Fall mood is here.

Back to monthly…a lot longer this time. Just snot caring enough to update and post. This happens from time to time.

Late, not able to sleep. Up as usual, got things done, but problems have arisen. One thing left over, but it’s almost done. Didn’t do much-C had a dance Fri and stayed over, E shopped, went to a thing at on of S’s classmates. It was hot. Church Sun., libe, farmer’s market, E was working for the school, drop off pern, S, go to weird art store, Goodwill, shop, pizza place, home., fold laundry, S to bed. So tired-went to bed early. Awoke suddenly to a scream, but nothing more. Late bus, late train b/c of bridge lifts, late bus, late in. And I have to leave early b/c of C’s graduation thing at school. And I missed the bus-had to hoof it fast to the train, super sweaty and my knee wasn’t up for it. Caught the right bus, though, and made it on time. It was sweet, everyone did very well. Dinner and dancing at Cha cha cha after-C stayed and went home with a friend. So, so tired. Went to bed early. Odd dream about being at a kite thing, and some odd earthquake thing where the ground just dropped, and there’s a storm coming. Late bus, train, bus, get to work late. Work, home, S to bed, up. Kids to school, work, school thing, lunch, home, work, dinner. S to bed late, dinner, bed. Odd dream about singing one a show, with weird lyrics on paper and hard to get to. I make the most of it then barf stringy stuff at the end. A church shooting in SC. Home, E got new furniture. Had to take out the old and put the new in, clean up. Pizza for dinner. Lots of traffic in today. Early out, tired. Drive E & M to Pride, home, clean drop off S at friends’, libe, drop off cello in Beaverton, clean up, pick up E & M from Pride, pick up S, go to Pride with S, watch the parade, fountain, home, try to find remote, pick up E, shop, home, tired, to bed early. And now it’s Thursday-so tired Mon., out Tues., but a no go, not much else.

It’s Friday-the Supremes did the right thing and upheld ACA and marriage equality-cue Christian conservatives heads exploding… Black churches are burning again, and people are kicking the rebel flag to the curb-I had one for a looong time, but no more. Busy weekend-had to clean up the house for guests, blah. Very hot-errands Sat, church Sun., E to PWS for a kid’s thing, hung out there with S after church. Very tired-our bedroom is a mess, but the rest of the house is clean-trying to keep it that way. Missed the bus this morning, took another one and was only a little bit late. And now, Thurs. of a short week. Not much happening-the house is staying pretty clean, but we need to clean the bedroom. Tomorrow. And tomorrow turned into next Tuesday. Anyways-helped a friend pull out an ac blower, libe Friday. Cleaned the bedroom Sat., friends visited, fireworks up the hill. Church Sun, very tired at work Mon. Listened to the new Veruca Salt album and some weird goth-y thing from ’97. S is being a pain, and laughing evilly about it. Our cats are now outdoor cats. (and one has left for good)

The week is gone, another one started-not much-shopping, church. It’s cooler. The boys are staying up late and sleeping in late.

And now it’s October. Fall is here, the tempo of my life is largely unchanged. C is in high school and disliking the workload-he’s a 4chan maven now, S is in 2nd grade, everyone is much the same. E got a big new tattoo and promptly got a skin infection. M is struggling with teenagerdom. I got a neat new guitar toy and am playing more. Haven’t been to gamelan, and missed a whole recording cycle. I have a bunch of links and listening to’s, but it makes my posts very long. Mass shootings and Trump make me tired. My parents bailed on a visit. My uncle died. Got a new phone and a coffee press. We went to the Sanders rally at the Rose Garden. The new Max line opened, and I’m sitting on an exercise ball at work. Interesting dreams and a falling asleep thing. We quit the UU church and are going to the local UCC church. E’s getting a ministry thing going. I’m a Christian, but a Steiner one. C wants to play bass-I need to get him one of the toys I got or we’ll deafen the neighbors.


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