Spring and Easter, renewal and…Hillary?

Hillary Clinton threw her hat in the ring, as well as a few GOP asshats. Hillary will make a fine president, but Bill as First Lady??? I hope he has a nice cocktail dress.

Spring has been nice-some sun, some rain. A good kite friend died suddenly. Tax day-need to finish up.

A nice lazy Saturday. Dropped off C at a friends’, Burgerville, shopping, home. New church Sun., picked up C, more shopping after a nap. M is back at school, S & C are off. S has new skates. Easy in Mon., not much else. Work, easy home, E & S saw Cinderella with S’s teacher, S went home with her, E loved it. Not much else, laundry, cat box. In Tues., work, home, dinner, laundry, S to bed, messing with the QY on the way home. Weds., much the same so far. Same with Thurs. and Fri. Went to church on Thurs. night. Now it’s Sat. Clean up, get E glasses, shop. Home, dinner, stuff, bed. Sun.-Easter. Keeping the house clean.

Now Mon. up and the usual. In a meeting. Home, dinner, S to bed. Dreamed about being in the front row at a U2 show. Easy in, payday. And now Weds., S had a spacer fitted. My new doc is only in Scappoose-back to the drawing board. The house is staying clean!

And now it’s Thurs. whoopee. And now Sat. I actually don’t have much cleaning to do. And now Mon. Church yesterday, shopping for bible covers Sat., the house is still mostly clean.
Again, things are repetetetetive…dreamed about a guy tossing around a RC bomb, trying to get rid of it. Missed my bus Tues. pm, had to wait, and go, and just missed another, and go, and hang out at the library, and go.


How Our Vengeful Society Destroys Vulnerable PeopleRepublicans Are Running A Con Game On AmericaYou Owe Us, CorporationsFear Is the Biggest Threat to Our Democracy9 Things Many Americans Just Don’t GraspLong Dead Economist’s Theories Proven RightNo One Is Free Until All Are FreeWhy the 99 Percent Keeps Losing7 of the Biggest Reasons America Is ScrewedHelp Make a Political RevolutionCriminalizing PovertyIt’s Time to Talk About the Next SystemThe Rich Don’t Work AnymoreTerrorism, Violence, and the Culture of MadnessThe Scourge of Dependency and Globalization in the CaribbeanThe American people are cluelessMaking a Mockery of the American DreamHow the 1 Percent Always WinsYou Cannot Be a Republican and a ChristianWhy I left the GOPPlutocracy the First Time AroundJesus’ radical politicsHow The 1 Percent Stays On TopHow America Became an Oligarchy‘Christian’ Hypocrisy at Its FinestReport finds 44 percent of U.S. children live in low-income families‘Christian America’: Corporate invention or founding fathers’ vision?The hidden tricks of powerful persuasion, Following Jesus Means Being Political and Advocating for “The Least of These”As the Country Falls Apart, It’s Time for Our RevolutionJust How ‘Socially Advanced’ Is the U.S.?Scapegoat Economics 2015Where the White People LiveOur coming theocratic hellWelcome to the Tipping PointThe War on Terrorism Targets Democracy Itself“Exceptional” Slowdown of the Gulf Stream From Greenland MeltA Nation’s ShameI Give America 75 Years… 100 at Most


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