Driving on a track with 2 other people. They fall asleep. I wake them just in time. We make the turn and one cuts me off. I bitch and cut him off. He bitches, we get out of the cars and begin to fight.
In a cafeteria line.
At Los Lobos’ compound, talking with several women while they get ready for a broadcast. I’m doing my usual femme supportive thing. It starts snowing hard. Snow comes and they close the vent. They stop playing and pack up and it turns to a party with L.A. cliche metal dudes. I smoke pot with some, wander around, sleep and try to find shoes. It’s morning. I help clean up. Go outside to watch a huge bust. Take in some dishes, wash them, go out to a room, smoke more pot. We’re talking about Garcia and I tell net stories. Someone says my office was broken into and I leave-mom comes after me and I cover up something.

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