Skating around outside-go in to a rink, go around, get into some presentation. Forget my skates, have to go to my locker. All sorts of people there. My locker is a mess, my bong is broken. The presentation was started-mom is pissed and drinking. Put my skates on, too late-she’s over and bitching.
At a recording studio, trying to get the right guitar sound on an intro. I wander around-lots of people there. Try things out. I look at guitars. Go to other room-dinner and a party. I wander around. Come to a room-food fight-and another. I go upstairs, down a dark narrow staircase-turn around. Find a hall-still dark-someone opens the elevator. I get in, go down with Eileen. We start hugging and having sex. I go outside and play around. Go back in-get bitched at and interrogated-throwing pens at me-I throw them back. Try to explain I never went to my room-someone got shot there.

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