is going to Breitenbush for the weekend.

And it’s been quite a weekend, with nothing going to plan. So E gets to Breitenbush, gets sick, and spends the next 2 days in a Salem hospital-bleeding ulcer-H. Pylori, anemia and too many NSAIDS… S went to a neighbors’ for a sleepover Fri., and a classmates’ Sat. Drove down to Salem, out to Breitenbush and back Sat., ran errands Sun., put luggage away, ER Sun. PM.

Back to work today, so tired. I think I have h. pylori too, but subclinical. House is pretty clean, though I didn’t get to clean the bathroom or vacuum. Some clothes need folding, and some need washing. Maybe tonight, though I need to work too. Read HP & the Cursed Child. As usual, JKR puts together a fast read.

Dinner, dishes done, wash done, S to bed, bills half paid, bed. Up, work, home, dinner, bed. Hard to get to sleep. Dishes and folding clothes.  Wash, rinse, repeat. Gamelan tonight-E’s getting pizza for dinner. Gamelan-focused on the show.

Woke up early, rolled around daydreaming, forgot my dream, went back to sleep, no water in the filter, took too long to make coffee, missed the bus, then the bus in front of us hit a car and ran and we had to all get off and take the next one, so late to work…Work, home, dinner, bed. Up, work, home, an explosion in a nearby industrial park. Early to bed, up, dishes and laundry, shop, dinner, S in pool. Bed, up, church, E to meeting, Sat. market, shop, dinner, haard to get S to bed, tidy, bed. Woke up early, but got back to sleep, to work. Taking kefir and olive oil (and honey) for my H. Pylori.

Page 23, Sentence 5: “James rushes past him, carrying his bag.”, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Listening to:

War, Rage Against The Machine, Mussorgsky, Vidna Obmana, C. Reider, Jethro Tull, Rage Against The Machine, Veruca Salt, Curved Air, Peter Gabriel, Rachmaninoff, Anugama, A Beautiful Machine, Brian Eno & Jon Hassell, Brian Eno, Tool, Baxter, Todd Rundgren, Slayer, Thomas Dolby, karhu, Bob Seger, Stereolab, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Hooverphonic, U2, Gamelan Semar Pegulingan, Harrison, Ligeti, Todd Rundgren, Motörhead, Brian Eno, The Orb, The Art Of Noise, Roger Powell, Jean Michel Jarre, alastair galbraith, Brian Eno, Bleep, Prokofiev, Anugama, Psychic TV, Duran Duran, The Black Iris Militia, Throbbing Gristle, Funkadelic, Gaden Shartse Monastery, Todd Rundgren, The Residents, Brian Eno – David Byrne, spoonPhase, mayfairgrin, Tibetan Monks, David Bowie, Public Image Ltd, David Sylvian, Tori Amos, The Future Sound Of London, Filastine, Beck, Bach, Peter Gabriel, Robert Rental, Edoardo Romani Capello, Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, Max Romeo, Deep Purple, Oregon, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Mystified, Kansas, return to forever, Shostakovich, Material, steve roach, The Residents, Henry Wolff, Nancy Hennings, Todd Rundgren, Kansas, Fred Frith, Tuu, The Pretenders, David Arkenstone, Bach, Winwood, Steve, Earth, Todd Rundgren, Laurie Anderson, Harold Budd, Brian Eno – David Byrne, Mekons, Orbital, French Frith Kaiser Thompson, Gentle Giant, Brian Eno – David Byrne, William Edge, Todd Rundgren, Weird Fields, Bill Bruford, Steve Roach, David Hudson & Sarah Hopkins, Supadupa Marimba Bros, Rush, Poe, Tangerine Dream, Jefferson Airplane, Blue Man Group, Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, Tool, Gamelan Semar Pegulingan, Michael Stearns, The Clash, Deben Bhattacharya, Grace Jones, Throbbing Gristle, The Blasters, Al Di Meola, Australian Aborigines, Bee Thousand, Venerable Showers of Beauty, Steve Roach, Allan Holdsworth, Helmet, Tori Amos, Material, Claypool Lennon Delirium, K.M.Krebs, Dissidenten, Supadupa Marimba Bros, Ambrosia, Journey, Skinny Puppy, Brian Eno, Venerable Showers of Beauty, Brian Eno, A Beautiful Machine, Utopia, The Humans, Gamelan?, Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Aerosmith, Todd Rundgren, Utopia, Jean-Luc Ponty, david byrne, Starcastle, Jean Michel Jarre, Loreena McKennitt, Gyudmed Tantric Monastery, Tchaikovsky , R Carlos Nakai, Rage Against The Machine, Anne Clark, Yo La Tengo, Sneaker Pimps, Philip Glass, Renaldo and the Loaf, Brian Eno – David Byrne, Loren Nerell, Mozart, Jenny Bird, Hawkwind, The Orb, Steven Halpern, Veruca Salt, Hooverphonic, Sunn O))), ZZ Top, Brian Eno, Romeo Void, Brand X, Philip Glass, The Who, Peter Gabriel, Primus, The Orb, Steve Reich, Material, Jeffrey Fayman & Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, Venerable Showers of Beauty, The Band, Built to Spill, Venerable Showers of Beauty, Miles Davis Quintet, Afro Celt Sound System, Brian Parnham (with Steve Roach), Anoushka Shankar, Turkish, Deva Premal, Henry Wolff/Nancy Hennings, Yo La Tengo, Eno, Brian & David Byrne, Pink Floyd, u2, Fripp & Eno, Cult, Cheb I Sabbah, The Laziest Men on Mars, Tori Amos, Tchaikovsky , Yellow Magic Orchestra, China, Frank Zappa, Veruca Salt, Coyote Oldman, Japan, Philip Glass, Venerable Showers of Beauty, Kraton Yogyakarta, David Hudson with Steve Roach, Underworld, Brian Eno – David Byrne, Philip Glass, Veruca Salt, Sigur Rós, Sly & Robbie, Pink Floyd, Philip Glass, Blue Oyster Cult, Frank Zappa, Earth, Tchaikovsky , John Zorn, Debussy, Brian Eno, Ah Nee Mah, art bears , Jimi Hendrix, Harold Budd and Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson, art bears, Orbital, Eno-Byrne, Rage Against The Machine, Carlos Santos, Tool

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