Yesterday, today, tomorrow?

Friday, on a meeting. Got things done. Not much else. Home, tired, pizza, S to bed.
Sat.-forgot my charger, off to work to get it-rainy, Back home-shop-got a bag for my qy & pod.
Sun.-church, home & rearrange & clean the boys’ bedroom-water heater inspection this week.
Mon.-very tired, an issue magically fixed itself, fixed another one. Home, dinner, S to bed, hard to get to sleep.
Tues.-tired again. French pressed coffee with creme brulee creamer helps, plus dozing on the bus/train/bus. Working through accomplishments form. Dem debate tonight. So don’t care, other than to see how it plays out-Alternet has a drinking game…Everyone was very nice. C had a debate bingo from 4chan.
Weds.-cat woke me up at 5:30. Bleh.

Not much else these past several days. $$$ is always a problem. We’ll see.

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