Solstice, Christmas, New Years’. Ugh.

Monday at work-so, so tired. Maybe coffee will help. Not enough.

OK, so to recap: Fri., finished work, easy home, no gamelan party. Sat., lazy, cleaned a little, don’t remember anything else. Sun., church, sold the TX, libe, Fry’s, Sonic, shop. It’s still snowy and icy, mostly because the temps have stayed low. Rainy today and warmer. Easy in-changed my route a bit-only one switch, same time. I might have to work part of next week-this is not a bad thing. New route home-missed the bus, so major pain. Dinner, M to thing, S to bed. Wash, rinse, repeat. Tue., same thing-the route home was a mess-everything running oddly. Dinner, S to bed, bed. Weds., see Tues. Took my regular route home, much less lateness. Dinner, S to bed, bed. Working through my past dream journal-currently in ’96-have to go to ’90-long slog.

Dreamed about alien visitation last night-contact, no communication-all I said was my name, didn’t hear anything. There was a little gray alien in a column of light that I assume was a transport device. I used to have these “plane crashing, aliens visit” dreams about once a month-now they’re sporadic. I think it’s more to do with higher worlds trying to connect with my waking consciousness rather than straight alien visitations, but who knows with dreams?

So, home, dinner, S to bed, bed. Woke up early, left early, to work early. Finally got the official work reorg and…nothing really changes except my boss’ boss. Left early after a nice chat with a co-worker. Home, dinner at Izzy’s, drive around, ice cream, home, S to bed. Tired, then not. Up, hang out drinking coffee, tidy, laundry, church, fondue, S to bed. Up late, S got us up at 7, opened presents, clothes for me, church, beignets, tidy, nap, dinner, S to bed. Moved my pi wordpress to the x10 site.  Watched the last Harry Potter and the extras. Up late, sleep in, hang out, tidy a little, line, shop, Whole Bowl, got some guitar references and a uke book for S. More last Harry Potter extras. Tue., fam visited Sally Showman, I cleaned, plus a little of my stuff. Dinner, movie. S to bed.

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