Spring, and a spring cold.

Late in-late bus=late train=missed bus=walk to work. NP-got my taxes done, short a bit.  Same on the way home. Dinner, to bed. Lather, rinse, repeat. At least it’s Friday.
Sat.-tidy, libe, visit a friend’s, shop, dinner. Watching the Towering Inferno. Sun-church, shop, watched Poseidon Adventure. Dinner, S to bed. Up Mon., same ol’…, and it’s Friday. Not much-lunch & go-kart Tues., church potluck Weds. And now Mon. Church yesterday-chose a new minister. Dentist today, running around with the wife-got a new hat. Baltimore is in flames. Surprised we haven’t seen much more of this across the country.
And now Thurs. broke my temp crown last night, had a phone interview that was good, but messed up circumstances. Got the new temp crown in. Lazy Sat., May Faire at PWS, dr’s, shop, froyo. Church Sun., bus home, with a stop at the farmer’s market and the like. E went to WA to get desks. Car trouble. Easy in, feeling sick, sore throat. Same thing Tues. A bit better today-I seem to have a cold. Missing a gamelan gig for the first time in 5 1/2 years. The pres. is in town tomorrow and Fri.
Bernie Sanders is running for Pres. This is a good thing. OK. Time to wrap this up-nothing else to say.

This is pretty cool: Your life on earth, What is the Monkeysphere?


If Inequality Worries Republicans, Why Do They Keep Making It Worse?How the Federal Reserve Is Destroying Your Economic FuturePaul Krugman Dismantles Crazy Conservative EconomicsUS Workplaces Are Hostile to FamiliesNew Data Says 49.7 Million Are Now PoorState Terrorism and Racist Violence in the Age of DisposabilityThe Continuing Depopulation of DetroitMore Nails in the Coffin of the Middle ClassEntitlements are Bankrupting America. But the Rich Keep Taking Them.The Crimes of OthersWhy Millions of Americans Feel Like They Have No Power Over Their LivesThe Rich Are Not Entitled to Bankrupt the United StatesExperts Warn of “Cataclysmic” Changes as Planetary Temperatures RiseRise of the New Black RadicalsWhy the GOP Hasn’t (Yet) Paid For Its March to the RightPaul Krugman Blasts Right-Wing ‘Truthers’ Who Refuse to Admit They Were Wrong . . . About AnythingThe Real Reason So Many Americans Feel So PowerlessEconomist says U.S. inequality reaching “spectacular” heightsIs Democracy As We Know It Unraveling?My Country Is a Horror ShowWhy America’s Economy Is an Utter DisasterGlobal Temperature Records Just Got Crushed AgainUS Tops for Income Inequality and Incarceration, but Near Bottom for National HealthMake the Rich PanicThe Real Reason Inequality Is Widening and Average Working Americans Can’t Gain GroundOur Ayn Randian DystopiaThe One Percent’s Greed Is Literally Killing Our ChildrenDisposable Futures: Critique of ViolenceThe New Corrupt Elite That Is Running Our EconomyThe Serious Steps We’re Going to Have to Take to Share the WealthLiberalism’s Failures in a Time of Increasing Violence, Racism, Inequality and State TerrorismThe Laffer Swerve


Listening to:

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Alastair Galbraith, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, C.P. McDill, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Satomi Saeki And Alcvin Takegawa Ramos, Frank Zappa, gamelan, Jeff Beck, Alice in Chains, Bangles, Frank Zappa, Bhagavad Gita, bosto, Tibetan Monks, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Primus, Tori Amos, Mannfred Mann’s Earth Band, Brand X, Steve Roach, Pink Floyd, Gamelan, David Isaacs, Tuxedomoon, Shakti, The Aphex Twin, Darshan Ambient, Rush, Tuu, Frank Zappa, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Peter Gabriel, Rage Against The Machine, Tori Amos, Indian classical, The police, Genesis, The White Stripes, KMFDM, Chris Breemer, Steve Roach with Vidna Obmana, Primus, Veruca Salt, Vidna Obmana, Debussy, William Orbit, Pink Floyd, Schumann, Brian Eno, Allan Holdsworth, Peter Gabriel, Gil Scott-Heron, Gamelan Mitra Kusuma

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