Going, going,

…and we’re gone. Kaput. Stick a fork in us, as a democracy, we’re now flawed. What’s next? And how long will it take?

So, Mon., work, home, bed, Tues., work, home, bed. Keeping things clean. Weds., work, E picked me up late, home, quick dinner, gamelan, shop, home, bed. Thurs., the same.

I’ve been listening to The Lennon Claypool Delirium a lot lately. It’s super good. Check out the multitude of live sets up on youTube. Is psychedelic music coming back? I think so. Time to hop on that bandwagon-I have the gear now. Lotsa fuzzy guitars, feedback and analog synth-right up my alley.

Missed the bus, Thurs. PM, which has a nasty cascade effect-had to wait a half-hour for the last bus in the chain, at least the libe was open. Dinner, S to bed, bed. Icy today, school was closed. I was able to get to work no problem, though it was an ice rink by my house and at the train stop.

Sat., up, quiet, E went shopping, I cleaned-scrubbed the kitchen floor and cabinets. Very rainy. Watching Harry Potter on freeform. Sun., church, E isn’t feeling well, shop-new chains and food. Thought about a thing, didn’t. More HP. Had to go and get M dinner. Supposed to snow overnight, didn’t.

Mon., work, E went to Dr’s, then to the ER, then to the hospital proper with pancreatitis. We saw Linda R there too. So, work from home Tues and Weds., work, ferry kids, clean the kitchen and do laundry. Visited E with S, shop. Weds., the same, E home, gamelan. Thurs., again the same, M to Dr’s, shop for lasagna, prep, cook-it was delicious. E had a bite, and she shouldn’t’ve. S to bed, clean up, bed. Back to work Fri., cancel a tubing outing tomorrow.

Sat., quiet morning, school folks pizza party, shop, home, lazy, bed. Sun., skipped church, cleaning, S to bed, update storage unit, add CLD to phone, to bed late, up early-no fun there…

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