So, what’s next?

I have no idea. Flynn resigned, and the admin is bonkers-leaks abound, and people talking off the record, and just dumb decisions by inexperienced people. And the Labor Secretary nominee is gone. A classic case of I told you so…And a dam in NoCal is suffering from erosion-at least it’s the spillways and not the dam proper-they got everyone out just in case. Another sign of oh, it’s OK, don’t worry about it syndrome. Deferred infrastructure maintenance is killing us. And the guy tapped to replace Flynn turned it down-there’s some brains for ‘ya…

Nothing much new, going to my sister’s wedding in Atlanta at the end of April. Work Mon., Tues., Valentine’s-S got a huge unicorn, slept with it, to bed. Panic attack on the bus this morning-it was crowded and hot. I wasn’t sitting all the way in the back, where there’s usually a little more room. I took off my jacket and took a bunch of deep breaths and was OK. Left early, but the bus was late to home, so I was 10 mins late for S’s 3rd grade play. They all did great. C is failing almost all his classes. Dropped off S & E, gamelan, home, dinner, bed. Tired this morning. On a rush. Home, dinner, S to bed, bed. Let’s see, how many times have I written that???

Friday, the same. Talked to mom, she’s going to pay for the boys to come to the wedding! To bed earlyish, for a Friday night. Up, take E to a meeting, home, clean. Listening to CLD on YouTube on the TV. Pick up E, shop, home. Sun., to church, no E or S, home, Whole Bowl, shop, dinner. S to bed late. Up, to work-no people on the buses because of Pres. Day. Tue., same ‘ol, E got tickets to Atlanta. Weds., work, gamelan, home, C went to bed at 4am-aargh! Thurs., work, E, M, S came and got me-S wanted to see the office, spendy dinner at a bar, home.

Fri., the usual, home a bit early, lazy-didn’t want to clean. Slept in a bit Sat., went with E to Red, White & Blue-got an iPod nano 3g for $15! The play button sticks a bit. Fry’s-got the plug, stuff for E. Ate lunch at Sonic, drove to Woodburn to the outlet mall. Hassle parking, both in and out. Walked around, got a Pendleton blanket, E got shoes. Home, loaded up the iPod-took until 3:30. Sun., no church, cleaning. Got everything done, E got a tattoo. Dinner, made our bed, sleep.

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