The new year, just so much fun.

I’m feeling better, now, but E and S still have it, E more. This is the norm. S got better, E worse. It’s been quite a week-Tues night was a 10 year snowstorm, and Portland shuts down after that. I got home easy, and took my laptop. Nothing opened Weds and Thurs. M and I went to the store Thurs. afternoon, but that’s it. S played outside Weds., I worked, and today I’m at work. It wasn’t bad getting in-cold toes, though. Hardly anyone here, back home, dinner, bed. Up Sat., cleaning, but very tired, didn’t do much at all. Went out to get food and that was it. Same Sun., but I got more cleaning done-full bathroom, laundry, dishes. S to bed late, to bed. Hard to get up, but pretty easy in. It’s supposed to thaw tomorrow. There was supposed to be an ice storm, and it wasn’t. E fell down and we spent the afternoon in the ER-she had a concussion, but it took too long so we came home. Dinner, S to bed, bed. Woke up to the sound to water hitting the metal cover outside our window-kept me up for a long time.

Work was fine, the usual getting home-things are thawing out. E is still not well-she went to the Dr’s and got a shot. Dinner, S to bed late. C is struggling. Skipped gamelan to help out E. Up, to work, work, home, dinner, S to bed, bed-staying home Fri. to miss the protests on the way home.  Up, took S & C to school, work, laundry.

I’ve been dwelling on climbing Mount Everest and the ’96 disaster, and subsequent deaths-read both books. I don’t remember it when it happened, but it’s fascinating. It just seems insane to me, but I can see the allure as well.

Protests were as expected, took E and S to the train so they could march, libe, drive around Sellwood, gave up, home, emptied car, pick up E and S downtown, shop, home, get dinner, dinner, S to bed, bed. Up, skipped church, E meeting, watched skiing, cricket on now. Dinner, S to bed, bed, up, work, home, same ‘ol. C went to bed at 4. Work, meeting, home late, S to bed, dinner, bed, up. I love being able to write this on the bus.

Work, E picked me up, dinner, gamelan, home, bed, up, to work. And now it’s Monday-Thurs. and Fri. were pretty much the same-C looked at another school, but I think he’ll stay because one of the teachers really likes him. Watched the first 2 “Langdon” movies, Sat., cleaned, the latest Langdon movie, church Sun., E meeting, shop, dinner, same ‘ol.

Lots of protests over immigration ban, and a stay-we’ll see how this plays out. Some are speculating this is a prelude to martial law.

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