Will 2017 be better?

I have no idea. Celebrities will continue to die, politics will continue to be a shitshow. What could make it worse? Life will likely go on as usual.

I have this week off-I need the money, but that’s the way of Daimler. The house is pretty clean, but there are a few things I still need to do. And I didn’t-shopped with E, failed to get reservations at Timberline, S to bed late. So, no skiing today-likely Sunday. At least the house is cleaner.

Thurs., quiet, get C a new phone, shop, home. Ski Sunday-it’s going to snow Saturday night. Big fun there. Wedding drama is over-we’re not going.

So, went to bed @ 10:30, didn’t fall asleep until late, up at 6:15, left at 7:15 fully equipped. Got into the snow, put the chains on, super loose and failed very quickly. Luckily we were able to get on a bus and got up only a little late-S got into class, M didn’t, so I spent the morning teaching him-he picked it up right quick. Got S, ate, spent the afternoon teaching S and M went off on his own and promptly got into the weeds. I put S in kids, rushed over, didn’t find him, back up, got S, M turned up. Returned everything, waited for the bus for 2 hours, stuck, then bad traffic, got the car, drove through a blizzard but the roads were fine, picked up E and C, home, S to bed. Whew! Good skiing, the rest, a big mix of good and bad…I wish it had worked out more smoothly-I didn’t get much skiing in .

Monday-lazy, went to Oaks Park and skated in the afternoon-some expert told me what to do-I told him I had been skating since I was 9-I don’t need his help. Home, bed, up and working at home Tues.-E and S to Great Wolf Lodge-S has a temp, but she seems OK-and she had a great time. And of course, then I got the same temp. Bad all through Tues and Weds., back to work Thurs., still sick. Home, lazy, sleep, same on Fri., ice storm and snow Sat. & Sun.-still not 100% and didn’t do much around the house-just sat in bed clothes.

Up Monday-school is closed, but Clackamas CC is open, so M has to go to classes (the prof canceled).

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